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How To Address Mold in Your Air Conditioning Ducts

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Dust accumulated in air duct Air ducts are a common location for mold.

How to Take Care of Mold in Your AC Ducts

 When you think of mold damage in your building, you probably picture large spores lurking on the walls or ceilings. Sometimes, however, the black mold is less obvious. It may be hiding somewhere in your Collegedale, TN, commercial property.

Air ducts are a common location for mold. They feed off the dust and moisture that is common in HVAC systems.
Musty odors and black dust near the air vents are signs of a possible mold problem. If the issue is not properly handled, the mold could spread and cause severe harm to your property.

Removing Air Conditioner Mold
Mold thus needs to be addressed immediately. Below are the basic mold cleanup steps:

  • Have a certified inspector check the property for mold
  • Replace the insulation, if necessary
  • Disinfect the ductwork
  • Find and address the source of the mold growth

Cleaning black mold improperly can just cause additional damage. Instead, you should use specialists who know how to remove the mold and prevent it from coming back.

Limiting Mold Growth
Because the black mold cleanup process can be costly and time-consuming, you should take steps to prevent an infestation before it starts. That means making sure your property has clean ducts. Bring in a technician at least twice annually to perform maintenance and fix any issues.
Dust and debris within the air conditioning vents can also promote mold growth. You should thus get the filters changed regularly.
There are also steps you can take to limit mold growth in the rest of your building. Be sure to dry wet areas immediately, clean clogged gutters and lower the indoor humidity.
Black mold can damage building materials and temporarily shut down your commercial property. Since mold often grows in damp places, you should regularly clean and inspect your air conditioner ducts. If you see spores or smell an unusual odor, mold remediation specialists can address the problem before it gets worse.

3 Major Causes of Home Fires

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

Short circuit Age, faulty wiring, and improper use are all possible causes of a home fire.

Most Common Causes Of a Home Fire

There are many ways to protect your family and your East Brainerd, TN, home, especially when it comes to fire safety. Millions of blazes occur in the United States each year, and some of them cause catastrophic damage that require the services of a fire cleanup and restoration company. If you want to avoid this type of tragedy, it is important to know the most common causes of a home fire and how to prevent them.

1. Malfunctioning or Overheated Appliances

Your home’s stove, washer and dryer and air conditioning system can spark a fire if they fail to operate correctly or overheat. Faulty wiring, age and improper use might all contribute to such circumstances. To prevent this possibility, turn off or unplug appliances when you leave the house, keep your dryer’s filter and ducts clean and have your HVAC system maintained and checked annually.

2. Accidental Arson

The curiosity of children has often led to accidental fires that have raged out of control. Matches, lighters and hand-held units that light with the push of a button can present irresistible temptation to kids, even those who are old enough to understand that fire causes injury and damage. If you have children, keep all flammables out of reach or locked away and avoid leaving cigarette lighters or matches unattended.

3. Holiday Lights

A home fire caused by Christmas or other holiday lights can occur for several reasons. The lights may be old, have a faulty bulb or may overheat when left on too long. They might also be accidentally placed near flammable substances. Even smaller lights can cause a blaze, so you may want to ask a fire cleaning and restoration specialist about how to hang lighted decorations safely, especially if you have a smaller home where a fire might spread rapidly.

Preventing a home fire can be crucial to keeping your family and East Brainerd, TN, property safe. Understanding what might spark a blaze may help you eliminate risk factors around the house and practice fire safety tactics that can be beneficial to everyone who lives there.

5 Things To Expect From Damage After a Storm

8/18/2022 (Permalink)

Two dehumidifiers and two air movers (fans) placed in a hallway Commercial cleanup in Ooltewah, TN.

Here Are Five Things To Expect As You Navigate A Restoration

If your business has experienced water damage after a flood or a storm in Ooltewah, TN, it can be overwhelming to know how to begin the recovery process. 

1. Remove Standing Water
The most important first step is to remove the standing water from the building. The longer standing water remains, the more damage it does to your property. To avoid needing to tear out every last bit of dry wall and flooring, use a water pump to remove water. For small problems, a shop vacuum might work, but for bigger floods, a more specialized pump will be needed.

2. Inspect for Safety
Once the water is gone, the entire building will need to be carefully inspected for safety. A storm restoration team will have the necessary tools to inspect the areas behind walls to see where water has infiltrated.

3. Salvage or Scrap
After a thorough safety check has been conducted, decisions need to be made about the materials in your business. Some furniture and hardwoods can be salvaged, while it is often necessary to scrap drywall and ceiling tiles. Work with professionals who can help you know what all can be salvaged before you start to tear out everything. Salvaging can save you a lot of money in repairs.

4. Dry Thoroughly
Now that you're down to bare bones, everything needs to be dried out completely in order to prevent mold growth and structural damage. Pay special attention to crawl spaces, attics, and spaces beneath porches or decks. Untended mold that grows in those areas can cause more damage down the road once you believe that the restoration process is over.

5. Restore and Restart
Finally, your property can be restored to its former glory and you can focus on getting back to work.
Don't allow a restoration to overwhelm you. Before you tear out everything, work with professional restorers to help you navigate the process.

3 Tips for Determining Whether You Should File an Insurance Claim After a Flood

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

Electronic insurance claim. Filing an insurance claim.

Should You File An Insurance Claim After A Flood

In the event that your Harrison, TN, home goes through a flood, one of your initial instincts may be to file a claim with your insurance company. Doing so can potentially alleviate any reparations costs. However, this may not be the best idea. You could be denied a policy renewal or receive a rate hike from your insurance company if you file too many claims. If you're unsure about what to do, here are three tips for determining whether you should file an insurance claim after a flood.

1. Examine the Nature of the Damage
The exact nature of your home flood claim usually plays a part in determining how it will affect your status. If you're the one at fault for the damage, it's highly likely that your rates will be increased. You should also consider the type of harm that occurred. Unfortunately, many kinds of damage claims aren't appreciated by insurance companies. These are some to be wary of:

  • Water damage
  • Mold
  • Animal bites

If you file too many claims for this type of damage, your policy may not be renewed.

2. Study Your Policy
One of the most essential things to do during this process is studying your policy. Few companies handle claims the same way, so you'll need to do the research yourself. If possible, it may be best to speak with an agent directly. However, you should avoid doing so after a flood occurs. You can be negatively affected if you openly discuss not filing an insurance claim for recent damages.

3. Consider the Damage's Size
While you may be hesitant to pay for restoration efforts by yourself, it might be in your best interest. One too many filed claims could result in you losing insurance before a worse event occurs. After a flood takes place, get a sense of how extensive the damage is. If it's extreme, you'll probably want to file an insurance claim. However, you shouldn't waste your claims on smaller problems.
If you need the help of water damage restoration experts, you'll have to decide whether or not to file a claim. Stay calm and make the most informed choice possible.

Preparing for Severe Weather

7/20/2022 (Permalink)

Severe Weather Are you ready if severe weather strikes your area tomorrow?

Weather Preparedness

Are you ready if Tyner, TN  severe weather strikes your area tomorrow? Where you live will determine the type of storms you’re most likely to face. Follow these safety measures and general tips to help you prepare.

Preparing for a Tornado

While tornadoes can occur in any of the states, there's a reason the region from Texas to South Dakota is called Tornado Alley. Tornado season occurs during spring and summer.

Do the following:

  • Follow the NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or TV newscasts. Obey the instructions given by local emergency officials.
  • Keep watch outside for signs of a tornado, like a dark sky, large hail, low-lying or fast-moving clouds, or roaring sounds.
  • Learn to recognize emergency alerts. The phrase "tornado watch" means a tornado is possible, while "tornado warning" means a funnel cloud has been spotted.
  • If a tornado warning is issued, immediately take shelter in the basement or storm cellar. If your home doesn’t have an underground room, hunker in an interior bathroom.

Preparing for a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are dangerous because they always produce lightning and can produce hail, strong winds, flash floods, tornadoes, and wildfires. Thunderstorms can occur anywhere in the US and are most common during the summer.

Do the following:

  • Prepare your home by shuttering windows and doors, and unplugging sensitive electronics.
  • Prepare your property by removing damaged tree branches that could fall during a storm, and bringing outdoor objects inside.
  • Watch the sky and tune in to your NOAA Weather Radio for information.
  • Learn to recognize emergency alerts. A "severe thunderstorm watch" means stormy conditions are likely to occur. A "severe thunderstorm warning" means they exist somewhere in the area.
  • If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, the danger is imminent. Seek shelter immediately. Stay in a hard-topped vehicle if there are no buildings.

Levels of Water Damage

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blue background of water with the words WATER CATEGORIES in the middle Water Categories

Oh no! You had a pipe break or a supply line break or you have flood damage in your home from something else. It's easy to look around at everything that needs mitigation and restoration and panic. However, a better idea is to contact a water damage restoration company. The first thing they will do is determine just how much damage the water in your home or business has done, so they can get you fixed and back to normal life as soon as possible.

Water Damage Classes

Most water damage restoration companies classify your flood damage according to three categories. These help them determine the kind of mitigation you will need, and how much restoration will be necessary.

Class 1 water damage in your flooded home or business means that only part of one room was affected and that relatively little water has been absorbed. This is the easiest to fix when it comes to water cleanup and drying.

Class 2 damage means that the water in your home or business affected an entire room, and has probably gotten into the walls and carpet. The restoration company will have to use more drastic methods when it comes to drying and mitigation.

Class 3 water damage means that the water in your business or home has absorbed up the walls, and even potentially into the ceiling. It can also mean that the pipe break or water supply line break that caused the flooding may have gotten water inside the walls, where water cleanup is more difficult.

What Kind of Water is in Your Flooded Home or Business?

After your restoration company assesses the amount of damage, they will also assess the type and cleanliness of the water in your business or your home. This tells them how concerned they need to be about bacteria and other microbes growing in the water.

Category 1 water in your home means that your flood damage was caused mostly by clean water. Water from a pipe break or supply line break is generally of this sort. There is little danger of microbes in your flooded home or business, as long as it gets cleaned up quickly.

Category 2 water requires more mitigation. This is water that may be slightly dirty, like a toilet that overflows with urine in it. The water also may contain chemicals, like laundry detergent after your washer leaks. This category can require a different kind of water cleanup or drying procedure.

Category 3 water is dirty. If your sewage pipe breaks or the water in your home or business came from a river overflow, this is the category it will fall into. This can be dangerous and requires immediate water cleanup for your flooded home or business.

Extra Steps: How To Clean Up After a Storm

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Basement damaged by floodwater Storm leads to garage flood in Apison, TN

How To Clean Up After a Storm

If a pipe bursts in your home in Apison, TN, you will likely have some flooding to handle. A flood from a storm, however, takes remediation to another level. Not only do you need to dry out your home, but you also will need to disinfect your home, both in areas that are directly affected and those that may be vulnerable to secondary damage.

Extracting Water

The first step to remediating any water damage is to remove the excess water from the area. With a flood with Category 1 water, the process is pretty straightforward:

  • Remove standing water
  • Dry remaining surfaces
  • Repair or replace damaged materials

Floodwater from a storm, however, is considered Category 3 water. It is contaminated and may contain all sorts of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. If you have flooding from a storm, flood mitigation experts must clean your home thoroughly after getting rid of the water.

Disinfecting Area

Anything that comes into contact with the floodwater must be disinfected before your home is considered habitable again. Technicians use specific detergents and industrial-strength cleaners to make sure all surfaces are sterilized. Then they test to ensure that the cleaners did the job well.

Cleaning Home

Even if part of your home doesn’t have flood damage, it may still be impacted and need attention. For example, it is a good idea to have technicians clean your HVAC unit. That much floodwater can significantly increase the humidity in your home, making all of it susceptible to mold growth. Cleaning and drying the ducts can discourage fungus from growing in hidden areas.

While there’s no such thing as a good kind of flooding, damage from clean water can be easier to clean up than issues resulting from storm water. Getting rid of the water is not enough; you must also make sure that your home is properly disinfected before technicians are finished with the job.

Tips for Filing a Renters Insurance Claim After a Fire

6/18/2022 (Permalink)

Removing lint from filter Clean the screen to prevent a dryer fire.

Three Ways You Can Remove Lint From a Dryer

Almost 3,000 residential fires happen each year due to dirty lint traps in a dryer, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Preventing a lint fire in your Collegedale, TN, home takes little time and effort, and it can help save you thousands in fire restoration services costs. Here are three ways you can remove lint from a dryer. 

1. Clean the Screen To Prevent a Dryer Fire
After every load in your dryer is done, pull out the lint trap and clean it. Gently start in one corner of the trap and pull the lint away from the screen. Ensure that you don't have any lint left on the trap that might get into the vents. It's also helpful to clean the screen in warm, soapy water every two weeks to help remove built-up dust and small bits of debris that could cause a lint fire. Be sure to thoroughly dry the screen before putting it back into the dryer. 

2. Clean the Vents
Over time, pieces of lint get trapped in the vents and can eventually block airflow from the dryer. When that happens, you are at a much higher risk of fire damage happening to your home. Unplug your machine and remove the exhaust hose from the dryer. Use a vacuum to completely clean the inside of the hose and remove all of the accumulated lint. It's also helpful to access the exhaust hose from the outside vent and use a cleaning rod to remove the lint in the hose from that side. 

3. Deep-Clean the Interior of the Dryer
Because lint pieces can be small and light, they often make their way to the dryer's interior. If not addressed, the pieces of lint can quickly build up and cause blockages, which can be a fire hazard for your machine. While your machine is unplugged, remove the back of the dryer. Wipe down all surfaces with built-up lint and use a vacuum to access hard-to-reach places. 
Taking adequate care of your dryer and its components doesn't take a lot of extra time, and it can keep you and your family safe from a lint fire. 

4 Flameless Alternatives to Candles

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Wax warmer - candle alternative Using candle alternatives is just one way that you can reduce the chances of an emergency in your home.

Candle Alternatives

Many people like to use candles in their homes. They can provide pleasant scents and create an inviting atmosphere. However, they can sometimes present a danger. If you are unable to use candles in your East Brainerd, TN, home or would just prefer something safer, there are several candle alternatives to consider.

1. Wax Warmers
For some, the primary appeal of using candles is the fragrance. Scented candles are an easy way to add a nice aroma to a room. Electric wax warmers are able to do that without the use of a flame. Because they use heat and electricity, however, they should still be used with supervision.

2. Oil Diffusers
Another way to avoid the risk of a candle fire is to use a diffuser. Electric diffusers and reed diffusers both use scented oils to add fragrance to the environment. If you want something hassle-free, a reed diffuser may be the best option for you.

3. Warm Lighting
If for you, the appeal of a candle is its lighting instead of its scent, then you may only need to invest in a warm lighting fixture. There are a variety of candle alternatives that will serve this purpose. You could opt for a LED lamp that has multiple settings or even just a soft white lightbulb.

4. Flameless Candles
Don’t want to sacrifice any part of the candle experience? Try a battery-operated candle. These items look like regular candles but don’t put your home at risk. Some battery-operated candles come in various scents and some have a flickering light reminiscent of a flame, so you can easily create the atmosphere that you want.
Home fires can be devastating and fire damage remediation services can take a long time to complete. Using candle alternatives is just one way that you can reduce the chances of an emergency in your home. There are several options that you can use while still getting the experience that you are looking for.

3 Things You Need To Know About a Flood Cut

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

Flood cut performed on drywall Flood cuts can prevent future damage to your property

Three Things to Know About Flood Cuts

If you have experienced a flood and it has damaged your home, you are likely under a lot of stress. A flood can cause significant damage, leading to a lengthy repair process. The following three guidelines can help you understand more about this process and what it consists of, which may help reduce some of the strain you're feeling.

1. You Might Need a Flood Cut if There Has Been Flooding in Your Home
If there has been a flood in Ooltewah, TN, and your home has sustained extensive damage, you may need to call a company that provides flood restoration services and speak to a specialist. These professionals can tear out materials in portions of your house and have a flood cut performed. This repair process involves cutting out the drywall that has been water-damaged so it can be replaced.

2. The Height of a Flood Cut Can Vary
Depending on how much flooding there is in Ooltewah, TN, the height of the flood cut may differ. Typically, drywall will be cut out 12 inches above the flood line, which means the materials ruined from the flood will be gone, and some extra material will be removed as well. This process ensures that everything remaining in your home is reliable to rebuild with.

3. Flood Cuts Can Prevent Future Damage
In some cases, if the affected portions of the wall were not thoroughly removed, there could be contamination, which means some negative effects of flooding, such as mold, could linger even after it seems that everything has been taken care of. A flood cut ensures that you are being thorough and getting off to a fresh start.
If your home has been damaged by a flood, you may feel uncertain about what to do or what the clean-up and repair process will look like. The more you know about how things such as flood cuts work, the less stress you will feel as you get your home back in shape.

Why Hidden Mold Causes Odors and How To Detect It

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

Mold found inside drywall. Mold was found behind the walls of property in Harrison, TN.

How to Detect Hidden Mold and Why It Causes Odors

An odd smell in your commercial building that you can't locate the source of can be an extremely frustrating experience. There are several reasons why you may be noticing a mold smell on your property, even though you haven't seen any mold. If you discover any, it is important to have mold remediation professionals deal with it before the problem grows.

Reasons You May Smell Mold But Not See It
Fungus smell is often described as a musty odor. If you are smelling mold but not seeing any, it is probably because there are a variety of hidden places mold may grow:

  • Behind walls
  • Under flooring
  • In ceiling tiles
  • Inside storage areas
  • Under fabric on upholstered furniture

Causes of Mold Odor
Mold smell occurs because these fungi produce and release compounds, called microbial volatile organic compounds, that have strong odors and are quickly released into the air. If you are noticing mold or mildew smell in your building, you should investigate any surfaces that have recently been wet and current sources of moisture.

Detecting Hidden Mold
You can find some hidden mold by simply looking for it. However, mold that occurs behind walls, under flooring and other areas may not be able to be detected by visual inspection without tearing out material. Test kits are available that may detect the presence of mold, but usually are not very helpful at identifying its location of it. A mold professional in Harrison, TN, can inspect your property and use advanced detection systems, such as infrared cameras, to locate mold that is hidden behind surfaces.

Preventing Mold
To prevent future mold problems, dry out anything that is damaged by water within 24 to 48 hours. Repair any leaking plumbing or equipment. Take steps to control excess moisture from condensation in HVAC systems and other sources.
If there is a mold smell in your building, chances are you have mold growing somewhere. A professional inspection can help you identify and remove sources.

5 Reasons to Hire a Fire Mitigation Specialist

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

Machine cleaning hardwood floor Mitigation specialists have industrial-grade tools to remove smoke and soot from your property.

5 Reasons to Employ a Fire Mitigation Expert

While you hope a fire never breaks out in your Chattanooga, TN business, there is always a possibility. After the event, you are left with fire damage and other issues that require proper cleanup and restoration. Since most business owners are experts in their field, it’s often best to have a professional fire damage company. Below are five reasons to use an expert.

1. Insurance Adjuster Recommended
The insurance company sends out an adjuster to assess the damage. Their assessment determines the extent of damage and how much will be covered. Hiring a fire mitigation company means getting an additional assessment of the damage. A licensed contractor will provide the adjuster with a detailed list of the work that needs to be done and work with the adjuster on your behalf.

2. Proper Odor, Smoke and Water Damage Cleanup
Along with the visible fire damage, there will also be smoke and odors. Since water was likely used to extinguish the flames, that also means potential water damage. A trusted professional will be able to locate hidden damage, ensuring it is repaired right the first time.

3. Specialized Equipment Needed
While you might think getting the soot off will be tedious but possible on your own, it is often a substance that smears or penetrates surfaces. Mitigation specialists have industrial-grade tools to handle that, as well as odors and water issues.

4. Salvage More Items
Once the fire is out, it is often a chaotic time. After the adjuster leaves, you may be overwhelmed and think nothing can be saved. With technology and specialized methods and equipment on its side, a restoration company will likely be able to salvage more than you thought was possible.

5. Faster Recovery
Getting back to business is essential. If your business isn’t restoring damaged property, it may mean extra-long downtime. Using a service provider helps ensure the process goes faster and more smoothly.
When a business experiences fire damage, it doesn’t have to go it alone. Obtaining the services of a mitigation company provides many benefits.

Before You Buy: What You Should Know About Mold Inspection

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth found behind baseboards Mold behind baseboards is really common.

If you’re purchasing a commercial property in Birchwood, TN, you’re probably aware of the many steps you must take before closing on the loan. Did you know that a mold inspection is recommended as part of the building inspection process? That’s because mold isn’t just a problem in and of itself, it’s an indication of water damage or other underlying issues you should address before you proceed.

What You Need to Know About Mold

Mold needs these conditions to grow: water, a nutrient source, oxygen and an environment where the temperatures are between 40-100 degrees.
Mold spores are almost always present in any environment.
The color of mold comes from its nutrient source and the age of the colony.
Mold will reoccur if its source of water isn’t removed.

Where To Look For It

The most common spaces to find mold during a mold inspection are in bathrooms, basements, kitchens and around windows or doors — wherever water is most likely to be found. In bathrooms, look for visible mold in tile grout and caulking, especially around bathtubs and showers. In basements, check the corners of the floor and ceiling, paying particular attention to outside walls. Kitchens can grow mold anywhere around the sink or stove, especially if the range hood isn’t working properly.

What Are Common Causes of Mold in Commercial Buildings?

Roof leaks
Clogged gutters
High humidity levels indoors
Leaky pipes
Poor drainage around the foundation

How To Get an Inspection Done

Hire a commercial real estate inspector that will check for mold and provide a risk assessment for potential water damage or mold problem. Inspections of this nature can be expensive; however, it is a cost worth undertaking to protect your investment. The inspector should check each unit and room of the building to provide an accurate assessment.
If your commercial mold inspection reveals existing water or mold damage, hiring a mold remediation specialist is the next step to make the building safe and sound for your new purchase.

How to Save Money On Your Water Damage Insurance Claim

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed on wet carpet Water cleanup in Harrison, TN.

How To Save Money With Pretesting

If you operate a business in Harrison, TN, you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way. In the event of water damage, you will want to seek out a restoration service company that can get the property back to a safe and tidy state. In addition to getting a thorough cleaning, you will also want to consider how to keep your insurance claim from costing more than it needs to. Here’s how you can save money with pretesting.

Go to the Source

The restoration service professional will first locate and stop the water source, whether it be an overflowing toilet, broken supply line or sump pump failure. This step prevents additional damage from occurring.

Survey the Damage

Once water is no longer flowing, it is time to take account of the damage sustained. This includes inspecting all affected areas and determining the appropriate mitigation strategy.

Fix Rather Than Replace

The advantage of pretesting is that it provides the business owner and the insurance agent with a more detailed and accurate picture of the damage. Where it is possible to fix the damage, the cost of replacement can be avoided.

Identify Dangers

While assessing the water damage, your cleanup professional can also test the water for contamination. They will determine if you have any gray or black water so that the restoration meets industry specifications. Additionally, they will note other dangers such as asbestos and lead.

Prepare for Water Removal

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of the property, they will begin to prepare the area for water removal and restoration. This includes moving or removing rugs, furniture and other times that may interfere with the cleanup or sustain damage during the restoration.

Dealing with water damage is not something any business owner looks forward to, but being prepared can make it as painless as possible. Selecting a restoration like SERVPRO will help you save money by conducting pretesting.

What Makes Category 3 Water Damage So Severe?

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

Interior of a drywall growing mold growth on the bottom Water damage can lead to mold growth.

Why Flood Water Is Referred To As Black Water

When flooding enters a commercial building in Birchwood, TN, restoration professionals identify the incident as Category Three water damage. Learn more about what this categorization means and find out why flood water is referred to as black water.

Contaminants In Water

Category Three water is grossly contaminated. The reason this type of water damage is called black water is that it may contain any of the following substances:

  • Heavy metals
  • Pathogens
  • Solid waste
  • Toxic chemicals

The presence of solid waste along with these other hazardous materials distinguishes Category Three damage from Category One water damage caused by clean, treated water that gets released from a broken or leaking supply line. Category Two gray water may be contaminated with chemicals or microbes, but does not contain solid waste.

Saturated Porous Materials

Porous building materials and contents that become saturated with flood water may be difficult to disinfect. Even after treating the surfaces of these items, contamination may linger deeper down and lead to ongoing contagion or mold infestation risks. For this reason, restoration professionals often recommend tearing out drywall, insulation and carpeting.

Flooding Causes Mold

Storm damage that involves flooding can introduce all of the elements necessary to support mold growth. Mold requires moisture and organic, carbon-based food sources in order to multiply. Category Three water can provide sources of nourishment and introduce spores into a structure. It is important to extract water, tear out ruined materials, disinfect and dry any areas exposed to flooding within 24 to 48 hours.
The contents of Category Three water can pose contamination risks to building materials, contents and occupants. It is important for property owners and managers to act quickly to remove floodwater, disinfect areas exposed to black water and tear out damaged materials. Mold may start growing in a commercial building within just 48 to 72 hours after flooding in Birchwood, TN.

5 Steps To Develop a Business Interruption Plan

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Two air movers and two dehumidifiers placed in a long hallway of a building Storm damage in a Chattanooga office building.

Business Interruption Plan

Flooding and other natural disasters can cause businesses in Lakesite, TN, to shut down for good. However, implementing plans to deal with certain situations, such as a broken pipe and getting water restoration professionals quickly, can help your company survive. This is known as a business interruption plan, and there are several different steps to help you develop it.

1. Determine Your Risks

When calculating the risks that could interrupt your operations, examine both environmental and human-caused risks, such as flooding and a running faucet. Consider which ones you can prevent and the unavoidable ones. Once you have identified them, you should delve deeper into each hazard. Then, rank your disasters based on their likelihood of occurring and their severity.

2. Calculate the Costs

Once you have analyzed all potential risks, calculate the costs they would bring. For example, flooding could cause lost income, extra expenses, contractual penalties, and business closure.

3. Read Your Insurance Contract

The next step is to examine your insurance policy. Interruption insurance can be filed for when there is property damage or a government shutdown that prohibits your business from operating. These funds are available during the period of restoration. However, each policy can differ, so you must closely examine yours to understand any restrictions, such as exclusions, waiting periods, and coverage limits.

4. Implement Prevention Strategies

There are several strategies that you can develop to reduce your interruption. This includes preventing risks, deterring criminal activity, and planning to mitigate unpreventable hazards.

5. Create Communication Plans

Having a communication plan is the best way to keep customers and employees informed about your business's status during a disaster. A good plan will include a command chain, scripted messages, and open communication channels.
Taking these steps helps minimize the interruption of your business from large water damage and other disasters. This is the basis for creating a business interruption plan.

Dealing With Smoke Damage After a Fire

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

Sheetrock burned. Fire damaged a business When you have a fire in your business, it can be absolutely devastating.

Smoke Cleaning After a Fire

When a fire happens to your commercial property in Tyner, TN, there's a lot to handle in the aftermath. One aspect that is not immediately obvious is the task of smoke cleaning. This is an important step that should not be skipped, so be sure to add it to your to-do list.

What It Harms

Smoke damage doesn't just mean seeing some dark smudges on the ceiling. Smoke and soot spreads quickly and can manifest on almost everything in your building. It will affect different items and surfaces in different ways. Some common problem areas can include:

  • electronics
  • documents
  • furniture
  • fabric materials

How It's Cleaned

Depending on what needs cleaning, there can be a method for every scenario. Specific items, such as those listed above, each requires their own customized type of smoke cleaning, that should be conducted by a qualified remediation specialist. Surfaces such as walls and solid furniture can handle the process of dry to wet cleaning. For upholstery and fabric than will shrink if exposed to wet cleaning, there is an option called foam cleaning. Immersive cleaning is a form of wet cleaning in which smaller objects can be totally sunk into a cleaning solution. The list goes on for many more categories.

How It's Reported

If you've hired a smoke odor and cleaning service, they most likely can help you with your insurance claim, as well. You will probably need to inventory all your content that has been damaged by fire or smoke and gather all you can to verify each item's value. Then you can contact your insurance to determine your coverage. If you don't already have coverage, this moment would also be a good time to consider adding it.

Fire damage is a dynamic problem that needs to be approached from multiple angles. One of these angles that shouldn't be dismissed is that of smoke cleaning. Smoke damage can hinder functionality and cause a strong odor. Give it proper attention for complete rehabilitation of your commercial property.

Jumping a Water Damage Category

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed on the corridor of a building, drying carpet and walls Water damage in Apison, TN.

Industry's Categorization of Water Damage

If your business in Apison, TN, has ever needed water pipe repair, then you might be familiar with the industry's categorization of water damage types:

  1. Clean water: Category one
  2. Contaminated water: Category two
  3. Filthy water: Category three

These are oversimplified descriptions: A water damage recovery company should have a more detailed description available. One of the problems with category one issues, such as a broken pipe, is that water can easily move up from the first category, becoming more and more contaminated. Here are a few examples of that process in the real world.

Multiple Floor Buildings

Buildings with more than one floor easily contaminate water, even if it's a simple loft or second story. Any flooded areas on the higher floors have the potential to leak down to the lower levels, picking up contaminants along the way.

Violent Water

If the initial flood event is extreme enough, it might have enough force to knock items off of shelves. Even contamination with everyday chemicals, such as soaps or disinfectants, increases the category level of water damage. While cleaning products might not seem dirty, their presence raises the difficulty of the cleanup process and the extent of the damage.


Procrastinating water pipe repair or flood damage mitigation is likely to lead to contaminated water. Standing water is the worst offender: Algae, mold and even insects spawn in these indoor pools. However, even moisture leftover from improper cleanup could fester, likely leading to category increases on subsequent floods.

Businesses in Apison, TN, don't make money by paying for water pipe repair, but water damage almost ends up costing more if you let it be. The increase in costs is two-pronged: You have a harder initial cleanup job and your chance of secondary damage is greater, requiring more extensive mitigation. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the water could be placed in the most dangerous category.

Why a 24 Hour Response Matters

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

Small hallway of a home, wet wooden floor. Concept of water damage in a home Water damage to a home in Collegedale, TN.

Why a 24 Hour Response Matters

As an insurance adjuster in Collegedale, TN, you are part of the front line for residential disasters. Some events, like those involving water, require an immediate response to slow or stop the course of damage. SERVPRO has a 24-hour response because they understand that every hour of exposure has a crucial impact on the extent of damage, and cost, since the chance of restoration goes down as the clock ticks away. Here is the typical progression of water damage to a home:

First 24 Hours

  • Porous items such as drywall, upholstery, carpets and floors begin to absorb the water immediately.
  • Stains from finishes and pigments may occur from contact between items.
  • Documents and photos absorb water and warp.
  • Materials become saturated with water and begin to break down or crack from swelling.
  • Metal begins to tarnish.
  • Molds begin to grow.

After 24 Hours

  • Wood studs, flooring, windows and doors warp.
  • Paint bubbles and peels.
  • Metal corrodes.
  • Mold and mildew multiply.
  • Sitting water becomes “black water” due to exposure.

To minimize costs and damage, a 24-hour response is critical. As an insurance adjuster, you know that damage increases dramatically in a matter of hours and the costs increase exponentially during that time.

How a 24 Hour Response Is Possible

With the power of a national company, SERVPRO is always open. The national call center operates every day of the year, 24 hours a day. With this first contact being crucial, your customer will talk to a professional on the phone within the first hour and, thanks to the power of local reach, on-site work will be able to begin within four hours of that initial call. As an adjuster, you will receive your first verbal briefing within eight hours.

Selecting a national vendor with more than 1,700 locations ensures a 24-hour response for your customers. You also know you can count on consistent standards and procedures, and big company quality. That fast response is why they are the preferred vendor for many national insurance companies.

The Top 4 Causes of House Fires and How To Prevent Them

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen area, sink washer, window frame damaged by fire, also a microwave damaged by fire. Kitchen fire damage in East Brainerd, TN.

House Fires: The Top 4 Causes and How to Avoid Them

There are over 350,000 residential fires reported annually in the United States. Although the rate of occurrence has fallen by over 50 percent in the last four decades, property losses still top $6 billion each year. A home fire in East Brainerd, TN, can be one of the most devastating events a person encounters in his or her lifetime. Awareness of its four leading causes can be an important step toward reducing instances of this disaster.

1. Cooking Gear

Nearly half of all house fires originate in the kitchen. Overheating pots and pans and splattering grease can quickly spark a fire. Grease is highly flammable and notoriously difficult to extinguish once it ignites. Combustible items such as dish towels and paper products should be stored away from sources of heat. It is important to never leave the stove unattended while in use.

2. Heating Equipment

Space heaters are a convenient source of extra warmth in a room but need to be operated safely to prevent a home fire. Keep portable heaters away from flammable property such as furniture, window coverings and clothing. Consider having your furnace inspected annually, as well as yearly chimney cleaning if you utilize a fireplace.

3. Smoking Indoors

Smoking inside the home, particularly in bed, can be a risky behavior. Of the leading fire causes, this one is completely preventable. Caution should be exercised with indoor smoking. Sleepy smokers should always try to extinguish smoking materials before they nod off. The best ashtrays are deep and oversized and should be placed far away from anything that will burn.

4. Electrical Systems and Equipment

From overloaded outlets to faulty wiring, there are many ways an electrical fire can start. Professional inspection of your home’s wiring, particularly in older residences, is an important part of keeping your living spaces safe. Avoid excessive use of extension cords and adaptors, and refrain from overburdening circuits.

With heightened awareness and precautionary measures, a home fire does not have to be in your future. If disaster does strike, enlisting the help of professional fire cleaning services can help you restore your home to its original state as quickly and smoothly as possible.

2 Steps for Using a Fire Extinguisher

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Types of fire extinguishers You should have the proper fire extinguisher in your building

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher in Two Steps

Every business owner needs to train its employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. It is not as easy as it looks. In the event a kitchen fire breaks out in your building, you should always contact 9-1-1 so that professional firefighters in Ooltewah, TN, can address the situation promptly. However, you may be able to contain smaller fires and prevent more fire damage from taking place by using an extinguisher the right way.

1. Use the Right Extinguisher

Many people do not realize that there are several different kinds of fire extinguishers available. They are categorized as follows.

• Class A: Meant for paper, cloth and wood
• Class B: Meant for flammable gases and liquids
• Class C: Meant for electrical fires
• Class D: Meant for flammable metals
• Class K: Meant for grease fires and oils

You should have the proper fire extinguisher in your building meant for the type of fire most likely to break out. A majority of businesses will benefit from a Class ABC extinguisher. However, if you work out of an industrial plant, then you may need the other variations readily accessible.

2. Follow the PASS Method

PASS is an acronym to tell you how to operate an extinguisher. First, you need to pull the pin. Next, you need to aim the nozzle toward the base of the flames. Hitting the flames directly will not help. After that, you need to squeeze the trigger. Finally, you want to sweep the extinguisher from side to side to ensure complete coverage. You will only have between 10 and 20 seconds to use the device until it is out of flame retardant.

After you use a fire extinguisher, you need to get it refilled in Ooltewah, TN, immediately. You do not want to risk needing to use it again in the near future only to discover it is empty.

What You Should Know About Secondary Damage and Mold

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Baseboard removal and black mold was found Water damage can lead to mold growth.

Following a flood or a considerable water leak in your home in East Brainerd, TN, you may be faced with costly repairs due to secondary damage. This damage is directly related to high humidity in the home. Inclement weather, inefficient siding and more can expose your home to leaking and subsequent humidity. Black mold, for example, can become a pressing concern if the water damage is not fully managed.

What Is Secondary Damage?

After water has breached your home, moisture can seep beneath the flooring or behind the walls and promote humidity in those places. High humidity levels can cause unwelcome dampness to linger and create unexposed mold problems.

How Does Leaking Water Act As a Trigger?

Water leaks, leading to humidity, can happen in a few different ways:

  • Slow leaks through unsealed windows
  • Steadily malfunctioning appliances
  • Floods or sewer backups

Slower, long-term leaks have similar effects to secondary damage in that both are difficult to spot and, as a result, may have extended lengths of time to do damage.

What Should You Do After You Notice a Leak?

Some people mistakenly believe that all they have to do following a flood or leak is clean up standing water. The problem with this is that even when the water appears to be gone in your home, significant humidity levels can cause the perfect conditions for black mold and bacteria to thrive. Therefore, it is essential to enlist the help of a reliable water removal specialist in East Brainerd, TN. These professionals possess the equipment to effectively dry the area. They also have the experience to know when the problem is truly solved.

There are numerous ways that you can eliminate black mold concerns following a flood or leak. With a quick response and water removal specialists at the ready, you can enjoy peace of mind in a mold-free home.

You Must Worry About All Types of Mold

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on bathroom tile Moisture and mold in Collegedale bathroom.

You Should Be Concerned About All Mold Types

If you read newspapers or watch news coverage, you have probably heard about black mold. The substance has developed a negative reputation in recent years, as homeowners learn about the negative effects of this type of mold growth. You may not know, however, that other types of mold can be just as bad as black mold. By understanding how to keep mold in check, you can keep your Collegedale, TN, home in excellent shape.

Water Damage Is a Problem

As you probably know, water is essential inside your home. When water stays where it should, you likely do not have to worry about mold growth. If you have a leak, though, mold can spread quickly. When inspecting your house for signs of mold, look in the following areas where water damage is common:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Attics

Humidity Is Not Your Friend

While increasing the humidity in your home may make breathing easier, it could encourage mold to grow. If you suspect you have high humidity in your house, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. You also may want to buy a hygrometer to help you measure the humidity in your living spaces.

Cleanup Requires Equipment and Skill

Removing mold is not necessarily easy. In fact, you may seemingly wipe away mold only to realize that you did not effectively kill it. If you want to stop mold growth, consider contracting with a reputable mold remediation service. Expert technicians know where to find mold. They also have the expertise and equipment to stop mold in their tracks.

To keep your home in tip-top shape, you simply cannot ignore mold growth. While finding mold in your house can be challenging, the task is likely worth your time and energy. If you notice the signs of mold, you must work diligently to remove the substance. With some information and the right team, though, you can likely ensure your house stays comfortable.

How To Keep Your Business Running in an Emergency

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

Business impact analysis (BIA) on a office desk. Conduct a Business Impact Analysis

How to Keep Your Company Running During an Emergency

One of the biggest fears for business owners in Harrison, TN, is losing any momentum they have gained when disaster strikes. But once you have a business continuity plan in place, there is no need to fear stalled progress. Whether you have a new or an established company, protect your assets by building a plan specific to you.

1. Conduct a Business Impact Analysis Survey with your more experienced employees. You will need to assess the most vulnerable areas in your company and determine how to keep the risk of loss low. Where will you conduct your business if you have to vacate the premises, for example? When is the best time to contact commercial building restoration services? With a thorough assessment of your company’s needs, you can be better prepared to continue work, whether that means renting out an area from a nearby facility or having a temporary workplace set up.

2. Develop an emergency response team. Your team should be willing and able to handle its daily responsibilities and emergency response training. If you choose, you can have yourself or the team leader trained as a Business Continuity Plan Professional by taking a course from the Disaster Recovery Institute International. A certified professional can direct your team with efficient loss prevention techniques.

3. Update your emergency response plan with new training and revisions. As your business grows and changes, your plan will need to grow and change with it. Keep your employees informed of any changes and the reasons behind them. That way, when an unexpected setback occurs, you are ready.

In the event of flood, fire, or other emergency, you would hate to lose business because you had no plan to keep the wheels running. No one can expect when a flood or fire will occur, but you can prepare for the unpredictable at any time. No occasion is better than the present to develop a business continuity plan.

Mold Damage: Cleaning Tips and Warnings

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold behind baseboard Black mold behind baseboards.

Mold Damage Tips

Mold cleanup can be a scary process, especially if you are dealing with black mold, which can present certain risks. Fortunately, the cleanup process does not have to be overwhelming as long as you wear the proper safety gear.

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Full body protective coveralls
  • Safety glasses

As long as you are taking your safety seriously, and you do not rush the cleanup, which could potentially release mold spores into the air, you may be able to clean out your building safely.

1. Repair Leaks

As a moisture problem is the likely culprit of mold growth, you will want to find and repair any leak that is feeding the issue. Generally, the leak will be close to the majority of the mold growth. You can usually follow the spread of mold to its source. If it is a leaky pipe, you will want to turn off the water supply before moving forward with the repair.

2. Scrub Hard Surfaces

While anything contaminated with black mold is better discarded, other mold types can be scrubbed from hard surfaces. All that is needed is a durable scrub brush, a mixture of detergent and water, and several clean rags that can be thrown away after drying the surface.

3. Discard Porous Materials

It may be tempting to keep porous items, like rugs and furniture, but it is not a wise decision. Mold seeps into these surfaces, making it difficult to clean the material thoroughly. Additionally, as it is nearly impossible to clean mold from these materials, they present a constant threat of continued mold contamination.

4. Ask a Professional

While cleaning up mold damage is possible on your own, it may be better to seek out a mold remediation specialist in the Ooltewah, TN, area. These professionals provide both expertise and the necessary equipment to ensure that you, your employees, and your clients or tenants remain healthy and happy.

Cleaning out excessive mold growth, especially black mold, can be a massive undertaking. If you are up to the task, then protect yourself and follow the tips above, but also know that there is no shame in hiring a professional.

Five Cooking Safety Tips to Prevent Kitchen Fires

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

Pot on fire Unattended cooking is the leading cause of all house fires.

Prevent a Kitchen Fire In Your Home

Cooking is a part of daily life, but it is also the number one cause of house fires. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent a kitchen fire in your Chattanooga, TN home. Read on for a handful of tips to keep you safe.

1. Stay Present

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of all house fires. If you need to leave the room while cooking, turn off the burners or broiler and remove food from heat.

2. Keep a Fire Extinguisher

If a fire starts, a fire extinguisher is your best bet for quickly getting rid of the flames. It’s not enough to just own an extinguisher, however. Make sure you know how to use it.

3. Watch What You Wear

Flowy sleeves and loose-fitting clothing are at a higher risk of catching fire near an open flame. It’s better to wear form-fitting clothing with short sleeves or to make sure loose clothes are tied back with the help of an apron.

4. Never Pour Hot Grease in a Garbage Can

This is one of the most important safety tips as grease is one of the leading residential fire causes. Grease burns hot, so even if the grease is not on fire when you pour it into the can, it can quickly cause the garbage contained inside to light up. Always let grease cool completely and then pour it into an old jar or can for safe disposal.

5. Clear the Area

Before you even get started cooking, take a look around the area. Do you see any cleaning cloths, curtains, cords or oven mitts laying near the oven burners? Be sure to move them out of the way before turning on the stovetop.

Cooking-related fires might be the leading cause of home fires, but with these helpful tips, you can help avoid one in your Chattanooga, TN home. 

How To Clean Up a Broken Water Heater

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

Plumber installs a compression tank on a hot water heater Cleaning up from a leaking water heater in your home goes beyond simply mopping up the water.

How To Clean Up a Broken Water Heater

Having a broken water heater in Chattanooga, TN can be dangerous on many levels. While the most obvious threat from a leaking water heater is water damage, the liquid could come into contact with power outlets if not detected quickly, adding fire and electrical hazards to the list of possible dangers. Because they are typically hidden in low-traffic areas of the home, a failed water heater may not be detected for several days, which causes problems to multiply. When dealing with water heater overflow, follow these clean-up procedures to make the process go smoothly.

1. Shut off the water source. If you do not turn off your water while you clean up, not only will it be useless trying to mop up the liquid, it also increases the risk that the water comes in contact with an electrical source. For safety reasons, this should always be the first step.

2. Clean up the water. For small areas, you can probably mop up water with old towels. If your leaking water heater went undetected for a while, you may have a more substantial mess that may require a sump pump or a trash pump.

3. Assess secondary damage. Because mold and bacteria grow best in warm, damp places, a broken water heater can lead to more secondary damage than many other reasons for flooding. The warm water creates an environment that favors mold growth, so it is important to carefully expect any flooring or sheetrock the water came in contact with.

4. Treat mold and disinfect the area. Use an antifungal treatment to remove any existing mold, and then use a disinfectant to thoroughly cleanse the area. Scrubbing the affected spot with bleach and clean water may discourage mold to grow.

Cleaning up from a leaking water heater in your Chattanooga, TN home goes beyond simply mopping up the water. Remember to thoroughly clean and disinfect any area affected by your broken water heater.

4 Steps for Fixing a Leaky Roof

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Hole on a ceiling, ceiling damaged by water A roof leak may cause a lot of damage, but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed.

Fixing a Leaky Roof

Storms can wreak havoc on your commercial property in Lakesite, TN, but for most problems, there is a pretty straightforward solution. If the most recent thunderstorm pummeled your building with hail, high winds or heavy rains, it is likely that you will have a roof leak. Here are the four steps remediation experts can take to fix it.

1. Assess the Situation

Every damaged roof is different. Your roof may show no outward signs of a problem but definite signs of leaking through the ceiling. You may see lots of debris on the outside while everything inside looks intact. Professionals know the signs to look for both inside and outside so that they can address every issue that exists.

2. Remove Wet Materials

A roof leak will inevitably get something wet that shouldn't be exposed to excess moisture. For example, if your ceiling insulation is saturated, it will likely need to be torn out and replaced. Not only is storm weather contaminated, the dampness also tends to penetrate the porous material and weaken it.

3. Dry and Disinfect

After all the unsalvageable material is gone, everything that remains must be thoroughly dried. Failure to do this could lead to secondary damage, such as mold growth. Surfaces should be dry, and dehumidifiers should be used to control the moisture in the air. After drying, technicians will disinfect every part of the structure and every item that is going to remain within it.

4. Rebuild the Structure

The last step is reconstruction. Walls, insulation and ceilings that were removed must be rebuilt. Holes in the roof are patched and missing shingles are replaced. The restoration job is not finished until your building looks as good or better than it did before the storm.

A roof leak may cause a lot of damage, but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed. When you hire trusted professionals to restore your property, you can rest assured that the problem will be resolved.

Cleaning Electronics After a Fire

10/30/2021 (Permalink)

Flame coming out a computer keyboard. Concept of electronics damaged by fire. Always practice safety, and trust trained professionals.

Electronics Recovery

Believe it or not, it’s not impossible to salvage your electronics after a fire. Because electronics are made of many components inside a protective casing, it’s often possible to replace a damaged casing or component as long as it can be extracted from the overall device. Even if an entire computer is destroyed, with effective computer cleanup, you may still be able to salvage the hard drive and data. If you’ve suffered an electrical fire or any other type of fire at your Tyner, TN, property, you still have options for electronics recovery.

Safety First

Always be safe when handling fire-damaged electronics; remember that the root word of “electronics” is “electricity”, and there may be live current. Be particularly safe if the device was the source of the electrical fire. You should always follow these steps:

• Wear rubber gloves, or gloves made of other insulating, non-conductive materials. You should always wear gloves anyway in case of sharp edges or exposed wires.
• Ground yourself.
• Unplug the devices immediately.
• If it’s not safe to get close to the devices due to sparking or jumping current, shut off power to the location.
• Do not attempt to handle the devices yourself. Only do everything you can to secure the location and prevent additional issues with electrical mishaps. Your goal in these steps is not to recover the devices, but to secure a safe environment.
• Do not pour water on the devices. Not only will you ruin your electronics, but you also may create a situation in which electric current could jump due to water conducting electricity.

Call a Professional

Fire-damaged electronics are best trusted to professionals with the safety gear and knowledge necessary to handle the items without injury. While you can secure the area and ensure no repeat issues with electrical fire or other fire damage, do not attempt to salvage the items themselves. Always practice safety, and trust trained professionals.

3 Steps for Handling Moldy Bread

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

White fuzzy mold growth on bread Bread mold is a regular occurrence, particularly in humid climates.

Ways To Handle Moldy Bread

Mold spores in your Apison, TN, home’s air are always looking for moist, damp places to thrive. From organic materials like paper and drywall to common household foods, these spores can grow rapidly once they find the right environment. Baked goods, such as bread, can be especially vulnerable to different types of fungal growth. If you discover bread mold in your kitchen, it is important that you know how to handle and dispose of it properly.

1. Do Not Scrape Off the Mold

Cutting or scraping fungus growth off a loaf of bread can send mold spores into the air, where they can settle elsewhere in your kitchen to grow anew. You may also not be able to remove all the mold, which makes the bread unsafe to eat. It is wiser to dispose of the bread altogether.

2. Bag the Bread

Bread mold will likely continue to grow once you throw the loaf away and may spread throughout your trashcan if you do not contain it. Before you dispose of the bread, wrap it tightly in a plastic bag and secure the end. You may want to throw the bag into your outdoor dumpster instead of your kitchen trash as an additional precaution.

3. Clean the Area Thoroughly

Because mold can spread quickly, it is wise to sanitize the area where the bread was stored. If the loaf was kept in the refrigerator, check foods nearby to ensure that no fridge mold has formed on them. Sanitize the shelf but avoid using a bleach-based cleaner, as this may contribute to moist conditions that allows mold to thrive. If you suspect any fungi has spread, considering calling in a mold damage and restoration service to inspect and treat your home.

Bread mold can be a common occurrence, especially during humid weather in Apison, TN. While there is no cause to be alarmed when this fungus develops, knowing how to dispose of it properly can prevent its spores from spreading.

3 Tips for Planning a Fire Escape Route for Your Home

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Take time to create and test your plan.

3 Fire Escape Route Planning Tips for Your Home

If a fire were to break out in your Collegedale, TN, home, getting yourself and your family to safety would probably be your top priority. Since fires can happen unexpectedly, having a pre-planned fire escape plan is a wise idea and may help every member of your family get out of the house quickly. If you are ready to create this type of safety plan, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to make it efficient, effective and simple.

1. Plan With the Family

Creating an emergency escape plan with your family present can ensure that everyone living in your home is prepared in case of a fire emergency. Gather everyone together when you have at least an hour to discuss a plan and allow everyone to contribute their ideas. When everyone is prepared and aware of the escape route, this can increase the chances of preventing a disaster if a fire breaks out.

2. Plan More Than One Route

According to the American Red Cross, you have about two minutes to escape your home once a fire starts. If the fire starts near where you have planned to exit or it spreads there, this can cause you to become trapped. To prevent this, you might want to add more than one egress to your fire escape plan. Consider both a front and back entrance escape, either a door or a window, that your family can use if the other is blocked by flames.

3. Have Your Home Inspected for Fire Hazards

While having an escape plan is wise, having your home professionally inspected for potential hazards can reduce the chances of you ever needing it. Have a fire damage and restoration company look over your home and ask their techs for advice about what you can do to make it less prone to fires.

Creating a fire escape plan for your Collegedale, TN, home can protect your family from imminent danger in case the worst should happen. Take time to create and test your plan to give yourself as much peace of mind as possible.

Why Hail Isn’t Something To Mess Around With

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

Hail storm For any storm damage in your business, SERVPRO is always ready to help you.

Why Isn't Hail Something To Play With?

If you’ve never dealt with real hail before, it might be hard to imagine why you should worry about it when it comes to your business. It’s just hard snow, right? Unfortunately, that’s not correct. Hail can sometimes come pouring down from the sky in shapes and sizes comparable to softballs. Even a golf-ball-sized pellet of ice can cause significant roof damage to your business building in East Brainerd, TN, such as:

  • Cracked or completely missing shingles
  • Water leaks
  • Water damage to attic spaces and insulation

Every one of these issues has the potential to slow or even stop your business operations, which is why you should prepare your building against hail before it happens. Here are some steps you can take to protect your establishment.

Learn About the Threat

Building your knowledge base of the issue should always be your first step toward remedying a problem. Take time to learn the threat that hail has to offer your business and find out which areas are the most hail-prone and what your options are for protecting your building in the event that a hailstorm occurs.

Invest in the Right Roofing

When the time comes to re-roof your business, consider installing a hail-resistant roofing material rather than going with the same old cheap product. It’s recommended that homes and businesses alike use materials that are rated at UL 2218 Class 4 or FM Global 4473 Class 4 in order to get adequate protection from roof damage in hail storms.

Set Up Hail Barriers

If you have any roof-mounted equipment such as HVAC units or satellite dishes, they are at risk of hail damage as well. Fortunately, there are a wide range of covers available for these products, so you don’t need to run the risk of losing an expensive investment during a storm.

Hail might not come around often, but when it does, the roof damage it can cause is no joke. Keep your business safe and sound by doing the research and taking safety measures that will keep the damage at bay.

The Process Behind Mitigating Wind Damage

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Roof damage in a building SERVPRO is a restoration company ready to help in any storm damage in your business.

The Method of Wind Damage Mitigation

If you live in a place prone to windstorms or you know one is coming, then pay close attention to what it takes to prepare. If you currently have a damaged roof or any sign of a roof leak, then your home may not be sound enough to withstand a windstorm. You need to take proper precautions. This may mean repairing any weak areas or covering them so they do not get worse. Here is a list of what you should look out for:

  • Broken skylights
  • Cracked windows
  • Damaged siding
  • Missing shingles

Wind Damage

A windstorm may cause a variety of problems to your business. On one hand, it may blow off shingles, throw debris at your home or lead to damaged siding. You need to be prepared for just about anything. Not only can the wind cause damage, but the debris the wind brings with it can also. Hard objects can knock shingles off, and large trees may break through your roofing entirely. All of this can lead to a roof leak and further damage.

Cleanup Process

Once the wind has done its damage, it’s time to pick up the pieces. For any damage done to the roof, tarps can be used to cover gaps created by the missing shingles. These tarps will help keep rain from entering your business while you work on restoration. You want to make sure that you do not have any further water damage. Additionally, you can use plywood to cover the holes on the roof. While repairing the building is one thing, you also want to make sure no other issues arise.

A windstorm can cause costly, extensive damage to your Chattanooga, TN, business. The best course of action is to reduce the risk wind can cause. Whether you have a roof leak or something more dangerous, don’t let any problems sit until they get worse. In some cases, a professional service may be helpful.

What is Mold and How Does It Spread?

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Moisture & Mold in a Bathroom SERVPRO is always ready to respond to any mold damage in your home.

Mold: What Is It And How Does It Spread?

Existing in a diverse world of fungal species, mold is an inevitable part of nature that comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages. For the average homeowner in Harrison, TN, finding mold inside likely brings its own fair share of problems. Whether it is located on your wallpaper, bathtub, or in trickier spots of the house, mold indoors can thrive easily and spread quickly; for this reason, it is important for mold contamination to be under control.

Identifying Mold

Because they can grow in areas with even small amounts of moisture, mold can be found in any part of the house, including damp basements and windowsills. While identifying specific types can be a challenge, mold can usually be detected by sight or smell. Other red flags include water problems in the house or past flooding issues. Oftentimes, mold can spread behind walls and under carpets without a trace.

Calling Professionals

No matter how severe your mold problem may be, the quickest and simplest approach is typically to call upon the professionals. Homeowners who attempt to control mold contamination themselves may not always reach every spot. Furthermore, skilled professionals generally use equipment made especially for mold removal and control. Professionals may use plastic sheeting or other type of material to seal off the affected room and to cover vents.

Maintaining Control

Ensuring that the mold is gone for good is crucial when hiring a professional. When it comes to preventative steps, mold remediation technicians often use high-efficiency vacuums to dry the affected room completely. Doing so can remove any lingering spores that might have plans of wandering into other parts of the house. After the cleaning process is complete, professionals can remove the mold and other supplies in sealed bags.

Discovering that your home in Harrison, TN, has an uninvited fungal roommate is no light matter. Plans to reduce moisture and locate mold growth can be time consuming and frustrating. However, by hiring the right crew for the job, you can relax and know that mold contamination is under control.

3 Actions You Can Take To Bolster Coverage Against Plumbing Floods

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A plumber working in a bathroom A plumbing flood in your Ooltewah, TN, home can cause untold damage, but you have SERVPRO, always ready to help.

3 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Protection Against Plumbing Floods

Your Ooltewah, TN, home's plumbing may not be something you think about often-that is, until it malfunctions and causes a flood. The damage this event creates can be considerable as well as costly. However, if you have an all-perils insurance policy that covers plumbing mishaps, there are a few actions you can take to strengthen your coverage in case the worst should happen.

1. Read Your Flooding Policy's Fine Print

Assuming you have insurance coverage against plumbing floods and for repairs may leave you in serious financial trouble if you are mistaken. Most general homeowner's insurance does not cover flooding, and even if you have an all-perils policy, it may not cover the cost to fix a broken pipe. Knowing the terms outlined in your insurance policy can prevent unpleasant surprises during a flooding emergency.

2. Maintain Your Plumbing

Maintaining and caring for your home's plumbing can help you avoid negligence claims in case of flooding. Insulate your pipes in cold weather to keep them from cracking or bursting and replace worn or old sections regularly. Your insurance company may claim that you were negligent otherwise and could refuse your claim, leaving you to cover the cost of repairs and expense of the services of a qualified flood cleanup and restoration company.

3. Increase Your Aftercare Premiums

Paying into premiums for flooding aftercare can benefit you greatly when a plumbing mishap occurs. Depending on the type of coverage offered in your area, you can pay into coverage for most repairs and to replace destroyed items such as carpeting, wood floors and drywall. The better your coverage, the less you may have to pay out of pocket after flooding causes substantial water damage to your home.

A plumbing flood in your Ooltewah, TN, home can cause untold damage. Bolstering your all-perils insurance policy by maintaining your plumbing and investing in full coverage can prevent a financial disaster in the wake of flooding.

How Often Do Bathroom Supply Lines Need To Be Replaced?

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Plumber replacing broken toilet in a washroom If you notice a bathroom leak, your plumber or water damage specialist may help you.

How Frequently Should Bathroom Supply Lines Be Replaced?

Water supply lines are a required bit of plumbing in bathrooms, kitchens and other parts of your home. This piping is usually put in during initial construction, but it may need to get replaced if there is any supply line damage. As a new or experienced homeowner in Chattanooga, TN, you may want to learn how often this plumbing piece has to be replaced. It can depend on a few factors, including the following:

  • Construction materials
  • Renovation frequencies
  • Damage sign

This guide can help you learn more.

Construction Materials

Supply lines are often made from some type of plastic or a steel braid. Typically, steel braided supply lines last longer than their plastic counterparts. Most plastic products come with a five- to eight-year warranty, but a steel braided pipe may have a lifetime warranty. Of course, the length of a warranty does not necessarily correlate with how long you can wait to replace the plumbing. If you notice a supply line leak, for example, you may want to replace the piping even if it has not made it very far in its warranty.

Renovation Frequencies

If you change out your toilet, sink or tub, it may be a good idea to also replace the supply line. The rubber seal in the line can be hard to reseal after it has been disturbed. In other words, you may have a healthy-looking supply line, but the renovation of your bathroom can lead to unexpected supply line damage that could be avoided by replacing the plumbing.

Damage Signs

If you notice a bathroom leak, your plumber or water damage specialist may help you figure out that the source is the supply line. When this happens, it is a good idea to replace the piping as soon as possible. Keeping a piece of plumbing that has a leak can lead to larger issues in the future.

Supply line damage can happen for a variety of reasons. You should be able to go years without replacing your bathroom water supply, but you shouldn't be afraid to change out the piping if necessary.

How To Prevent Ice Dams

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Icicles on a roof winter. These tips should help keep your Harrison, TN, business safe from water damage.

Ice Dams: How To Avoid Them

Every winter, if you live in a snowy area, your buildings are prone to hanging icicles and snowy roofs. While this may seem harmless, an ice dam is not. An ice dam is caused when the roof warms, melting the ice. Icicles and snow push the water back. Given the damage ice dams can cause, it is best to know how to prevent this from occurring.

1. Roof Ventilation

When you have appropriate attic ventilation, the cold air will flush out the warmer air. When it comes to proper aeriation, you will need about one square foot of ventilation per 300 square feet. This is at a minimum. Also, keep in mind that the shape of your roof can determine the sort of ventilation you need. One tip to remember is that it’s very difficult to have too much.

2. Attic Insulation

Not only will insulation help keep the heat in your business, but it will keep your roof from warming and causing ice to melt prematurely. With insulation, you should have at least 12 to 14 inches in your attic space. If you have less than eight inches, it is time to add more. In order to avoid too many gaps in your insulation, keep professionals in mind.

3. No Attic Bypasses

Did you know that a lot of the warm air in your home escapes through the attic? If you have unblocked walls, cracks in the fixtures, open plumbing or gaps in the drywall, you could be at risk of warm air escaping. When it rises, it can then leave through the attic and go straight through your roof. The best things you can do about air leaks are try to plug them with calking or rake your insulation. Heat tape or heat chord can also be used to keep an ice dam from forming.

Ice dams can lead to extensive damage in homes throughout the winter. The water can leak back into your business. This can lead to softening roofs, loose shingles and even mold. These tips should help keep your Harrison, TN, business safe from water damage.

Why You Should Call SERVPRO of Chattanooga For Residential Fire Damage Services

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A house that suffered a fire damage SERVPRO of Chattanooga is a locally owned and operated authority for residential fire damage.

Call SERVPRO of Chattanooga for Residential Fire Damage Services

When you need residential fire damage services, you should contact a locally owned and operated professional that can quickly diagnose the exact nature of your problem and then get right to work on solving it. Fire and smoke are particularly destructive forces that can gut a structure and cause it to be condemned. If your property is suffering from this sort of damage, you may need immediate help to salvage it.

You'll Need a Company That Specializes in Fire Damage Restoration:

After any damage has occurred, you should contact a company immediately for an initial diagnosis. This will then be followed by a team getting directly to work on cleaning up and fully restoring the affected area. Cleanup, removal of debris, neutralization of remaining odors, and purifying of the air can commence quickly to prevent any further health effects that often arise after fire damage.

Concentrate on Restoration Rather Than Replacement:

The focus of good restoration service should always fixate on restoring your property rather than replacing it. When possible, it's better to isolate quickly and neutralize any issues rather than replacing your entire property. Restoration not only costs you less money in the long run, but it also allows you to quickly get back to living your life faster. If parts of the property do need to be completely rebuilt, talk to the company about timelines for the areas that are fixable first, and then concentrate on the areas that need to be entirely redone.

What to Expect From Any Service:

A reputable restoration service will do an immediate assessment of the damage, followed by board up and tarp service if required. From there, they will remove all affected material and begin airing out and drying the general area. Once all of the debris, smoke, and soot has been eliminated from the area, they can begin restoring your property back to pristine condition.

What to Look For:

It's best to hire a locally owned company that has a focus and connection to your community. You should also ensure that the service personnel you are dealing with are fully qualified, trained, and experienced at diagnosing and solving the problems that affect your property. When you are dealing with severe fire and smoke damage, you want to make sure the company you choose can handle the scope of the project and will help you handle any problems that come up.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga is a locally owned and operated authority for residential fire damage cleanup and restoration. When fire damage threatens properties in the areas of Chattanooga and the surrounding region, we can help. Contact us now for a prompt response to your fire damage emergency at (423) 326-1406.

How To Choose A Fire Damage Restoration Company

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A house burning in fire When you have a fire or water emergency, SERVPRO is ready to help.

The Importance Of Hiring A Reputable Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fires are a dangerous and destructive force and can be very despairing to a homeowner if it reaches a large scale. If a large fire occurs on your residential property, you may feel inclined to panic. And even when the fire is put out, you are likely left with a variety of damages that leave you wondering how you will ever restore your property. While the reality of fire damage may seem overwhelming, recovering from the damages does not have to be so. SERVPRO suggests putting the burden of fire damage restoration upon the professionals.

What To Do Following The Fire

Once the fire has transpired, get in contact with the local disaster relief officials. These individuals will help you secure food, clothing, and temporary shelter if necessary. Also, be sure to call your insurance company. The company's insurance adjuster will survey the damage and monetize the repair costs. SERVPRO recommends getting additional support by calling us to come out and inspect the fire damage and offer a strategic action plan. We are preferred vendors, or work closely, with over 320 insurance and property management companies, government agencies, and state and local bodies. We will gladly coordinate, with you and your adjuster, a Chattanooga fire damage restoration plan, that can begin immediately upon approval. Water and debris removal will mitigate losses and lower your expenses.

Removal of water and charred debris are necessary first steps to lessen on-going degradation of personal and structural property. Boarding up open areas against the elements and vandalism may also be required after major fire damage.

Clean up and Smoke Removal. Interior walls, ceilings, furniture and flooring that is salvageable will be cleaned using IICRC approved techniques. Non-salvageable items will be wrapped and safely discarded to limit contamination. Complex cleaning can be done at our facility by packing and shipping out documented and inventoried items. Smoke, soot, and ash removal is a two-step process. Soot, an oily based residue, requires special sponges, detergents, and techniques for cleaning without staining walls, ceilings, and wood furniture. HVAC system, especially the ductwork, may require special vacuuming and fogging to remove smoke particles and odors. Special foggers are used for final odor removal before an additional application for deodorizing.

Mold Remediation

In addition to eliminating smoky odors and the damage it causes, fire damage restoration experts are skilled in mitigating mold growth. Typically, the extinguishing efforts of the fire department will leave excessive water on your residential property. The mixture of a cellulose food source and water and moisture encourage the expansion of fungi. Air scrubbers, and  foggers, containing disinfectants, antibacterial and antifungal products complete the clean up.

Call SERVPRO. With over 55 years of experience in the fire damage restoration industry, our IICRC-certified technicians work with skill and precision to restore your fire damaged Chattanooga property. We will work, always in your best interest, to get you back to a safe home--"Like it never even happened."

24-Hour Emergency Fire Restoration Service

SERVPRO of Chattanooga is locally owned and operated so we are part of the Chattanooga community too. When you have a fire or water emergency, we’re already nearby in Chattanooga, Harrison, or Collegedale and ready to help. Call us at (423) 326-1406 24/7, 365. 

What Kind of Content Can Be Saved After a Flood?

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Plants and debris in the stairs of a home Storm damage to a home in East Brainerd, TN.

Content Cleaning After Flood Damage

There are many questions that go through your mind after a destructive flood takes hold of your East Brainerd, TN, home. However, one of the most consistent inquiries often relates to the state of your personal belongings and whether or not content cleaning can effectively save them from being removed for good. Here’s a common list of household items that often need to be removed from the home immediately, as well as others that can potentially be saved if black water hasn’t completely consumed the home.

Porous Materials

More often than not, porous materials and furnishings in your home are going to be the most affected by excess water in your living space, simply due to their absorbent nature. Belongings that are most difficult to save include the following:

  • Upholstered furniture
  • Carpets
  • Drapes or curtains
  • Saturated woodwork
  • Artwork or paperwork

While there’s no definitive answer that applies to every situation, the majority of these materials can become the most densely saturated and therefore the hardest to clean and restore. However, the result depends on the extent of the water damage overall and how long it takes for you to contact professional restoration services after an event.

Nonporous Materials

Nonporous belongings, such as anything made of plastic, metal, etc., are often the best for content cleaning purposes. Such materials don’t absorb water, making them easy to simply clean off and restore in no time. Electronics or appliances can become unusable if they’re submerged for a significant amount of time, but the result depends on the severity of the water damage.

The biggest factor in determining the survival of any home furnishings is whether or not dangerous black water has come into play. This mixing of sewage and flood water can be far more difficult to clean and can lead to fewer items being salvageable, regardless of their material.

Despite what may initially seem like a lost cause, there’s always a possibility of saving your home’s belongings in East Brainerd, TN. Therefore, content cleaning should always be handled by professional restoration specialists who can do their best to save as much as possible. 

4 Ways to Clean Belongings After a Fire

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A person cleaning contents after a fire After a fire, you want to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. You can contact SERVPRO of Chattanooga for professional help.

After a Fire, How to Clean Your Belongings

Watching your Tyner, TN home burn can leave you with an ache in your heart. Not only do you have to deal with a massive insurance claim, but there's a good chance you'll end up losing some of your treasured possessions. When you work with a residential fire damage cleanup crew, some of your smoke-damaged belongings may get saved. Content cleaning is a delicate art that can take the following shapes.

1. Dry-Cleaning: Clothes, furniture and other porous items often have to be cleaned with a dry-cleaning method. This helps remove the smoke and soot that built up during the fire. If you try to wash your clothes on a normal cycle, you may end up causing more damage. The soot has to be removed from the textiles before you can return to a typical cleaning method.
2. Ultrasonic: Non-porous items can go through a more vigorous cleaning than materials that soak up water. The ultrasonic treatment incorporates ultrasound and a cleaning solvent to rid your belongings of soot.
3. High-Pressure Water: If the ultrasonic machine is not big enough for some of your non-porous furniture, the professionals may choose to use high-pressure water. This only works on non-porous items because they won't soak up the excess water.
4. Odor Removal: Smoke isn't the only thing that can cling to your possessions. The odor after a fire can be a long-term reminder of what you went through. After dry-cleaning, ultrasonic or high-pressure water methods have been put in place, you may want to do some sort of odor removal too. Professionals often use thermal fogging or ozone treatments to rid your home of the funky smell.

After a fire, you want to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. This means you need to clean your belongings. If the cleaning process takes longer than expected, you can also use content storage to get your dirty, smelly items out of the house until they're clean.

The Facts About Mold Removal

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Mold in the bottom of a drywall. Mold damage in Chattanooga property

Facts About Mold

Any property can quickly become infiltrated with mold when there is an unwanted water source such as a leak. That is why it is so vitally important to understand the steps involved in mold removal. Here are some facts about mold:

  • Mold is present in almost any location, inside and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic.
  • They float in the air and could come into your home through doors, windows, and HVAC systems or even attach themselves to your pet or your clothes.
  • Mold spores flourish in moisture.
  • Mold spores can rapidly bloom into colonies when water is present.
  • Before any mold repairs can start, the source of the unwanted moisture or water needs to be dealt with.
  • Mold often produces a musty, strong scent.

Dealing With Mold

There are countless reports and marketing efforts regarding mold growth, so it is easy to get confused about how to treat it. You may hear the term “black mold” and think that this is an especially dangerous type; however, it should be treated with care like all mold, and should not be touched. The key to preventing the growth of mold is to keep unwanted moisture out of your property and contact a professional mold remediation company at the first sign of an intrusion.

The Difference Between Mold Remediation and Removal

It is important to understand that mold exists almost everywhere in nature. When a cleanup company suggests “mold removal,” know that it is impossible to remove all spores. A competent restoration company knows the science, and it has the requisite knowledge to remediate the mold in your property. Remember that mold remediation does not focus on eliminating mold, but rather getting mold back to its ordinary amounts.

Dealing with a mold issue and subsequent mold removal at your property in Collegedale, TN, can be overwhelming. That is why it is important that you contact a professional mold remediation company promptly to assess any damage and perform a professional cleanup at the first sign of trouble.

Responsibly Using a Fire Extinguisher

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Fire extinguisher instruction labels set. Instruction extinguisher and protection of fire with extinguisher illustration Use the PASS method when using a fire extinguisher.

How To Handle a Fire Extinguisher

By now, fire extinguishers have become staples in most disaster-ready homes and provide billions worldwide with a quick, straightforward way to respond to sudden blazes. Generally, if you’ve used one fire extinguisher, you’ll use them all, as they typically follow the same usage procedure known as PASS:

  • Pull the pin to break the tamper seal
  • Aim the nozzle at the bottom of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle and release extinguisher chemicals
  • Sweep the nozzle back and forth at the base of the fire until it’s extinguished

Knowing these steps can save you a ton of hassle with instances like the average kitchen fire in Harrison, TN but to really mitigate as much fire damage as possible, there are a few other things you need to take into account.

Choosing Your Extinguisher

The first thing you should always be aware of is that not every fire extinguisher is good for every job. For example, when dealing with a grease fire, you’ll need a class B extinguisher to really get the job done safely. It’s a good idea to research different extinguisher uses before deciding where to allocate these appliances around your home.

Emergency Services

Just because you have an extinguisher on your side doesn’t mean you won’t need emergency services. Ideally, you should have someone calling 911 as you attempt to extinguish the flames. This ensures you’re able to get the assistance you need in the event that your attempts are unsuccessful.

Furthermore, know when to leave the house. If the blaze becomes too large or your extinguisher runs out of juice, it’s time to get outdoors. You can pass over the firefighting responsibilities to emergency responders and work with a fire cleanup crew afterward to get your home back to normal again.

Keeping proper fire extinguisher handling tips in mind may be able to save your home and your family in the coming years. Be sure to discuss the above tips with every member of your family.

Top Tips for Implementing an Evacuation Plan

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Evacuation plan - first floor Creating a fire escape plan for your commercial building can help keep you and your employees safe.

Commercial Fire Escape Plan

Thinking about a fire tearing through your Ooltewah, TN office building can leave you anxious. After all, fires can cause a lot of harm, including:

  • Destroying buildings
  • Damaging equipment
  • Injuring people

As the building owner, you need to prepare the workers inside for evacuating in an emergency. Creating a fire escape plan can help ensure everyone knows how to get out during a fiery blaze.

Create Maps

Mapping out the layout of your building can help panicked employees remember which way to go in an emergency. You may want to include an emergency escape plan map in every room of the building. This allows visitors to know where to go in the case of a fire too. Your maps should highlight different ways people can leave the building. Fires may block off hallways or break downs stairs, so having more than one way out is essential.

Train Employees

After you have created a map, you need to make sure your employees are aware of the evacuation routes you have laid out. You also need to make sure everyone can recognize the fire alarm. You may want to have regular fire safety training to remind employees what they should do if a fire breaks out. Make the best routes out of the building clear. Don't forget to tell everyone where they should meet once outside. A fire restoration professional may be able to help you assign the best evacuation spot on or near your property.

Practice the Escape

Part of your regular training may be practicing the fire escape plan. You can encourage employees to think on their feet by setting up obstacles across the easiest path out, so they have to take an unexpected route out of the building. Even during practice, you should make sure everyone meets at the designated spot.

Creating a fire escape plan for your commercial building can help keep you and your employees safe. While you never want a disaster to strike, it is best to be prepared. 

Industrial Hygienists: Experts at Finding Hidden Mold

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Mold colonies Mold colonies in Apison, TN

How To Find Hidden Mold In Your Home

Your Apison, TN, home may be your castle, but you certainly don’t want it smelling like one. If there are visible signs of mold growth, you know it is time to call a mold remediation and restoration professional to take care of the problem and ensure proper mold cleaning. When there are no visible signs, but the smell keeps permeating in different areas, it is worth considering have a mold test completed by a certified industrial hygienist. They are highly trained professionals who will conduct air and surface testing.

Air Testing
Since mold quickly grows and sends spores out to form new colonies, the spores in your home may continually change and move. An inspector will conduct various tests to take back to the lab, which helps ensure that mold cleaning is done where it needs to be. They will first take air samples. Three common methods for this include:

Impaction Samplers: A calibrated air pump impacts spores on a microscope slide.
Cassette Samplers: Often only used once, it uses forced air to impact spores for collection.
Particle Collectors: These contain spores onto a culture dish.

Surface Testing
Surface samples will also be taken and sent back to the lab, which provides better insight into your home’s mold damage problem. Common methods for taking these samples are:

Bulk: A section of an area, such as drywall, is removed and send to the lab.
Swab: Similar to medical methods, a cotton swab is swept over an area, sealed and sent for testing.
Tape: A piece of tape is adhered to a section and gently removed, bringing with it any mold to test.

Once both tests are completed and the molds analyzed, you will have a scientific understanding of the scope of your issues. These tests also can pinpoint the type of mold. After you have had remediation done, an industrial hygienist will conduct industry-standard testing to ensure your problem was taken care of.
While mold cleaning may be an obvious task when visible mold is present, sometimes it is lurking out of sight. Professional testing can you help find the problem and eradicate it.

Finding A Reputable Water Damage Restoration Company in Chattanooga

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Sewage backup in a bathroom Sewage damage in Chattanooga, TN.

Chattanooga Homeowners Can Rely on SERVPRO for Complete Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can strike at any time. From natural disasters to plumbing issues, water damage may cost you lots of money. It can cost you even more without a reputable company that you can trust. When you need someone to repair your leaky roof, flooded workshop, or even remove mold, use these tips to find a company that will help you get back on track.

Where to Start
If you have water damage at your residence, you can do these simple things to ensure a positive result when dealing with water damage restoration professionals. Be sure to communicate with your insurance company immediately. Ask them about your policy coverage and requirements that they have on filing a claim. Ask your agent if they work with particular water damage restoration companies. SERVPRO of Chattanooga is a preferred vendor for numerous insurance and property management companies. In the meantime, use fans and dehumidifiers to start drying them out. 

Find a Company You Trust
Before you select a water damage restoration professional or company, check on their work history and references. Remember your insurance agent or adjuster? References will help determine if the contractor is familiar with your particular water damage problem. A contractor can easily give you names and phone numbers of at least three clients with projects like yours. Talk with each customer about how the project was done and whether it was completed on time.

Check Out Your Contractor
Determine if the contractor is insured. Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of current insurance certificates, so you don’t become liable for any injuries that transpire during the project. Reputable companies will carry personal liability, worker’s compensation, and property damage coverage. This is a sharp point to select SERVPRO--to rely on a Corporate Franchise, one of 1,800, that are ranked by "Entrepreneur" Magazine as a top 10 for seven consecutive years. Why look any further?

Get It in Writing
Develop a written contract with anyone you hire. It will need to be explicit about the work to be performed, the techniques to be used, and the price of labor and materials. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a timeline that is agreed on by both parties.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga will provide the following as needed:
--CCIS--Contents Claim Inventory Service to inventory all water damaged items
--Service Authorization Form to begin work immediately to mitigate water damage
--Ongoing paperwork detailing the water removal and restoration process
--Written documentation of thorough drying down to normal moisture levels
--Final Walk-Thru to ensure your complete satisfaction with our efforts to restore your home to preloss condition "Like it never even happened."

Remember, you don’t have to feel pressured into making a quick decision. Although you may feel nervous about getting the water damage repaired, don’t act with haste. You could make temporary repairs while you check out the contractor and develop a written contract. You can trust the SERVPRO technicians to follow IICRC guidelines and surpass industry standards to restore your water-damaged Chattanooga, TN home.

Water Damage Services You Can Trust in Chattanooga

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Under Sink leaking All of our SERVPRO technicians are fully insured and licensed, as we take pride in the work that we provide you, our customers.

SERVPRO is The Company You Know and Trust

Unless you are always able to avoid things such as malfunctioning appliances, pipes and faucets, flooding, and tornadoes, you will at some point in your life experience water damage, as horrible as it can be. Water damage restoration is the process of restoring your home in such an instance to its condition before the loss, and you want a professional company like SERVPRO to help you in your time of need.

Your Chattanooga home can experience water damage for various reasons, including sewage backups, storms, malfunctioning appliances, broken pipes, and human error like overflowing toilets and sinks. No matter the reason or how large the project is, SERVPRO’s staff has you covered. We are a full-service restoration company with the experience and knowledge needed to perform a thorough restoration on your home.

We put our customers first at SERVPRO and begin by giving you a free estimate with no obligations. We come to your home and review the water damage to your property, then provide an estimate of what would take for your property to be restored to a like new condition. You have no obligation to act upon this estimate.

It is not common to see water damage happening on your timeline, else it would likely never occur, which is why we are available for support 24/7. Time is of the essence when you have water damage. Each minute that water sits in your home is time for more and more damage to harm your possessions, leaving more opportunity as well for mold and increasing the time and effort needed to fix the damage. Therefore, when the damage happens, call us as soon as possible.

All our technicians are fully insured and licensed, as we take pride in the work that we provide you, our customer. Regular training and upkeep are needed for licensing to make sure we use tools and methods which are the most up-to-date for drying out your water-damaged home. As professionals, we put our customer’s needs above our own and treat them with respect.

We also work with your insurance company, so you don’t have to worry. With years of restoration experience, we have worked with many insurance companies out there, so rest assured we help you to get the coverage you need.

When a Commercial Fire Damages Your Business, Call SERVPRO

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

Fire sprinkler Don't let a fire damage your business in Chattanooga.

Repair Your Business Property After Experiencing Commercial Fire Damage

When a fire ravages your business property, you may wonder how you will be able to repair all of the fire damage. Some Chattanooga, TN commercial fire damage will result in a full loss, but others may only impact a small area of the property and business. Regardless of how large or small the fire was, you may need the property repaired as soon as possible so that operations can resume. Until this happens, you and your clients may be inconvenienced, and the business profit will decrease. With a few important steps, you can rectify commercial fire damage in Chattanooga, TN and get your operations back to normal as soon as possible.

Surveying the Damage
An important first step to take in the Chattanooga, TN commercial fire damage restoration process is to survey the damage to your property. Through a quick overview of the damage, you will get a better idea of the scope of a repair project, and you can estimate how long it will take to get the damage repaired. Keep in mind that a fire often inflicts more damage than just the area affected by the flames. Smoke damage, for example, may spread throughout a property even when the fire was contained to a particular room of the building. Water damage incurred from the firefighters putting out the fire may also be present. Each of these types of damage will require a different overall repair process and may lengthen the overall restorative job.

Cleaning the Property
Clean the property and removing the ashes and soot is a high priority to limit damage and odors. In some cases, water extraction is necessary. Afterward, you will be able to determine other areas that may need to be cleaned. For example, carpeting or furnishings may require special professional cleaning techniques if they have been damaged by smoke or water.

Repairing the Area
While some areas impacted by the fire will need to be professionally cleaned, others will need to be repaired or replaced. For example, any charred areas that have been burned by the fire often will need to be entirely replaced and will not be salvageable. It can be difficult to determine which areas can be repaired or replaced and which can be cleaned, but a professional team of fire damage remediation professionals from SERVPRO can assist you in this area. We can inventory and document all salvageable and non-salvageable business items such as computers, copiers, furnishings, retail stock, and documents. Our team can also interact with your insurance provider to mitigate damages, costs, and downtime.

If your business property has been affected by a fire, our team of fire damage specialists can help. As a locally owned company, we can respond quickly to your request for assistance with fire damage repair services.

Commercial Water Damage Impacts More Than Your Chattanooga Facility

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

wet floor, standing water on the floor, water damage inside a building Commercial water damage in Chattanooga, TN.

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage in your Chattanooga, TN commercial building can cause problems in many more ways than just the physical structure. Water damage can come from a variety of sources, such as a flood from a river or stream or a broken pipe, often in the overhead, or from one of the many appliances or systems that provide all of the services for your building. This photo shows water damage in a local school from an overhead pipe bursting. about 3 inches of standing water flooded the gym, cafeteria, offices, and classrooms on the first floor. 

The important thing to remember is that after water damage often comes molds and mildews, even if the water is cleaned up right after the loss occurred. Imagine if this occurred in a restaurant? If the building was declared 'unsafe condition’, it would cause a definite fall-off in customers, not even mentioning the mold and the bad smell associated with a lot of wet things. All of this to say that just simply mopping the water up does not do the job without the restoration that a commercial water damage restoration company can provide. 

A commercial restoration company will complete an inspection to determine all damaged areas and how to get them cleaned, repaired, and back to working order. 

The inspection is followed by any or all of the following tasks or activities that must be accomplished very quickly: 

  • The establishment of temporary power, if needed.
  • Free standing water removal and extraction from carpets, furniture
  • Sewage cleanup, which carries its own dangers so must be handled by personnel trained and certified in this work.
  • Structural drying
  • Verification of dryness through the use of testing equipment such as Thermal Imaging and
  • Dehumidification
  • Disinfection and Deodorization
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Reconstruction (SERVPRO of Chattanooga has a reconstruction division to fit these needs)

Water damage in your Chattanooga commercial building needs the immediate attention of the professional services of SERVPRO of Chattanooga.   

What Causes Foul Odors After a Flood at Your Business?

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Mold growth in a wall due to humidity.

Reasons Odors May Linger After a Flood

There are many issues that can impact your Collegedale, TN, business after a violent storm, especially when flooding occurs. One problem that can be difficult to handle is the odor flooding causes, whether this happens due to mold growth or from powerful smells flood water often carries. There are several reasons odors may linger even after a restoration service drains the water away, and knowing their cause, as well as how your restoration techs will work to eliminate them, may give you peace of mind as you attempt to salvage your business.

Impure Water Sources
Violent storms often cause torrential downpours that cause rivers and creeks to flood their banks. When this water enters a business, it usually contains dirty water, animal feces and chemicals from a sewage loss in the area. Porous building materials, such as carpeting and drywall, may absorb the odor of this water, causing it to linger for months. A tear-out and replacement of these materials can eliminate the smell.

Mold can form quickly after a flood, and in some cases can form as quickly as 24-48 hours after the initial event. Large patches of mold growth can hide in a variety of places inside your building, including:

  • Under carpet padding
  • In HVAC ducts
  • Behind walls

When mold goes unchecked, it can create a smell that may remind you of wet, dirty socks. If you have a mold problem in your ducts, mold spores may spread to other areas and increase the odor. Your restoration technicians can target and destroy any mold left behind by flood water and then deodorize the air with ozone machines to ensure the smell does not linger.

Sewage Problems
A storm may cause sewage issues in your area and cause your building's toilets to back up and overflow. When multiple toilets erupt, the resulting odor can be overpowering. Your storm damage and restoration service will probably use large hoses and deodorizing techniques to clear away this problematic mess.
When mold growth and other problems caused by storm flooding affect your Collegedale, TN, business and cause foul odors, this can drive customers away. Knowing what causes these odors and when to call for help may provide you with effective solutions.

4 Steps to Take To Keep Your Fire Sprinklers Operational

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Factory roof structure and automatic fire protection in building system. A well-maintained fire sprinkler system is a valuable investment for any company.

4 Steps to Take To Keep Your Fire Sprinklers Operational

Your commercial building in East Brainerd, TN, should have a number of fire mitigation devices and strategies. This includes fire alarms, fire extinguishers and a fire sprinkler system. While having these devices in place is important, it is not always enough. It is critical that these units are operational in the unfortunate event that a fire breaks out. When it comes to fire suppression with sprinklers, the following steps must be taken.

1. Inspection. The equipment for your system should be inspected on a regular basis by certified technicians. This will make sure the components are in good shape and capable of providing water as needed. The technician will look for signs of wear and tear and discoloration as well as leaks.

2. Testing. Periodic testing may be necessary to ensure the fire sprinkler system responds to heat sources according to National Fire Protection Association standards and codes. This often involves a focus on the electrical components of the fire detection equipment.

3. Maintenance. Any deficiencies identified during inspection and testing should be addressed by either repairing the part in question or by replacement. Any changes to the original system should adhere to all applicable codes and regulations.

4. Observation. To provide additional support to your system, someone in your building should be responsible for observing the system for flaws in intervals between inspections. This could catch problems that occur without warning and that could compromise the effectiveness of the water suppression system. This step is especially critical for older systems.
In the event of fire damage, a fire sprinkler cleanup might be necessary to deal with instances of water damage. A local fire restoration franchise is trained to deal with both fire and water damage. This is all part of a comprehensive plan to protect your company from the dangers of fire. A well-maintained fire sprinkler system is a valuable investment for any company.

SERVPRO Restores a Property After Water and Storm Damage

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

five store shelves with drying equipment We have the right equipment for your business or residential property after any disaster.

SERVPRO Restores a Property After Water and Storm Damage

Despite everyone's best efforts, storm damage in Chattanooga, TN can happen. Removing the floodwater isn't the end; cleanup is just getting started. On top of the flooring and walls, every bit of furniture, clothing and other items exposed to the storm will have to dried, cleaned, deodorized and probably even sanitized.

SERVPRO utilizes a variety of cleaning equipment and chemicals to return your carpets and floors to a usable state. Depending on the size, material, and color-fastness, the options range from simple spray and wiping to immersion cleaning.

Storm damage can leave odors as well as a damp carpet. We use industrial-grade air scrubbers and specialized fogging equipment to remove the musty smell and rather than just covering it up. While removing the odor is important, getting rid of the mold which causes it is even more so. The application of a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial agents is necessary. Our personnel is trained to use the product that will not only restore your property but do so in a manner that is safe for your family and employees as well as the environment.

Once the mold has been remediated, each item should be either disinfected or sanitized depending on its function. Kitchen, breakroom, and bathroom equipment must be sanitized to ensure the health of anyone who may use them. Standard office spaces such as conference rooms would not need that level of cleaning unless the contaminated floodwaters wetted the flooring and walls. Our IICRC certified technicians can be relied upon to provide the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga does its best to help you restore your home or business to its pre-storm damage condition as quickly as possible. As a locally owned franchise, we value our customers as neighbors and not just a job to be completed. If you want to schedule an inspection or believe you may need our restoration services, please call us today at (423) 326-1406.

Best Practices for Avoiding a Grill Fire

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Grill Background - Empty Fired Barbecue On Black Proper maintenance increases the safety of your grill.

Many people in the spring and summer enjoy cooking out on a grill. While this activity is generally pretty safe, there are times when flames flare up and create a dangerous situation. If you are lucky, the only thing damaged is your meal. Sometimes, though, widespread damage to a garage, lawn or home results. A simple practice such as grill cleaning can eliminate many fires. A dirty grill is often caked with flammable items such as grease and oil. Once these substances ignite, it is important to keep a calm attitude. Often the fire can be extinguished by turning off the grill and keeping the top closed.

The Role of Regular Grill Maintenance

It is crucial to make sure your grill is in good shape before turning it on. Make sure there are no loose parts or obvious problems with the grill. When you turn on the grill, make sure the fire looks stable. When it is time for grill cleaning, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the grill and disconnect the propane tank
  • Soak the grates and metal plates in a bucket of warm water and soap
  • Use a grill brush to scrub dirty portions of the grill
  • Empty the drip pan and soak it in the bucket

A thorough cleaning is the best way to avoid a grease fire. Proper maintenance increases the safety of your grill.

The Role of Fire Restoration

Any time a fire does break out in your home in Harrison, TN, it is important to call for professional help. An experienced fire remediation company will help you restore your home to its original condition. This includes removing all forms of soot and smoke damage as well as restoring any structural damage caused by the fire. In all areas of your home, it is important to practice fire safety. Grill cleaning is one simple way to protect your home from a devastating fire.

The Importance of Using a Water Damage Specialist

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

When you have any type of water damage in your home or business, finding a company with the expertise to get the damage handled as quickly and professionally as possible is important. The longer the water damage is left unattended, the more severe and extensive the water damage restoration process is likely to be. Regardless of what type of water damage you've suffered, such as a weather event or burst pipe, it's important to bring in trained professionals who know how to get it handled safely and efficiently. Consider SERVPRO of Chattanooga as an excellent choice.

It takes specialized equipment and fast action in order to find the cause of the problem and minimize further damage. For many homeowners, the result of water damage is clear; however, the source of leaking water can sometimes be hard to detect. Water could be seeping in from the foundation, or there could be a pipe hidden in a wall that has a pinhole leak. With time, water damage begins to spread. By the time a problem is detected, the leak may have been going on for a long time.

Water damage that is not managed quickly can lead to a number of serious problems. When walls or floors become saturated, they can swell and warp, leading to bigger repair issues. Additionally, the damp and humid indoor environment make the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Clothing, carpet, furniture and personal possessions will be hard to restore if left untreated for too long.

One of the first things that need to be done to minimize water damage is to make sure that standing water is removed as quickly as possible. Following the extraction of the standing water, experienced remediation technicians will begin the extraction process of removing dampness and moisture. Drawing water out of carpets, floors and furniture can help prevent further damage, but it is also an important step in lowering indoor humidity levels.

When water damage occurs, humidity in your home or business will be much higher than normal. If mold sets in, you'll have an even bigger problem, so carefully controlling indoor humidity during the drying process is something that remediation specialists take very seriously. They will not only remove water from your home but also use advanced dehumidification equipment to quickly bring humidity levels back down to normal levels while monitoring and tracking the entire dehumidification process. One such high-tech device for this is a hygrometer.

Water damage can affect everything from walls and floors to furniture and drapes. At SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we always recommend that homeowners trust an experienced remediation specialist to handle any water damage. From complete water damage restoration to sanitizing personal items such as clothing, furnishings and other restorable items, it takes fast action for good results.

When flooding, a burst pipe or any other event has caused water damage in your home or business, it's time to get professional help as soon as possible. For assistance with water damage needs in East Ridge, give SERVPRO of Chattanooga a call at (423) 326-1406. We have the expertise and equipment to get the cleanup and restoration done right.

Changing the Game with Matterport Technology

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Our team has recently been utilizing the Matterport camera to capture a 3D walk-through video of commercial losses. We use this technology for many reasons, including: 

1. Documentation before and after restoration

2. To get exact measurements and floor plans that we can use in Xactimate for pricing

3. A tool for business owners to use in the future

On any large commercial loss, we send our Emergency Readiness Coordinator to complete an ERP and Matterport scan before work is started. We are able to capture the damage before work is started for insurance purposes. For example, we completed several Matterport scans to send to insurance agents and adjusters when the tornado occurred because they were unable to travel due to COVID-19. We see many benefits with the Matterport camera and we're excited to see how we can further use it to benefit our customers. Check out the Matterport scan of our office here

SERVPRO of Chattanooga - IICRC Certification

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

There are many restoration companies to choose from when looking for someone to mitigate your home from damages. Unfortunately, not all of those restoration companies hold a certification with the IICRC. When making such a big decision regarding your restoration company you always want to ensure that they are certified with the IICRC and follow industry standards. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a certification and standard-setting organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.

Ensuring that you have chosen a company that has these certifications ensures that you are being provided the highest quality concepts, terminology and procedures recognized in the restoration industry.

Luckily SERVPRO of Chattanooga is IICRC Certified and ready for whatever happens. If you are in need of restoration services call our office at 423-326-1406.

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

This is what we do

We do cleaning and disinfecting services for COVID-19, and we have been since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are ready, willing, and able to clean and disinfect your commercial property.

We are cleaning professionals

Here’s Why:

  • High Standards of SERVPRO’s trusted brand in cleaning and sanitation, and the standards set by the CDC guidelines
  • Experience- more than 50 years in dealing with biohazard decontamination
  • Training and expertise- IICRC standards and certifications
  • We use EPA-approved disinfectants, such as SERVPROXIDE, “which is a hospital-grade disinfectant that carries the Environmental Protection Agency’s lowest toxicity category and is National Sanitation Foundation certified for sanitizing surfaces in and around food processing surfaces”

Businesses that can benefit from our expertise:

  • Retirement Communities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Airport/ General Aviation/FBO
  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Government Facilities
  • Libraries
  • Apartment complexes
  • Grocery stores
  • Brick and mortar stores
  • Hair salons/ Barber shops
  • Wineries/Breweries/Cideries
  • Fire Stations /Police station
  • City/County offices
  • UVA
  • PVCC
  • Post offices
  • Country Clubs/Resorts
  • Churches
  • Day care centers
  • Auto repair shops/Auto dealerships
  • Visitor’s Center
  • Monticello/Historic sites
  • Paramount/Jefferson Theaters/venues

If your business needs disinfecting, call the experts today –SERVPRO of Chattanooga at 423-326-1406.

No Fire Restoration Job is Too Large

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration

We recently completed a fire damage restoration job at a local Chattanooga restaurant. Our team responded early Saturday morning when the restaurant opener had an accident while warming up the ovens. The stove caught fire and spread smoke and soot throughout the restaurant. When we arrived on scene, local firefighter fighters had extinguished the fire and we began the water cleanup process. After the water damage was cleared, we began the fire restoration clean up. We removed everything from the walls and floors and began wiping down every inch of the damaged areas. We took many of the items back to our Chattanooga facility to be properly and professionally cleaned in our ozone room. When the Chattanooga restaurant was completely cleaned and rid of smoke and soot, we returned the items to their exact spots. The owners were so thrilled with our professionalism and quick response time that they offered our employees to sign the wall so that our team will always be memorialized in the restaurant. 

If you are in need of fire damage restoration, give SERVPRO of Chattanooga a call at (423) 326-1406. We have a fire team dedicated to fire cleanup and smoke and soot cleanup. Give us a call today!

Thankful For Our Wonderful Team

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

We're thankful for our team!

2020 has been quite an unprecedented year for all of us, and we're so thankful for a team that is always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. We held a company-wide (virtual and socially distant) meeting last to mark the countless achievements that our team has made over the last 12 months. Congratulations to all of those who were awarded with Employee of the Year awards, but we are truly grateful for every single person on our team. We wouldn't be where we're at without you.

Our team members never fail to go above and beyond for our customers and each other. We are looking forward to this next calendar year as we push forward together as #OneTeam

With Colder Weather Comes Greater Risk of Fire

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Seasonal traditions like Thanksgiving and Christmas require adjustments to our daily routines as the thermometer drops in the region. With these changes come unwanted risks including fire hazards from additional holiday lights, candles and cooking.  Below, we list some preventative measures you can take now in order to prepare for the colder seasons.

  • Change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This process should be completed on an annual basis, preferably at Daylight Savings Time or the beginning of a new season to ensure your home and business is safe and prepared for potential emergencies.
  • Check your heaters and HVAC systems for signs of failure and damage. Heating systems pose a significant threat of fire damage during the fall and winter months, so preparation and HVAC system inspections are critical in order to eliminate the risk of fire or lack of heat in your home. Any space heaters should be also be placed away from items that pose a risk such as clothing.
  • Fireplaces should be inspected annually to ensure they do not pose a risk, and combustible materials should be kept a safe distance away.
  • Clear your roof and gutters of debris that can collect and pose a risk if ignited.
  • Do not leave a fire of any kind unattended.

As colder weather ushers into the East Tennessee region, so does the risk of fires in your home or business. SERVPRO of Chattanooga wants to remind you about safe practices and safety precautions this fall and winter. Along with many other preventative measures you can take, these steps are critical in helping to keep you, your family  safe.

If your home or business does experience a fire damage event of any size, our team is here for immediate assistance. Our fire restoration professionals can handle the entire restoration and reconstruction process for you in order to help ease the stress that often comes with these types of disasters. For more information, give us a call at (423) 326-1406.

Who You Gonna Call? SERVPRO!

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help during your time of need. When you call, we answer- even if it is 10 PM on a Friday. We understand that when you have water coming through light fixtures or sewage backing up into your shower and onto the bathroom floor that you cannot wait until business hours on Monday.

That is why when you call, we answer and we respond to the loss. We are able to speak with you, get details about what is going on and dispatch a crew as soon as possible.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. We can handle any size disaster!

Call SERVPRO of Chattanooga at (423)-326-1406.

Flood Water Classification Overview

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Flood Water Classification Overview

There are three main classifications of floodwaters: clear water, gray water, and black water. Although their names imply it, these aren't wholly determined by the color of the water, but instead by a few factors related to how many contaminants are in the water. Clear water is somewhat rare, as most of the time it picks up enough contaminants to become at least gray, but black water is by far the most hazardous and damaging of the three. Never try to deal with black water yourself, as its interaction necessitates the kind of heavy gear and training that SERVPRO equips its technicians with. Here are a few key facts about each type of water.
Clean Water
Clean water originates from water mains, pipes, and other sources of relatively untampered water in your home. Collegedale flood damage with clear water is lighter and easier to restore than other types of damage, due to both reduced volumes of water and lighter safety procedures during the task. This water is usually identifiable as being clear and unclouded. However, time is important, as without quick removal clean waters can progress and become gray.
Gray Water
The awkward middle child of flood damage, gray water concerns water that may or may not have significant contaminants in it, and thus pose a potential health risk. More care is required in these waters, and they can be deceiving, as they too may sometimes be clear in appearance.
Black Water
The most dangerous and damaging type of water that SERVPRO deals with is black water, which can originate from a storm flood, a major health hazard such as a septic tank overflow, or when gray water is left untreated. This water contains dangerous contaminants, including fungi and microbes that may cause health effects. Black waters stain surfaces easily and are often more violent in their damage, so in addition to having the most restrictive safety precautions, this type of water also often causes the most damage.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Collegedale Home

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

According to research studies, most homes will experience water damage once every eleven years. Since this is the case, homeowners need to know what strategies they can implement to prevent this water damage from occurring on their property. To get the information and advice you need regarding how to prevent and effectively handle water damage in Collegedale, SERVPRO presents the following advice.

Consider Your Plumbing System

Your plumbing system can be a primary source of water damage potential. One aspect of the system that you should consider is the water supply line for the refrigerator's ice maker. This small feed line is a prime culprit for slow drips that can develop into water streams, usually when no one is home. When this supply line is installed incorrectly or becomes pinched, your home can be subjected to unwanted flooding. To prevent this from happening with a new appliance, have the delivery person install the water line. This line should be visually inspected for leaks at the wall and also at the source under the kitchen sink. The shut-off valve is conveniently located at this plumb point.

Take Care Of Your Gutters & Downspouts

In many cases, homeowners experience a flooded basement because their gutters aren't draining properly. To ensure that your gutters work efficiently, inspect them during a heavy rain. Make sure to remove debris of fallen leaves from your gutters, utilizing leaf blockers if necessary. Clearing the downspouts of blockage or obstructions ensures that water can drain the gutter system properly. Though not common, be aware of ice dams forming in the gutters. Upon initial thawing, water can accumulate and lead to water damaged roofs, soffits, and fascias.

Repair Your Roof

If your roof is old or has been possibly compromised by strong winds or hail storms, it may be time to have it inspected. Hire a professional roofer to complete this inspection and consider following his advice. Water intrusion by way of the roof usually results in expansive water damage as the water can travel vertically and wick horizontally. Structural drenching may need more than water removal and restoration services that SERVPRO can provide. Prevention saves time, stress, property, and money.

Don't Delay- Call SERVPRO today! Although learning about a few tips to prevent water damage is important, you should know that excessive water can still surface on your residential property in Collegedale causing minimal or extensive water damage. Immediate removal of pooling or leaking water will mitigate water damage effects, thereby lessening repairs and costs. SERVPRO, with our crews of  IICRC-certified technicians, responds ASAP to your call.  We have extensive industry experience, equipment, and products plus over 1,650 franchises, several local. 

Highly-Trained Water Restoration Specialists

As water damage specialists, we have the expertise, experience and the advanced training that enables us to get your Collegedale home dried quickly and thoroughly. We use scientific drying principles and provide validation and documentation that your property is dry and the job is complete. Learn about our water damage training and certificates. Call us for 24/7 assistance. (423) 326-1406

Walking You Through The Fire Damage Remediation Process

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Walking You Through The Fire Damage Remediation Process

When you experience fire damage, you may not know how to start the recovery process. Even if the superficial signs of fire damage are cleared away, lingering problems like smoke damage can continue to mar your home over the long term. All fire damage manifests itself differently, but skilled professionals can help homeowners get to the bottom of their issue through a standard fire damage searching procedure.

The cleaning begins after the worst of the fire damage has been taken care of by firefighters and other emergency personnel. Once the smoke clears, our fire damage remediation specialists can begin cleaning up the area. The procedure usually depends on the type of damage present in the 
area, and every remediation process is different for every client.

When our specialists arrive at your door, they'll proceed carefully by inspecting the surrounding area and testing the damaged sections to determine the extent of the damage. The experts always make sure to avoid doing anything that might exacerbate the damage, and they'll run you through the inspection process to develop a plan of action.

If the fire damage was particularly extensive and did damage to your roof or windows, they'll make sure that the security of your home is not compromised by boarding up missing walls and windows and setting tarps around the damaged sections of the roof to maintain your privacy. In addition to making sure that the open areas are covered, experts usually begin the water removal process immediately after. What many 
homeowners don't realize is that water damage appears almost at the same time as smoke damage does. In order to combat such effects, the experts set up dehumidifiers to dry out the remaining water.

When the water has been cleared, the specialists move on to the brunt of the fire damage. They begin by looking into the smoke and soot damage around your home's surfaces, and they then remove it carefully to avoid agitating troublesome particles. Once the surface has been taken care of, the professionals proceed to clean all other areas that may have been damaged by the fire. A standard Decatur fire damage cleaning also takes restorable items into account, and all noticeable odors are removed with fogging equipment and air scrubbers.

The final step in the restoration process involves handling all the remaining minor repairs around the property, such as replacing the drywall and painting over a freshly cleaned surface. This may also involve installing new carpeting and taking care of major repairs to your home.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated, and all our employees are highly skilled and trained through IICRC guidelines to provide customers with the most thorough cleanup available. Whether you need smoke damage remediated or entire sections of the home repaired after extensive fire 
damage, we're ready to help. "Like it never even happened." When you experience a fire in your home, call us as soon as possible at (423) 326-1406.

Handling A Flood Damaged Home- Chattanooga, TN

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

You may find that your home is suffering from water damage after a major storm has passed through your town. Water damage in Chattanooga or anywhere else for that matter, can be tough to clean up or repair. There are steps you can take right away to start on the repairs, but you’ll also want to hire a certified professional to help you. For instance, floods or storm surges which are contaminated may contain pathogens, which become a breeding ground for mold. If they are left to fester, mold spores will spread throughout your home, becoming even harder to remove; they may cause health effects to you and your family.

After a flood recedes, it is difficult to detect moisture, making your home very susceptible to water damage. Any standing liquids can encourage the growth of microbes, and within just twenty-four hours can saturate all types of textiles and go through drywall. Moisture can collect behind walls where it would be out of sight. However, if you react quickly, furniture and clothing can be saved. Remember to be cautious when entering a recently flooded building to avoid things such as contaminated liquids or even wildlife.

Turning off the electrical power before entering a home affected by water damage is essential to avoid dangerous situations. Plugged in devices or exposed wires can cause electrocution, causing severe injury or death. It is also best to slowly move through the building, since reptiles, snakes or rodents could be hidden under debris and suddenly bite. Wear protective clothing over your entire body to defend yourselves from such wildlife and any airborne contaminants. This will include rubber gloves, a vapor respirator, and protection for your eyes. Wear thick boots as well that can withstand animal bites and puncturing.

Water damage can be devastating, but you can help prepare for the professionals by removing items which are very porous and will likely have to be discarded, especially if they’ve come into contact with fluids that are contaminated. These can include box springs, mattresses, particle board and pillows, all of which trap more moisture than any other items in your home and can foster microbes. Before you get rid of the items, be sure to properly itemize and record the items for insurance purposes.

After professionals arrive, they will look for any pockets of moisture with specialized equipment, such as behind tile or other materials which might not feel wet on the outside. The technicians will expose these moisture pockets to the air when found by taking off any drywall or other materials that are in the way. The cleanup process can begin once the source of moisture is found. This can include pressure washing the area with strong detergents, and the technicians can also speed up the drying process to stop any growth of molds and other harmful bacteria. If they do find any mold, they have the mechanical or chemical methods needed to remove the threat.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga can come to your rescue at any time if you experience flooding and water damage. Just give them a call at (423) 326-1406 and they will come quickly to assess and repair the damage.

Call Your Local Restoration Company to Assist With Storm Damage

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

Call Your Local Restoration Company to Assist With Storm Damage 

East Ridge water damage problems are an ongoing issue due to the flood zone. Located in Tennessee, East Ridge is a link with downtown Chattanooga through the Bachman Tubes underneath the Missionary Ridge. East Ridge suffers from flooding due to its location, which is in a floodplain. The City manager states that not all of East Ridge experiences flooding. About 15% of the city's 8.8 square miles is prone to flooding.

Flash floods and storm-related flooding events have plagued Tennesseans for years before dams were constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Floods remain the number one weather-related destructive force. 

East Ridge businesses and residential homeowners also have their share of other water damage issues, such as a sewer backup, roof leaks, burst pipes, and fires. However, whenever it rains consistently, this city's location makes it the perfect area for heavy flooding. Also, inland waters overflowing their banks contribute to excessive water damage. East Ridge city officials continue to evoke a Floodplain Ordinance. The city has recently revised its floodplain regulations. The annual regulations are designed to be in conjunction with FEMA's regulations for that area, to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Our SERVPRO certified technicians help Tennessee residential and business owners to restore their property from clean up to the rebuild. We are your neighborhood restoration experts with additional locations throughout the East Ridge area including Ooltewah, Hixson, and Harrison. There is no job that is too big or too small for us. When water or flood damage occurs in your home or commercial property, time is of the essence. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If your property has been damaged by water caused by flooding or other events, we at SERVPRO of Chattanooga have the experience, expertise, and tools to restore your property. Our water damage or flood damage steps involve a thorough assessment, water extraction, drying, dehumidification, cleaning, sanitizing, and restoration. As part of your removal water damage, we also provide validation and documentation for your claims. Call us today at (423) 326-1406 whenever you have flooding or other types of emergencies. 

Fire Preparation Essentials- Collegedale, TN

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

Recommendations for Quick Recovery After Fire Damage Strikes in Collegedale 

Collegedale fire damage can wreck a home and everything in it. In fact, if the fire spreads far enough, the structure of the home may come tumbling down. Being prepared for a fire is not always easy, but some things can be done. Moreover, it frequently involves making sure the home always has batteries in fire alarms that work and other things like fire extinguishers in the right places. So, for those of you who are interested in what needs to be done first to make sure your family and your home are protected, here are three invaluable Collegedale residential fire damage recommendations that the family members can use to make sure that they are not off guard. 

Recommendation #1 -Invest in a Fire Extinguisher 

Everyone in the home uses the kitchen from time to time. For some people, they may only use it to eat, while others enter the kitchen to make food preparations. Regardless of the situation or the circumstances, people should always keep a fire extinguisher in this area to put out of the fire if one does occur. Fortunately, the cost of a fire extinguisher can vary so people should make sure that they are shopping around for one that they can afford. 

Recommendation #2 – Keep Baking Soda Around Since it is Used for Grease Fires 

It is not unusual for fires to occur in the kitchen area while cooking with grease. Since grease fires can spread quickly, people must know what they can use to recover quickly. One way that people can react quickly is to use baking soda to drown out a grease fire, precisely because it can put out the fire quickly without it spreading to other areas in the home. 

Recommendation #3 - Keep Emergency Numbers Close 

When a fire does occur, time is of the essence. People should have emergency numbers readily available so that they can minimize the time that it takes to get the help that is needed. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you or someone you know experiences a fire in their home or business, you contact SERVPRO of Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406. 

The Soot Tag Phenomenon

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

How Do Soot Tags Form?

Being fire restoration specialists, we have seen a lot of fire damaged homes and businesses in Chattanooga, TN over the years. Sometimes, the extent of the damage is very evident- especially when the damage is on the walls and ceilings of homes. Other times, the most extensive part of the damage is in the attics or trapped between walls where it is unseen until we dig in with our inspection. 

One of the most common visible instances of fire damage are the black spider webs that seem to spring out of nowhere after a fire. These spider webs are actually called “soot tags” and are not actually related to spider webs at all. 

Soot tags form in areas of low circulation when petroleum/synthetic based sources burn. In a fire, the heat of the fire moves into colder areas since the air seeks to create equilibrium. The soot particles follow the heat into the colder areas with low circulation. Because soot is a product of combustion, the particles themselves are charged which makes it quite easy for them to create long chains of soot or soot tags. It may look like soot is stuck on existing cob webs, but it is actually an entirely new structure. Pretty creepy! 

If your home of business in Chattanooga is affected by smoke or fire damage, give us a call at (423) 326-1406. We are available 24/7 to help when needed. 

Store Your Contents With SERVPRO of Chattanooga

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Store Your Contents With SERVPRO

One of the benefits that SERVPRO of Chattanooga is that we offer a pack-out service. When disaster strikes your business, more often than not, you need to have your belongings stored while remediation is performed. Your business may smell like smoke or have a musty odor. SERVPRO of Chattanooga wants to ensure that your business will resume preloss condition after we are finished, so items should be stored away so they do not take on any unwanted smells.  Items may also just need to be moved to make room for remediation efforts to continue. SERVPRO of Chattanooga will carefully wrap and store your items while we make your facility "Like it never even happened.” 

Our Chattanooga office has a storage warehouse that is approximately 13,000 square feet, and in the warehouse we have 10 by 10 wooden storage containers that we label and store until the customer is ready for their items to be returned to them. Also in our facility we have equipment that allows us to clean and restore soft fabric items.  To read more about this process click here! Another service that could be beneficial for your business during a loss is our document restoration service. Read more about how we can bring you paper items back to life. 

SERVPRO of Chattanooga provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

Protect Your Home Against Flood Damage

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Clean your downspouts and gutters

Make sure to clean out your gutters at least once every six months or more often if you have a lot of trees near your Bradley County home. When water collects in the gutters it can cause damage to your roof and the gutters themselves. Down-spouts that aren’t clean and checked to ensure the water is running off properly and is running away from your house can cause damage to walls and even your foundation. At SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we have seen this issue from many customers. Clean those gutters and spouts!

Switch off the mains

If you are going on vacation or you are going to be away for a length of time, switch the water off at the main. This will stop any dripping or other water issues while you are away. You wouldn’t want to come home to water rushing out your front door to greet you! If you have a drip system or sprinkler system, it may make sense to ask a neighbor, house sitter or your landscaper to turn these on and off manually. There are some systems you can control from your phone to water your landscaping too!

Keep your garden in check

While we’re on the topic of landscaping, trees and shrubs can cause damage to your pipes from the roots wrapping around the pipes. Keep your garden maintained and avoid planting large plants near piping if at all possible.

Take care of those small leaks immediately

Found a little leak? It may seem like a harmless drip, but a small leak can become a big water damage problem if not dealt with as soon as possible. Even tiny drips can cause mildew and mold in your home and even lead to structural damage and dry rot over an extended period of time. If you fix the leaks as they occur, you have less likelihood of the small issue becoming a huge problem later. If you have a sudden spike in your water bill, make sure you investigate for underground water leaks as well.

Check the appliances

Most people think toilets are the cause of most home floods but don’t forget about your appliances! Monitor appliances for leaks and replace any cracked and brittle piping. Things like a dishwasher or washing machine can flood your house out quickly if the appliance is not maintained adequately.

Flood damage in our homes is something most of us experience at some point in our lives. It could be caused by something as simple as an overflowing bathtub or something more serious such as a burst pipe or sewerage pipe rupture.

Flood damages to your home can range from minor to severe and dealing with the issue can be overwhelming. While some water issues cannot be foreseen, there are a few things you can do to prevent flood damages to your home from factors you have some control over. If you experience flooding in your home, call the water damage experts at SERVPRO of Chattanooga immediately at 423-326-1406 to get the help you need.

How is SERVPRO of Chattanooga assisting in the fight against COVID-19?

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COVID-19. It is on everyone's mind daily and the height of most people's concerns. How is SERVPRO assisting in the fight against this virus? SERVPRO of Chattanooga is providing proactive cleaning services to customers that want to take measures to protect themselves, their families, and their employees in this fight against Coronavirus. This is not the first time that SERVPRO has taken to the front lines in a pandemic. We have encountered everything from the common cold to the swine flu, and now Coronavirus. Our highly trained professionals have been fighting pandemics for years and adhere to all CDC Guidelines when doing it. We are a firm believer in helping the members of our community stay healthy and ahead of the curve when it comes to health hazards. 

Proactive cleaning takes many forms, all of which should be performed by a trained professional. We have many cleaning products including sterilizing and disinfecting solutions that we use to combat airborne and direct contact diseases. Some are fogged into buildings and others are sprayed directing onto surfaces and wiped off. Dwell time is the duration a product is allowed to sit on a surface in order to perform its function. We always allow for proper dwell time and cleanup of all solutions in order to provide maximum effectiveness in sterilization and disinfecting of buildings.

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. If you or anyone you know is interested in proactive cleaning for their home or business, please contact us and we will be happy to assess your needs and provide you with some peace of mind during these trying times. 

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Be Safe This Fourth of July!

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Fourth of July Firework Safety

Summertime is known for grilling out, soaking up the sunshine, and during the month of July -- fireworks. The beautiful flashing light show in the sky is amazing to watch but requires a lot of safety and precaution. The National Safety Council advises everyone to enjoy fireworks at public displays conducted by professionals, and not to use any fireworks at home. 

In 2017, eight people died and over 12,000 were injured badly enough to require medical treatment after fireworks-related incidents. Of these, 50% of the injuries were to children and young adults under age 20. Over two-thirds (67%) of injuries took place from June 16 to July 16. And while the majority of these incidents were due to amateurs attempting to use professional-grade, homemade or other illegal fireworks or explosives, an estimated 1,200 injuries were from less powerful devices like small firecrackers and sparklers.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga understands that in these current times many public displays of fireworks may be cancelled due to the global pandemic, and safety for the community comes first. Click here to see information about the status of local firework shows. If you choose to use legal fireworks at home, here are some tips and safety precautions for you, your kids, and pets!

For Lighting Fireworks

  1. Never use fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  2. Anyone using fireworks or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear
  3. Never hold lighted fireworks in your hands
  4. Never light them indoors
  5. Only use them away from people, houses and flammable material
  6. Never point or throw fireworks at another person
  7. Only light one device at a time and maintain a safe distance after lighting
  8. Never ignite devices in a container
  9. Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks
  10. Soak both spent and unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding
  11. Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don't go off or in case of fire
  12. Never use illegal fireworks

For Kids

  1. Never allow young children to handle fireworks, glowsticks are a good alternative for them!
  2. Older children should use them only under close adult supervision
  3. If you give your kids sparklers, make sure they keep them outside and away from the face, clothing, and hair. Sparklers can reach 1,800°F (982°C) — hot enough to melt gold.
  4. Don't allow kids to pick up pieces of fireworks after an event. Some may still be ignited and can explode at any time.

For Pets

  1. Keep your pets inside if you or your neighbors are setting off fireworks.
  2. Keep sparklers, glow sticks, fireworks, charcoal and kabob skewers away from curious pets.
  3. Don’t let pets get near your barbecue grill while it is in use or still hot.
  4. Make sure your pets – cats and dogs alike – have identification tags with up-to-date information. If you have horses, you might consider marking a safety (breakaway) halter with your contact information and leaving it on your horse during this stressful time.
  5. After celebration, check your yard and/or pastures for firework debris

We hope you have a fun and safe holiday! We are here to help if you need us. 

SERVPRO Is the Answer for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Is the Answer for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Water in a business or in a home can cause serious damage to your property. This situation becomes far worse considering that the moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This circumstance exposes the individuals to possible environmental issues.

The restoration process involves drying the housing unit, decontamination, and repairing damaged elements. A quick response when there is a case of water or flood damage is crucial for to prevent secondary damages. Here are a few steps to take when dealing with water damage: 

1) Contact the Emergency Line
Making a call to the emergency operators is recommended as the first and crucial step to ensure that lives are saved, and there is a mitigation measure against further loss of property. Details of the location and the status of the scene are crucial in ensuring an efficient restoration process.

2) Inspection and the Analysis of the Water in a Home or a Business
A professional assessment of the magnitude of the water damage in your business or home is crucial in determining the class as well as the category of destruction. Classes of water damage refer to the gravity of the water absorbed in the various parts of the structure including the extent of the damage to the exterior. The categories define the after effects on the clean water systems and the sewer systems. This information is vital in establishing the best solution to restore the property back to its original state.

3) Water Removal for a Residential or Commercial Building
The professionals then extract the water to ensure there is mitigation of secondary water damage. The removal process involves the use of high-powered suction pumps and vacuums. The possibilities of bacterial and fungal growth are reduced thanks to the rapid water cleanup, and this helps in preventing an outbreak of diseases.

4) Drying
In light of the main aim of restoration, the drying process is meant to reduce all moisture levels in the house to preloss conditions. Drying can take several weeks to be completed and once done, the dehumidification process begins. Scientific methods have been recognized to the less invasive methods adopted in today’s drying measures.

5) Cleaning
The water cleanup service involves washing the clothes, furniture, and other personal belongings. For the business situation, the cleaning would be more demanding because most of the items in the office are electronic equipment and files. Once completed, the SERVPRO professionals begin sanitizing the home or business items.

6) Restoration
The final step deals with rebuilding the home or the business back to its original condition before the flood damage. The amount of repair and replacement is contingent upon the severity of the flood damage.

When your residence or place of business is in need of water damage restoration, rely on the services of SERVPRO of Chattanooga. (423) 326-1406

Outlining The Water Damage Restoration Process - Chattanooga, TN

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Outlining The Water Damage Restoration Process

Every water damage, whether it be in Harrison, downtown Chattanooga, or Hixson, is going to be different- from the level of contamination it inflicts to the amount of water introduced into homes and businesses. Each scenario requires a different and unique solution, but the recovery process remains the same. Professional water damage repair and recovery experts understand that when it comes to standing water, the best response is a quick one. Whether from a flood, a storm, faulty household appliance, leaky pipes, and more, expert technicians in Tennessee have the experience, technology, tools, and equipment to help restore residential and commercial properties. 

When a Chattanooga water damage expert appears at your office or home, they are well trained with the experience, expertise, and techniques to restore your property. Their water removal and cleanup process also provides validation and a cleaning process that goes into their full step system, which includes the following: 

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair

Step 6: Restoration 

When water damage strikes, time is of the critical because the timeline between minutes to hours and 48 hours to a week is reflected in the damage water inflicts. For example, within minutes water begins to saturate everything, within hours water breaks down walls and all types of surfaces, including emitting a musty odor. Within 48 hours to a week, water creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and a harmful biohazard contamination to occur. 

Our SERVPRO of Chattanooga water damage technicians also specialize in restoring contents damaged by fire, water, or mold to save you money and to preserve those precious keepsakes that are irreplaceable. The cleaning methods utilized by water damage experts include the following: 

• Dry cleaning - cleans light residues or to pre-clean before wet cleaning. 

• Wet cleaning - removes various levels of residues. 

• Spray and Wipe - cleaning for items that can't be wet cleaned.

• Foam cleaning - upholstery fabrics that require specialized care. 

• Abrasive cleaning - involves agitation of different surfaces being cleaned. 

• Immersion cleaning - contents are dipped into a bath of a cleaning product.

• Move-Outs/Pack-Outs - our technicians will carefully pack up your home to bring to our climate controlled storage facility until you are ready for your belongings to be moved back in.

When valuable documents including photographs that are damaged by water, they may be restored depending upon the type of documents involved and the level of water damage. Document and photograph restoration process can involve air drying, dehumidification, freezer drying, vacuum freeze and thermal drying. 

Our expert's fire, water, and mold remediation can also help in easing home and commercial owner's worries and confusion with insurance inventory claims. Our knowledgeable staff begins by inspecting room-by-room inventory of all contents and to provide better information to settle claims quicker, thus giving our customer's peace of mind at a time when you need it the most. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Chattanooga is locally owned and operated which makes us proud to be a part of the surrounding Tennessee communities of Collegedale, Altamont, and Spring City. We are available to help for any water damages with our services available seven days a week – including holidays and our 24/7 emergency services. Call us at (423) 326-1406. When there is a fire and water damage emergency, we are always nearby and ready to help. For additional information, visit our website at http://www.SERVPROchattanooga.com.  

Health Hazards and Damage Caused by Water Affect Buildings in Chattanooga

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Water Damage Results in Health Hazards in Chattanooga

Health hazards caused by water damage to buildings in Chattanooga can escalate quickly. Within just a few minutes, the water can seep into other areas, increasing damages and costs for insurance claims. Items like drywall, wood, furnishings, carpet, and precious antiques will warp, swell, and eventually split.

Quick Action is Essential

Hiring a water restoration company like SERVPRO of Chattanooga as soon possible is essential to saving as many items in the building as possible. Once furnishings begin to swell and warp, it will be more difficult to save the items. Carpet absorbs water like a sponge and requires immediate attention. As the drywall begins to soak up water, more walls will need to be replaced. Once the drywall is wet, the building structure could become affected by mold, and a musty smell will be noticeable in the air. The longer the water sits, the more contaminants will be found in the water and the building.

Appearance of Mold and Fungi

If the water damaged building is not treated quickly, fungi could appear within days followed by an increase in the musty odor. When water is present, the relative humidity will also rise which creates additional moisture in the air. This excess moisture can damage desks, furniture, electronics, and even appliances. The conducive condition for mold proliferation increases as the moisture level rises. Also, people who have respiratory issues could become increasingly ill.

Black Water Contamination

Black water is raw sewage or converted gray water that has been standing within the building or pipes for days or up to a week.

Once water has been in an area for this length of time, mold spores have developed into fungi and mold. This growth will affect paper coverings, dry wall, books, paper, and building materials. Discoloration can also occur when water affects the chemicals in furnishings and other materials. The longer the water remains in the building, the more items will need to be discarded and replaced. Consider SERVPRO of Chattanooga as the immediate response team to get your business back up and functioning. 

Commercial Building Restoration Services

We are available 24 hours a day to get your Chattanooga business back up and running. Our expertise includes restoration services for water damage- including electronics restoration and document drying. We are also your businesses best resource for mold remediation. Learn more about our commercial restoration services:

Don’t End Your Business Due to Harrison Fire Damage

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Don’t End Your Business Due to Harrison Fire Damage

It’s hard to stay positive after you’ve received word that your business has been damaged in any way at all; be it through flooding, burglary, or a fire. A calm and reasoned response are proven to be the best way of fixing problems quickly, even if they seem insurmountable at first. 

If your business has been damaged by a fire, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t mean game over. It may take time, and it might test the limits of your insurance policy, but even extensive fire damage can be reversed with the right kind of help and support. 

Fire Damage Restoration Can Save Your Business 

While there are some types of fire damage in Harrison that can’t be repaired, if the blaze was spotted and extinguished quickly, this is unlikely to be the case for your business. However, the success of repair and restoration processes are time dependent, so don’t hang around when it comes to picking a fire damage team. 

Once you’ve arranged for a team of restoration techs to visit the site, the first thing that will happen is a full evaluation. This will let you know exactly how bad the damage is and what needs to be done to bring your business back to life. If you are finding it tough to stay positive, given the circumstances, asking questions and learning about this process can be helpful. It will keep your mind focused on practical, logical steps. 

It will also put an end to speculation. Once you have some answers, you can stop working with ‘ifs’ and start looking ahead to definite possibilities. Usually, it is up to you whether or not you want to be on site while the restorations are being carried out. You will not be allowed into the building, but you can stay close if you’d rather be on top of everything that is happening. For most people, however, staying on site is emotionally draining and they prefer to wait elsewhere while the repairs are ongoing. 

Choosing the Right Fire Damage Restoration Service 

If you are covered for fire damage, your provider will pay for all (or most) of the restoration costs. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth comparing rates and reputations. Fire damage restoration, like most marketable services, can be very affordable, but the best companies aren’t always the cheapest either. 

This is why it’s important to research the various services and provisions on offer. If possible, find some information on the type of equipment that will be used and how many success stories a prospective company has to its name. The best fire damage teams are usually the ones that are highly regarded within the local area, so keep this in mind when searching for yours. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Chattanooga can help you get your business back on track after an unexpected fire. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to carry out our repairs so that even extensive fire damage is quickly resolved and restored. Call us at (423) 326-1406. 

We Are Here To Help Our Community During COVID-19

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we understand how COVID-19 has affected our community and we are working everyday to provide relief to our customers.

The pandemic has caused quite a bit of fear and worry among community members and you may be thinking to yourself “What can I do to keep my exposure minimal?” and “How can I be proactive in combating this virus?” You will be glad to know that SERVPRO can help you in being proactive! We have several levels of proactive cleaning services that we offer to our customers year round that can help minimize exposure by thoroughly disinfecting businesses and homes. We follow CDC guidelines when performing these services and our employees are all highly trained. 

Several businesses have already contacted us to perform proactive cleanings of their office spaces, restaurants, theaters, and much more. The best part is that you do not need to vacate your home or business for an extended period of time like you would if you were to have a bug fogging service performed. Our cleaning chemicals are not harmful to you, your pets, or your customers once the cleaning has been performed. This means that whether you are having a home cleaned or your restaurant, we can have you back in the structure and living your life the way you want without having to worry about hotel stays, business interruption, or harm to guests and pets. 

As an industry leader, SERVPRO of Chattanooga has been performing services like these for years to proactively clean against everything from SARS, Swine flu, to the common cold! If you or someone you know is interested in having these services performed or obtaining an estimate for these services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today! 

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Recovering From a Tornado

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

Tornadoes are a terrifying, often devastating, weather event. They can turn houses into dust, and flip lives upside down. Living through a tornado can be traumatizing, and sometimes the aftermath is just as bad. Parts of your home may be destroyed, and the idea of fixing it can be overwhelming. Recovering from a tornado could be a huge task, depending on how bad the damage was. However, there are steps to take toward recovery and people ready to help along the way. There are steps that should be taken right after the storm passes, and other steps to take down the road when it is time for repairs and cleaning.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

The first step is to stay in your safe place until the storm has completely passed. If you are able, try and wait until you get the all clear from local officials. After the storm, check yourself and those with you for any injuries. If someone is hurt, the next step is seeking out first aid. After everyone has been checked and is okay, you should see how bad the damage to your house is. Make sure to watch out for anything that is unstable and likely to fall. If you go outside, look out for any downed power lines. They can be life threatening, so if you see downed power lines stay inside.

Protect Your Property

After you make sure yourself and your loved ones are protected, start protecting your property. You can make temporary repairs in order to prevent further damage. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost, so make sure to keep receipts just in case. In addition to temporary repairs, living expenses may also be reimbursable. If your house is damaged to the point of you having to stay in a hotel, keep the receipts. Your policy may pay you back for the cost of it. Make sure to make a list of anything that was damaged, and don’t throw out damaged belongings. An adjuster will need to assess them for value if your policy covers replacing them. You should also inspect all utility lines and appliances. Any damage could lead to a gas leak or electric shortage. Damaged electric wires may also cause a fire. You may even have to turn off the main valve in order to prevent more harm to your house. Once these steps have been taken, contact your insurance company. From there, they can work with you to see what your policy covers. Most of the time, they will hire services to come out and repair damages.

Clean Up and Repair

SERVPRO of Chattanooga has highly trained storm damage specialists, and your insurance company may choose to work with them. We have an incredibly fast response time when it comes to disasters. We have equipment and personnel ranging across 1,700 franchises. Our experience and training will allow us to restore your property quickly and efficiently. In addition, we will document the entire process. Please give us a call at (423) 326-1406 if you are in need of assistance. 

Do You Have Mold in Your Commercial Building?

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Have you found some type of mold in your commercial building? We understand that you may be concerned for the health of yourself and your employees. Rest assured that we receive many calls concerning mold in commercial buildings, and we don't want you to panic. 

We can address these concerns, by finding out:

  • Where is the source of moisture?
  • What needs to be fixed to stop the moisture from entering the workplace?
  • Are any employees experiencing any health effects from this?

If the answer is “Yes” to the Health Issues question, we immediately refer the called to a company that specializes in Indoor Air Quality and Mold testing. We have a few companies that we work closely with if you would like recommendations. 

We want to make something very clear as there tends to be confusion around this topic: SERVPRO of Chattanooga is able to remediate the mold, but we cannot test the mold. An Indoor Air Quality Specialist is able to give the business owner more information through 1.) a full site visual inspection, 2.) collection and testing cultured air and surface samples, and 3.) measuring the moisture levels in the building. Their findings and recommendations are included in a report, or protocol, which is given to the customer.

  • The next step is for the commercial customer to send us the protocol.
  • We can then do an assessment at the business site.
  • Only then, can we give a price range, and scope of work, keeping in mind that there may be unknowns.

For more information on our Mold Remediation Process, click here.

If you have found mold in your business, remember- don't panic! Give us a call at (423) 326-1406. 

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home or Business

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

We understand how much of a shock a water loss can be, especially since it doesn’t take much to cause the damage. Some things that can cause water damage include: 

  • Bursting or leaking pipes
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Crawl Space, Basement, Attic Concerns
  • Malfunctioning Household Appliances
  • HVAC issues
  • Weather-Related Issues and Natural Disasters

At SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we want to share some tips on what to look for and how to prevent a water loss.

1. Prevent Basement Water Seepage

    • Reseal your basement
    • Make sure water drains away from the building
    • Install a backwater valve

2. Maintain and Understand your Indoor Plumbing System

    • Inspect appliance hoses and faucets
    • Inspect showers and tubs
    • When away on vacation, shut off the water supply to the washing machine
    • Know the location of the main water shut-off valve in your home
    • Install an emergency pressure release valve in your plumbing system
    • Repair and protect your home’s exterior
    • Caulk and seal windows
    • Inspect your roof
    • Check your downspouts
    • Check sprinklers and irrigation systems
    • Install gutter guard

3. Protect your Possessions

    • Store off-season and other bulk belongings in waterproof bins
    • Never store valuables or memorabilia where there is a risk of destruction from water.
    • Keep belongings stored on shelving off the floor in the basement.

For more information on how to protect your home click here.

If a water loss does occur, our team is ready to take action and make it like it never happened.  We are available 24/7! Contact us at (423) 326-1406.

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

The main function of the HVAC system, whether in a commercial building or residential home, is to exchange air and regulate comfort. Putting off routine maintenance of the HVAC system impacts not only building operations, but occupant safety as well. If the filters are not regularly changed, they become dirty and clogged- thus restricting air flow and static pressure. When this occurs, it is harder to regulate the temperature and humidity in the building. The buildup may also get damp and becomes a food source for bacteria and mold. Mold brings in foul odors and allergens that cause headaches, sinus congestion, and eye irritation of its occupants.

Additionally, HVAC units that are under constant stress are more likely to fail due to wear and tear of belts, bearings, and bushings. Clogged drain pans may overflow and cause water damage- something we’ve seen often in our industry (click here to see what we're talking about.) Wiring may overheat or short circuit, which could result in fires. These are only a few of the risks associated with deferred maintenance of the HVAC system in your commercial building. So, how do you avoid these issues? Keep an inventory list of the HVAC equipment in your building. A good inventory list provides insight into the specifications, age, and history of equipment. This is helpful for routine maintenance and planning for replacement.

HVAC systems are key to maintaining optimized building operations and occupant health. It is highly recommended to contact a professional when dealing with duct cleaning and air handling units because of the risk of cross-contamination. The certified professional will know how to clean every component associated with the duct system, including reheat coils and VAV terminals. SERVPRO of Chattanooga specializes in duct cleaning for both residential and commercial buildings. Make sure you are checking your HVAC system regularly and hiring a professional to perform routine maintenance. To read more about our HVAC cleaning services, visit https://www.SERVPROchattanooga.com/airduct-cleaning.

You'll Always Be in Good Hands with SERVPRO of Chattanooga

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Here at SERVPRO of Chattanooga, your belongings, whether that be a property, furniture or antique bowls, will be taken care of. Our technicians are IICRC certified and receive training in water mitigation, mold remediation, fire restoration, and general cleaning. This allows us to perform at the standards that you deserve.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries. Throughout the certification process, our technicians will study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses. 

In turn, this training provides our professionals with knowledge and critical thinking skills to understand the best course of action when any type of loss occurs.

Initial Franchise Training

SERVPRO Corporate Training Facility provides new Franchise owners training in Fire Restoration, Water Restoration, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, and Mold Mitigation. This is the foundation of the training program designed by SERVPRO. The process is a 15-day hands-on course that provides the owners with valuable information.

Employee Certification Training

The Employee Certification Training is a series of course materials and examination process that SERVPRO Franchise employees complete to receive certification in the following:

  • Crew Training
  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Web-based Training

Technicians and office staff have access to learn and test their knowledge of industry standards and professional quality.  These courses often are video presentations as well as support materials that challenge our technicians to be the best they can be for our customers.

At SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we encourage personal growth among our staff.  As our company grows and learns, we want our staff to follow suit. This course of action will in turn better our services to our customers. 

Why SERVPRO is The Best Choice This Holiday Season

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

We all have that memory where either a pipe burst or something was left on the stove for too long.  With the holidays just around the corner, SERVPRO of Chattanooga wants to ensure that you and your family have an unforgettable holiday season.  We know this time of year is very fast paced, from picking friends and relatives up from the airport, shopping for presents, hiding the presents from the kids, to decorating and cooking.   In the spirit of the holidays, some things that may be overlooked could become a hazard. SERVPRO of Chattanooga has a few tricks up our Christmas sweater sleeve that we want to share with you!

  1. Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights.  More than that may not only blow a fuse but can also cause a fire.
  2. Keep living trees fresh by watering daily.  Dry trees are a serious fire hazard.
  3. When decorating use battery powered candles. Candles start almost have of home decoration fires
  4. Stay in the kitchen when something is cooking.  Unattended cooking equipment is the leading cause of home cooking fires.
  5. Turn off, unplug, and extinguish all decorations when going to bed or leaving the house.  Unattended candles are the cause of one in five home candle fires. Half of home fire deaths occur between 11pm and 7am. 

For more holiday safety tips click here!

Most losses that happen are unexpected, so even following the steps above doesn’t guarantee that a pipe won’t burst or a fire won’t start, but here at SERVPRO of Chattanooga we understand that and want to be the first one you call.  We offer our services 24/7, 365 days of the year! For all losses, give us a call and we promise to schedule a meeting promptly as well as communicate everything happening! Give us a call at (423) 326-1406.

Check our last blog post “How to Have a Warm Winter Safely” to pick up a few tips about having a space heater during the cold months! 

Happy Holidays, we hope SERVPRO of Chattanooga made your nice list!

Bringing Antique Bowls Back to Life

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Chattanooga we promise to go over and beyond until the job is done.  We ensure that you are updated in a timely manner about the status of the work that is being done.  Our team strives to have professional yet relatable interactions with all our customers.  

One job that our team recently worked on was where the house was struck by lightning and caught fire. During the job our team faced the initial issue of soot damage. Our customer had lost hope about saving these antique bowls that were passed down in the family because they didn't think we could save them. We were able to clean them and our customer was so appreciative that we could bring back something of meaning after having to deal with all the other losses from the fire.  To learn more about the effects of soot and smoke inhalation click here!

We used something called an ultrasonic tank to clean these items. Ultrasonic energy causes the rapid formation and collapse of small bubbles in the liquid; known as cavitation. A huge burst of energy creates bubbles that quickly increase in size until they burst against the surface of the item. As you can see from the before and after picture the bowl looks good as new! 

How to Have a Warm Winter Safely

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Everyone loves to be cuddled up on the couch with your favorite blanket feeling the warmth of your beloved space heater, right? According to NFPA’s latest U.S. Home Fires Involving Heating Equipment report, released in 2018, heating equipment is the second-leading cause of U.S. home fires and the third-leading cause of home fire deaths. 

What if I told you that more than half (53%) of all heating fire deaths resulted from fires that began when heating equipment was too close to things that can burn, such as upholstered furniture, clothing, mattresses or bedding.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga wants to ensure your holidays are merry and bright, and your homes are filled with joy. Here are seven precautionary tips you can take when using a space heater:

  1. Keep heaters at least 3 feet away from any flammable materials, including furniture, blankets, and wastebaskets.
  2. Buy a space heater that includes an automatic shutoff. 
  3. Do not plug space heaters under your desk on in other enclosed areas.
  4. Plug space heaters directly into a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord or power strip, which could overheat and result in a fire. Do not plug any other electrical devices into the same outlet as the heater..
  5. Never leave a space heater unattended.  Turn off and unplug heaters when not in use.
  6. Inspect heaters for cracked or broken plugs or loose connections before each use. If frayed, worn or damaged, do not use the heater.
  7. Space heaters are only meant to provide supplemental heat and should never be used to warm bedding, cook food, dry clothing or thaw pipes.

If you do happen to experience fire loss of any sort in your home or business, we are here to help. Give us a call at (423) 326-1406, where we are available 24/7! Happy Holidays!

SERVPROXIDE - What Is It And How Does It Clean Contaminated Water?

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Many people don't know that SERVPRO corporate employs its own chemist, who formulates and manages the company's own line of cleaning products. This is to ensure that the products we use are safe and friendly to the customers we serve in Chattanooga, Ooltewah, Hixson, and beyond. SERVPRO of Chattanooga regularly uses one of our newer products, SERVPROXIDE, on job sites that have contaminated water or mold. SERVPROXIDE is an EPA-registered, stabilized chlorine dioxide-based disinfectant and sanitizer. 

Because many of the jobs we work on involve contaminated water or sewage, we use this cleaner to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and molds. SERVPROxide effectively removes any remaining contaminants from hard surfaces and sanitizes soft surfaces. It leaves a faint odor that quickly dissipates with air circulation. This product contains a PH level of 8.5-9.5, which means it carries the EPA's lowest toxicity rating and is safe for everyday use. For the cherry on top, the product is a 100% biodegradable surfactant. Among many of the cleaning agents we use, SERVPROXIDE is one of our “go to" products in a long line of specialty products that SERVPRO offers. 

What Is In-Facility Storage And Why Is It Important?

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

What most people don't consider when thinking about a fire or water loss is where their things go to be stored before and during the cleaning process. Here at SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we have in-facility storage. This means that when your contents leave your home, they are brought here to be securely housed in the vaults in our climate-controlled storage facility.

The 10x10 vaults are used to physically store the contents. When it is time to clean the affected contents, they are removed from the vaults, cleaned thoroughly by one of our textile professionals, and then placed in a new vault with a label stating they have been cleaned and which of our technicians did the cleaning. When all of your contents have been cleaned, they are then transported back to your property to be reorganized into your home.

Rather than being in a self storage facility where it is susceptible to mold growth, theft, and overall deterioration, your contents are safe and secure in our in-house storage facility while your home is being restored. We understand first-hand the panic and confusion when you have to move your contents out of your home after a fire or water loss. You can rest assured that our trained staff will take care of your belongings like it’s their own. 

Check out this link to see a walkthrough of our Ooltewah facility:


Do You Know Where Your Water Shut Offs Are Located?

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

You have probably heard of our SERVPRO ERPs (Emergency Ready Profiles). As we conduct ERPs in commercial buildings, we also add water and gas shut off tags to the appropriate shut offs. We add these tags as a helpful indication if you ever have an emergency in your home. For example, if a pipe bursts or a leak happens in your home or business, the first thought to cross your mind should be to turn off the water. 

Next step? Call SERVPRO of Chattanooga!

If the leak is from a sink or a toilet, it is easy to turn off the water for that line by turning the valve that is located beneath or beside the fixture. What if you're not sure where the leak is coming from? It could be a pipe behind your wall, under your home, or somewhere that is hard to locate. In this case, you should turn off the water to the whole house. This means locating the water main shutoff. Ask yourself this question, whether in your home or business. Do you know where the shutoff is located and could you locate it in the case of an emergency? If not, don't feel bad. Many people do not know where to locate their water and gas shut offs.

Typically, these shut offs lie on the exterior of the home or business around the perimeter of the building. Once you have found the shutoff, make sure that all members of your household know where it is. This is exactly why we tag these main shut offs during the creation of an ERP. The quicker you are able to turn off the water, the less damage is caused. 

If you experience water damage in your home, whether from a busted pipe, leaky roof, or natural occurrence, you can give SERVPRO of Chattanooga a call at (423) 326-1406. We are always here to help!

The Five-Step Process of Flood Damage Restoration

8/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage from storms is common in our area due to the low-lying areas that are surrounded by mountains and hills. Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most serious issues that a property owner can face. Even small amounts of water damage can lead to serious repercussions, such as out-of-control mold growth or structural compromise. When dealing with a flood damage situation in your home or business, it is crucial to call a professional to mitigate flood damage. You are dealing with unsafe, category 3 water damage. 

Understanding the Flood Damage Restoration and Mitigation Process

Over the years, a well-established protocol for the restoration and mitigation of water damage has taken hold. This is a proven and effective means of mitigating flood damage. Generally speaking, the restoration process follows five steps. Let's take a look at the water cleanup process and what steps are involved in dealing with potential flood damage.

If the restoration company can begin the water cleanup process within the first five hours of damage, the chances of a total restoration of the property are higher. On the other hand, waiting more than 24 hours will cause the chances of permanent damage to rise, with every passing hour.

1. SERVPRO of Chattanooga will begin assessing the extent of water in the home or water in the business. Through the use of advanced detection devices, they will be able to see if there is water in the structure that has seeped into spots not visible to the naked eye. If there is an active pipe break or supply line break, the flow of water will be stanched, and the pipe break or supply line break will be closed, with a welder, if necessary.

2. The next step is to remove the water using high-powered pumps and specialized vacuum equipment.

3. Next, the flooded home will begin undergoing the drying process. This involves the use of industrial-strength drying equipment, similar to that used in large car washes. The team will also deploy powerful dehumidifiers, which are capable of removing thousands of pounds of moisture from the atmosphere each hour.

4. At this point, with the drying process complete, there will be no further risk to the property, assuming the root causes of the supply line break, pipe break, or other source of flooding have been properly addressed.

5. After the property has been dried, any items that were removed from the premises will be thoroughly cleaned. Using a process similar to dry cleaning, special chemicals will be deployed that are capable of cleaning and restoring such items as photos, books, and furniture. The cleanup team will also use special sanitization products, which are capable of eliminating any nascent mildew or mold growths as well as eliminating unpleasant smells that often result from the water logging of materials, even after they have been completely dried out.

Now the cleanup process will be complete. The property will be completely restored to its prior condition, and the entire process will usually have taken no more than 24 hours, from phone call to the team leaving for the last time.

Visit http://www.SERVPROchattanooga.com for more information on water damage.

3 Dangers of Soot and Smoke Inhalation - Chattanooga, TN

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

After a fire is diminished and the smoke settles, you may think that you can buy a few bottles of bleach and clean the soot yourself. The issue with this particular DIY project is that smoke and soot following a fire are more than just smelly and unsightly. When combustion occurs during a fire, not all materials burn cleanly, resulting in smoke and soot. Smoke and soot are considered waste products since they contain various chemicals which are harmful to your health. Because modern structures hold an array of chemicals not found in early homes, soot could result in health hazards that make fire restoration a difficult and dangerous task. 

Exposure to smoke and soot during fire restoration may occur via inhalation through the mouth and nose, exposure to the skin and eyes, and ingestion. Because airborne soot particulate is invisible, you may unknowingly be affected. 

1. Respiratory Problems

After a fire has occurred but the smoke and soot have not been cleaned properly by a professional, the occupants are likely to breathe in the tiny soot particles that can eventually embed deep into the lung cavities. The prolonged exposure to soot unleashes a host of breathing problems, including asthma. Bronchitis is also a likely consequence. Respiratory infections are no stranger to those frequently exposed to soot.

2. Cancers

Studies over the years have shown that long term exposure of soot can cause lung, bladder esophageal, and skin cancers due to the toxins that it carries.

3. Decreased Air Quality

A home’s indoor air quality is severely compromised with the presence of soot. Because of the microscopic particle size of soot, it has the ability to travel through the air and tendency to stick to hard surfaces. Soot contamination is very challenging to clean up. 

It is best to call a professional after you have experienced a fire in your home or business. We have the professional experience and equipment to safely clean your home. Call us 24/7 at (423) 326-1406. 

Causes of Fire in Your Crawl Space

8/15/2019 (Permalink)

The crawl space is usually where the water drain pipes and wiring runs, as well as where the air handler for your HVAC is found. Because of possible malfunctions with electrical wiring or mechanical equipment, it can cause a fire. We recently cleaned a job where the wiring caught fire under the house. Smoke and soot filled the HVAC systems and thus the home. This is one of the reasons why we recommend periodically checking your crawl space. In addition to fire hazards, you may have water or mold that you are unaware of. Fires in the crawl space occur on an infrequent basis, but can still have the same result: displacement of occupants. 

We always recommend to have the adequate amount of fire alarms in your home. In most cases with fires in crawlspaces, the fires will burn undetected for a while since there is not typically a smoke detector in crawlspaces. Such a fire could burn for hours or even days until the smoke rises through the HVAC system or you notice from the outside. 

No matter how much of a pain it may be, make it a point to go under your home periodically to check for fires, water, mold, or other issues. 

While it may not be top of mind, be cautious of the space under your home. Be aware of the signs of fires in your crawl space and check it regularly for fire hazards. If you experience a fire in your crawl space, call SERVPRO of Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406. 

How Can I Restore My Belongings After Flood Damage?

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As we're entering the season of thunderstorms and floods, it is important to know what to know if your home is flooded. You can read more about our storm damage restoration services here, but I want to focus specifically on restoring books, photos, and electronics that have been damaged by water. As flood damage restoration experts, it is our job to determine which of your belongings are important to you and do everything we can to help restore those items for you.

Whether you have a library full of damaged books or documents that you'd like to save, or you have a highly advanced electronic household, our professionally trained staff will go above and beyond to assist with recovering your meaningful items. 
It is necessary to understand that water-damaged books and documents are not fully recoverable; meaning they cannot receive pre-damage condition restoration, because some damage will always exist. However, the faster we get started on restoring the items, the better each book or item will look after restoration. 
SERVPRO technicians have access to use five different methods for drying your water-damaged paper products. The method used to restore your items depends on the items value, type of exposure, extent of harm, time of exposure, and how much money you are willing to pay.
Drying your documents relies on a sublimation process, which consists of changing a solid into a vapor without taking on a liquid state first. Air-drying, Dehumidification, Freezer drying, Vacuum Freeze-drying, and Vacuum Thermal-drying are all methods that we can use to limit the damage to your paper items
Freezer storage facilities give us the ability to store wet paper products, and we have one very close to home- at SERVPRO corporate! Once we receive your items, we can immediately transport them to corporate where specialists will carefully handle your personal items.
SERVPRO maintains a log of which items get moved into storage and where they are within the facility so that we can return to them after the restorations are complete. As with all of our services, our IICRC certified technicians thoroughly explain the situation and seek feedback from you on how you would like to move forward. 
At SERVPRO of Chattanooga, we have professionals dedicated to assisting you with restoring these types of items. Make the call if a disaster occurs in your home at (423) 326-1406.

Flash Flood Damage in Chattanooga

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

A flash flood in Chattanooga last week caused this commercial building to experience flooding in many parts of their facility. Because the damage came from flood waters, it was considered a category 3 water damage. Category 3 water damage is known as "black water" and is grossly unsanitary. This water contains unsanitary agents like harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness if you come in contact with it or ingest it. When you have any type of water damage, it is important to call the professionals right away. The commercial building called SERVPRO of Chattanooga as the flooding was happening and we were able to assess the damage and help stop further damage. 

Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and technology during the mitigation process. In instances like the flash flood where water may get behind walls, in ceilings, and under floors, we utilize infrared cameras to detect moisture that we cannot see. Our industrial strength equipment effectively removes and dries the water. After each day of drying, we use moisture sensors and other instruments that measure and monitor the moisture and humidity levels so that the restoration of the property is complete and thorough. The use of such equipment keeps mold and other lasting damage from occurring.

If necessary and in this situation, we will sanitize the property by using OSHA approved cleaning products to disinfect and stop the growth of mildew, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms. By working quickly and thoroughly, we can lessen damage and save you money, "Like it never even happened."

As you can see, it is vital for commercial property owners and maintenance directors to act quickly to prevent additional damage as a result of floodwaters. If you have questions or need to schedule a service, call SERVPRO of Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406 today.

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Chattanooga's Disaster Recovery Team is dedicated to helping customers who have experienced tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood damage. Much like our local production teams, the storm team is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, always prepared for the unpredictable. We currently have a team cleaning up the flood damage in Virginia. 

According to the SERVPRO corporate website, "The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our best of the best in restoration. Our elite large-loss specialists are prequalified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster." We are proud to participate on this team!

To be invited to participate on a Storm Team, a franchise has to be in compliance of all corporate Storm Team requirements and then accept the invitation when a storm event requires our services. When a loss occurs, whether it is a hurricane, flood, or tornado, we send a commercial Production Manager (or two) with a production crew with trucks full of appropriate equipment. The Production Managers ensure that there is seamless communication and timely mitigation during the chaos of the loss. 

At SERVPRO, the difference is our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor. We are proud to be a part of this team and help our community during the most devastating times. 

What Are The Odds That My Home Gets Struck By Lightning?

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According to National Geographic, lightning is one of the leading weather-related causes of death and injury in the United States. You may think that it is unlikely that you or your home will be struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, but it is more common than you think. In fact, I have been in a home when it was struck my lightning. It was during a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. I was asleep when suddenly the loudest "bang" woke everyone up. There was smoke coming from the outlets and the power was out. We didn't know what to do! Luckily, the house did not catch on fire but it was extremely unsettling. So, what do you do if your home gets struck by lightning? 

When lightning strikes your home, it often connects to a source first, then jumps to another source.  For example, it can connect to gutters, then jump to a window frame as a 'stepping stone' to the electrical system or water pipes. It can jump from wall outlets to sink faucets, depending on how strong the current is! Lightning presents three main concerns when it hits a home: 

  • Fire danger: The biggest danger lightning poses to a house is fire. Often times the damage isn't seen, rather the currents pass through the wiring and create fires within the walls, which burn slowly and dangerously. It is most common for lightning to start a fire in the attic or roof of a house, which is what happened in the photo on this blog. The lightning passed through the structural material in the roof before it reached the wiring/pipes. 
  • Power surge damage: If lightning chooses any of the home's electrical wiring as its primary or secondary path, the explosive surge can damage even non-electronic appliances that are connected. Lightning can destroy electronics without you even knowing. 
  • Shock wave damage: Lightning can easily fracture concrete, brick, cinderblock, and stone when it produces an explosive shock wave. The shock waves that lightning create is what produces the thunder that we hear. These may damage your house and produce shrapnel pieces that create further damage. 

If your house gets struck by lightning, the first thing to do is call the fire department. As mentioned before, lightning can spark a fire in the wiring within the walls, and you may not be aware of the fire until it is visible. After the fire department inspects your home/eliminates the fire, you should take steps to restore your home. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need an electrician to rewire your home. If the lightning did severe damage, it may be necessary to call a fire restoration company to clean your home and your contents.

The customer whose home is in the photo above was extremely grateful with the swiftness and kindness of the SERVPRO of Chattanooga staff who is working on restoring his home to preloss condition. Lightning may seem like one in a million, but like many disasters, you do not know until it happens to you. Be prepared when disaster strikes! 

Commercial Chattanooga Fire Damage Requires Fast Restoration

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Tackles a Fire Damaged Business in Chattanooga

A small business owner may have his whole life's investment in his commercial dream. Any Chattanooga fire damage event that occurs can be devastating for a small business owner.  A common issue for business owners is fire damage. Flames can damage your enterprise. There are many steps you can take to help mitigate any damage that a fire may cause. 

To help prevent a fire from causing major damage to your business, build or remodel with quality products and building materials. Newer and higher quality materials are more stringently regulated and are more fire retardant. It can save thousands of dollars in fire damage when you invest money up front to protect your business space and profits generated by good will. However, even if you have a preventative plan in place, thus reducing the chances of a fire, and used high-quality materials, you still may end up with fire and costly, or even devastating fire damage. Use fire damage and prevention professionals from SERVPRO to help you restore your place of business. 

Fire damage restoration professionals from SERVPRO are experts in helping homes and businesses clean up after a fire or other natural disaster. They possess the equipment, knowledge, and experience to get the job done right as quickly as possible. Fires can cause several levels of damage to a company. Flames can cause damage to the structure. Smoke, soot, and water damage can be significant on the interior of a business causing fire and smoke damage to inventory, office assets, records, and documents. Time is of the essence in reopening your business to generate revenue and to satisfy your customers and clients. SERVPRO will work around the clock if necessary to help.

In safeguard against a fire, outline steps ahead of time for employees and customers of your business to evacuate the premises safely. By law, you must post emergency exit routes and important contact information for all emergencies in locations throughout your business. Talk with your local fire marshall to outfit your building with the equipment you need to warn you and put out fires. There are many types of smoke detectors, fire alarms, sensors, fire extinguishers, and fire-suppressant sprinkler systems to provide warnings and extinguishing features. If you invest in prevention, it can save you a lot of money, alleviate stress, and maybe save lives. 

If your doors are closed for business because of Chattanooga fire damage, call SERVPRO right after you call your insurance company. We will dispatch crews to assess the damage and formulate a professional, cost-effective plan of action to mitigate losses and revenue. Our IICRC certified technicians, having received extensive, supplemental corporate and eLearning instructions, can grapple with all aspects of your loss. We work to reopen your business establishment quickly "Like it never even happened."

What You Need To Know About Water Mitigation And Restoration in Chattanooga

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

When tragedy strikes, it can be difficult to know what to do. Accidents involving water can be quite challenging. Water damage can be quite detrimental and it can be helpful to know how a professional water mitigation and restoration company can help with the situation.

Our trained SERVPRO staff can reduce the possibility or likelihood of a building receiving further water damage after there is a water leak or a natural disaster. It is important that water mitigation begin as soon as possible after the loss occurred. A professional knows what to do in terms of getting rid of the water quickly. These a few actions he or she will take when arriving on scene:

Assessing the situation

Water can get under walls and seep into rooms. Not only that, but water can become attached to drywall, wood, and other places within a home or business that can create mold damage. Professionals have numerous tools that can use to identify where the water and moisture is inside of a building. Moisture meters and special detectors are specifically designed to identify and locate moisture. Once the water and moisture has been identified, professionals may take photographs of the areas that have been impacted by the water. This can be very beneficial to a homeowner and an insurance company in terms of record keeping and evidence of a problem.  

Alleviate the Water and Moisture

After these things have been addressed, professionals will use equipment and tools that can alleviate the water and moisture. Some of the equipment they will use are air movers that can dry a floor or a wall in a brief amount of time. A specialized dehumidifier can do a fantastic job in reducing the amount of moisture that is within a building.  

Restoring your Home

Once the water mitigation in your Chattanooga home has been done, that is when the process of restoration begins. When people think of restoration, they may only think of the structure of the building. However, the walls may have begun to display mold. The basement ceiling may have shown signs that water damage. Carpeting may need to be replaced because of dirty water that has covered it. All of these things need to be repaired, replaced, or restored. It is good to hire a professional to take care of the restoration process and to ensure that mold and bad smells have been eliminated from the building. Although the process may take a day or two, the results are absolutely worth it.

After the structure has been addressed, there is much more to be done. Perhaps cabinets to a kitchen or bathroom have been damaged and have to be replaced. Furniture may need to be replaced or receive a thorough cleaning. In addition to this, there are personal items that need to be considered. Items may include electronics, books, clothing, and more. Taking care of these things pertains to the restoration process, and it needs to be done correctly. SERVPRO of Chattanooga has a Reconstruction division that will complete these services, as well as a textiles department to restore your damaged soft goods and contents. 

Whatever the situation is, help is available from SERVPRO of Chattanooga professionals. Call us today at (423) 326-1406.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga Can Get Your Business Back Up and Running After a Loss

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

A few months ago, our team received a call that a commercial property had a fire that was contained in one room, however, a sprinkler malfunction caused them to spray water in surrounding rooms and hallways, causing water damage throughout the building. We first arrived on scene to assess the fire damage contained in the single room. We found that there was heavy smoke damage to the room and contents inside that room that would need to be packed out and transferred to our office for cleaning.

Additionally, we would need to remove the flooring and affected drywall in order bring in air movers and dehumidifiers to clean up the water-damaged areas. Our team worked hard to get the water and fire damaged building back to new in a matter of 6 days.

We understand the importance to getting your business back up and running after a loss. Our SERVPRO of Chattanooga team is equipped with the facility, tools, and trained staff to do just that. Give us a call at (423) 326-1406!

Storm Damage Restoration Requires Experienced Professionals

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When natural storms or man-made disasters occur and cause flood damage in a Harrison home, the flooding itself is only the beginning of the catastrophe. Subsequent damages to flooring, walls, and furniture will escalate for weeks or months if left unattended. Wood will swell and crack; carpets will rot; walls will weaken. Within hours, mold and mildew take hold and the very air becomes dangerous to breathe. 

Seek Professional Restoration

The time to act is immediately. The homeowner needs to contact a professional cleaning and restoration company such as SERVPRO of Chattanooga to attack the situation and bring the risk of further damage to a halt. However, it's important to understand that not all cleaning and restoration companies are equal. Only the best are qualified and certified by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is an agency dedicated to ensuring that companies offering disaster cleaning and restoration, like SERVPRO, for example, are professional, qualified, and reputed to deliver what they promise.

Stop Contamination and Deterioration

While one might think that flood damage restoration is a simple, straightforward process, but that is hardly the case. Certainly, throwing away damaged furniture, carpeting, and décor is often a necessary first step, but with the proper professional restoration tools many household furnishings and items can be recovered. The presence of hidden moisture and the potential for mildew must be detected and remediated. Special drying and dehumidifying equipment is utilized to stem mold and mildew proliferation. Dangerous microbial agents in walls, flooring, and clothing must be rooted out and removed. If caught quickly, the contamination and deterioration may be limited- saving the homeowner a lot of money.

SERVPRO is an Excellent Option

The process of restoration includes the inspection of literally everything in the house, whether it was directly in contact with the water or not. Mattresses, drywall, and anything exposed to the same air where flood-water damage occurred should be inspected. Even the sewage system needs to be inspected for possible contamination into the living area or water supply and neutralized if necessary. To perform those necessary tasks safely, professionals utilize hand and eye protection as well as respirator equipment. It is only with trained, qualified professionals like SERVPRO that proper containment and restoration can be achieved safely and effectively.

Only after the entire process has been completed is it safe for the homeowner and family members to rebuild and move back in. Flood damage is a serious, complex catastrophe to be inspected, evaluated, and handled only by experienced professionals.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

We live and work in this community- we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Chattanooga is close by and ready to respond to your storm or flood damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the Chattanooga community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga has the specialized training and expertise to restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. Call us at (423) 326-1406.

How to Get the Smell of Cigarette Smoke Out of Your House

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Have you just moved into a home or apartment with a strong nicotine smell? There are some home remedies to try, but these will only work under certain circumstances. There are many questions to consider, like how long the cigarette smoke has been impacting the area, how strong the smell is, and where the smell is concentrated.

If the home remedies are unsuccessful, it is best to send a professional out to inspect it. Once we can establish the extent of the damage, we begin to plan action steps for ridding the home of the stench. Often nicotine residue can cling to the HVAC system, so a full duct cleaning could be the answer to residual odor that seems to outlast other odor removal methods. If the ducts have been cleaned, then we will ozone the affected areas. We will bring it air scrubbers to remove the airborne contaminants and control the air quality during the restoration and cleanup process.

After the ozone process is complete, we will use a thermal fogger, which uses a special solvent-based deodorizer that is heated and applied as a dry fog/smoke. Thermal foggers rely on a deodorizing solution that is vaporized in the fogger then blown into the room permeating all of the contents and structural elements. This process will ensure that the nicotine odor is gone for good.

If you have more questions or would like to schedule an odor assessment, give us a call at (423) 326-1406.

The Dangers of Water: Three Main Classifications

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Flood Water Classification Overview

There are three main classifications of floodwaters: clear water, gray water, and black water. Although their names imply it, these aren't wholly determined by the color of the water, but instead by a few factors related to how many contaminants are in the water. Clear water is somewhat rare, as most of the time it picks up enough contaminants to become at least gray, but black water is by far the most hazardous and damaging of the three. Never try to deal with black water yourself, as its interaction necessitates the kind of heavy gear and training that SERVPRO equips its technicians with. Here are a few key facts about each type of water. 
Clean Water 
Clean water originates from water mains, pipes, and other sources of relatively untampered water in your home. Flood damage with clear water is lighter and easier to restore than other types of damage, due to both reduced volumes of water and lighter safety procedures during the task. This water is usually identifiable as being clear and unclouded. However, time is important, as without quick removal clean waters can progress and become gray. 
Gray Water 
The awkward middle child of flood damage, gray water concerns water that may or may not have significant contaminants in it, and thus pose a potential health risk. More care is required in these waters, and they can be deceiving, as they too may sometimes be clear in appearance. 
Black Water 
The most dangerous and damaging type of water is black water, which can originate from a storm flood, a major health hazard such as a septic tank overflow, or when gray water is left untreated. This water contains dangerous contaminants, including fungi and microbes that may cause health effects. Black waters stain surfaces easily and are often more violent in their damage, so in addition to having the most restrictive safety precautions, this type of water also often causes the most damage. 

If you have experienced water damage in your home or business, call the water damage restoration experts at (423) 326-1406.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga- Document Restoration

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We have the ability to transport your documents to be restored in a state-of-the-art drying chamber at our corporate office.

Along with our water, fire, mold, and biohazard cleanup services, did you know that we offer document restoration services? Our document restoration is: 

  • Innovative: we use the latest vacuum freeze-drying method, as well as gamma irradiation technology for sterilizing
  • Secure: managed by HIPAA Master-certified technicians, under 24/7 surveillance
  • Digital: we use a computerized inventory system for digitizing your documents
  • Flexible capacity: we can accommodate large commercial losses or small residential jobs
  • Full Service: we offer a range of services including drying, cleaning/disinfecting, re-jacketing, digitizing, and deodorization 
  1. Drying- the process in which an item containing moisture is frozen and dried using vacuums and pressures to achieve sublimation.
  2. Cleaning- we offer onsite cleaning. This is cleaning each document front and back to remove debris and any surface particulate. 
  3. Sterilization- Gamma Irridation is a process that is used for disinfecting and decontaminating documents or other consumer goods. 
  4. Deodorization- once paper has been wet, an odor can begin to form. Letting us deodorize your documents will reduce the odor and sometimes almost completely eliminate it. 
  5. Destruction- we offer destruction onsite.
  6. Digitization- digitizing documents makes them easier to access as well as easier to store. We use state-of-the-art equipment to turn your paper copy into a digital file. 

The types of documents that can be restored are: 

  • paper documents
  • books and magazines
  • manuscripts and files
  • photographs, films, negatives, and microfiche
  • x-rays
  • blueprints and maps
  • parchment

As a leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO knows that timely mitigation is the key to recovering damaged possessions. With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, SERVPRO’s restoration professionals will help you recover your paper goods before it is too late.

Contact us should the unexpected happen to your business.

Water Damage Tips: 8 Things to Do Before Help Arrives

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Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, getting out of bed to get a glass of water from the kitchen, and immediately stepping in a puddle of water when you enter the hallway. You can imagine the gasp I let out when that happened to me last year. It was 2 am and I had no idea what to do after a water pipe had burst. Luckily, I knew who to call. The severity of damage escalates the longer the water sits and the contents stay wet, so time is of the essence in the aftermath of water damage. Here are 8 actions you can take before a mitigation company arrives:

  1. Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  2. Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.
  3. Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions.
  4. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  5. Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer.
  6. Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting.
  7. Remove art objects to a safe, dry place.
  8. Gather loose items from floors.

If you find yourself in a puddle of water at 2 am, we are always Here to Help. Call us at (423) 326-1406. 

What To Do If Your Apartment Floods

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If you rent an apartment or house, the first thing you should do if you experience water damage is contact the owner or property manager to make them aware of the damage. Water damages are not unlikely to happen, so they should have a plan in place when this occurs. It is best to alert them immediately, as the extent of the damage will continue to increase as time goes on. In order for us to come in and mitigate the water damage, the owner of the property must authorize the restoration company to begin services as tenants are unable to make decisions on a property that does not belong to them.

After notifying the property owner or manager, you must then determine if you will file a claim with your renter’s insurance for your contents if they were damaged in the loss. Typically, contents are not covered by homeowners insurance, but it is possible under certain circumstances. If you are able to get your contents cleaned, we have a state-of-the-art contents warehouse at our facility where we clean, organize, and store your contents until you are ready for them to be returned. Ultimately, it depends on the specific situation and the parties involved. Whatever the case may be, our team is trained to clean and properly document the entire process ensuring that all parties involved are kept informed.

Stove Top Fire Clean Up in Chattanooga, TN

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The fire in this Chattanooga home happened on the stovetop, burning the cabinets above and damaging the back wall behind the stove. It was a small fire, but smoke and soot affected the kitchen, dining room, entry, and hallway. Just as there are different methods of extinguishing a fire based on the type of fire, there are also different methods to cleaning up fire damage. Knowing the source of the fire is beneficial in determining what kind of fire clean up we will be remediating. Below is a list of different types of fire damage:

  • Dry Smoke – Paper and Wood; Fast burning, high temperatures, dry, powdery, non-smeary residues.
  • Wet Smoke – Plastics and Synthetics; Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary.
  • Fuel Oil Soot – Furnace Puff Backs.
  • Protein – Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor.
  • Other Types – Tear gas, fingerprint powder, and fire extinguisher residue.

In this case, we were cleaning up wet smoke damage. Interior walls, ceilings, furniture, and flooring that is salvageable will be cleaned using IICRC approved techniques. Non-salvageable items will be wrapped and safely discarded to limit contamination. Complex cleaning can be done at our facility by packing and shipping out documented and inventoried items. Smoke, soot, and ash removal is a two-step process. Soot, an oily based residue, requires special sponges, detergents, and techniques for cleaning without staining walls, ceilings, and wood furniture. HVAC system, especially the ductwork, may require special vacuuming and fogging to remove smoke particles and odors. Special foggers are used for final odor removal before an additional application for deodorizing. A fire in your home is a devastating loss, but we are here to make sure the restoration process is as easy as possible.

Esporta Machine- Cleaning and Restoring Soft Goods

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Meet Tammy! Tammy is our Textiles Manager. She collects soft goods from water or fire damaged homes and brings them back to our warehouse to clean. Our textiles room houses our Esporta machine that helps clean and restore textiles and other soft goods that have been affected by soot, sewage, mold, water damage, and bio-contaminants. Soft contents include items such as footwear, linens, outerwear, leathers, bedding, outdoor items, athletic equipment, survival gear, sleeping bags, life jackets, stuffed toys, and almost all of your personal clothing. Additionally, we have 4 sets of washers and dryers for less damaged goods, as well as a commercial-grade dryer. According to the Esporta website, "the latest ultrasonic cleaning systems use high frequency sound to vibrate water molecules. In short, they ‘clean by bubbles’ through a process called cavitation, or gas bubble implosions in liquid. An example being the moving blades of a boat propeller. Essentially, the sound waves create cavitation bubbles that multiply quickly and eventually implode due to the return of high pressure, producing a cleaning effect." Learn more about the Esporta machine here.

The patented system breaks down unwanted organic materials and kills bacteria, viruses, and mold spores on contact. Additionally, the system is five times more effective than traditional front-loading washing machines. 

If you have experienced damaged soft goods, we have the personnel and equipment to get your contents back to their original state, "Like it never even happened." 

Storm Damage for Beginners: What You Need to Know

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Storm Damage in a Home

Storm Damage for Beginners: What You Need to Know

Facing storm damage can be an overwhelming experience. No one wants to consider the possibility that their home might experience ice damage, water damage, or even hail damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners will experience hurricane damage, water damage, or hail damage that will require storm damage remediation. A home restoration or water restoration company can perform storm remediation. 

When you notice that your home has experienced some sort of storm damage, make sure you contact a storm damage restoration expert as quickly as possible. Regardless of how much flood damage, wind damage, or roof damage your home has, the right storm restoration expert will be able to help you with your home restoration.

Flood water can also happen due to pipes bursting in your home. Busted pipes may be something you don't even notice until they burst and you find ground water in your home. If you suspect that a water pipe has busted, make sure you get a water damage restoration company out as quickly as possible to use a flood pump and repair your frozen pipes.

Unfortunately, flooding is one of the most challenging problems since it requires a flood pump. A flood pump is something your professional remediation expert can help you with. Whether you experience river flooding or ordinary flooding, ground water should be avoided and a flood pump can help. A flood pump will remove standing ground water in your home as a result of river flooding or flooding caused by other factors.

Remember that flooding can occur for a variety of reasons and can even be caused by hurricane damage. Hurricane damage can lead to broken windows that enable flood water to get in your home. Flood water can be treated by a professional who will help you to restore your house. Click here for more information on storm damage. 

How Do I Prepare My Chattanooga Home For a Storm?

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How do you protect your home for a storm?

It is always nerve-wracking when the weather channel warns about a large storm coming towards your city. Of course, your main concern should be the personal safety of yourself and your family. You shouldn't need to worry about your home or belongings- that can all be replaced. If a storm does occur in your hometown, SERVPRO of Chattanooga focuses on ways to help you learn about and prepare your home for the worst. 

Secure Outdoor Items

The first thing that you can do in preparation for a storm is secure all of your outdoor items. This includes outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, and umbrellas, and other items like lawn mowers and grills. These items can cause damage if they are picked up by winds or swept away in a flood. Move these items indoors or in a garage or take measures to secure them in place.

Clear Out Gutters

Additionally, keep you gutters and downspouts clear. If heavy rains hit your city, it's important to create paths for water to flow away from your house. As long as the water has somewhere to go, it won’t stream into your home. Occasionally check your drainpipes for debris and clutter.

Sealing Your Home

Let's discuss sealing your home to prevent water leaks. Even if the rain water has a path away from your home, you should still take precautions. First, check the seal on your windows. The waterproof sealing around the outside of a window may need to be replaced over time. Also, check for holes in your siding. When electric or cable companies attach wires to the side of your house, they often drill small holes that can allow water to sneak through in the event of a flood or heavy rain water. Fortunately, these holes can be easily repaired using an affordable waterproof caulk. Small cracks that don’t cause problems during a normal rainfall can easily become a leak during flood conditions. Every year or so, take a walk around the outside of your home and check the foundation for any cracks or weakness that may allow water into your home.

If you’ve sustained storm damage recently, give us a call 24/7 at (423) 326-1406. Our team of professionals can help make it “Like it never even happened.”

3 Fire Hazards to Look Out for This Spring- Chattanooga, TN

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Spring time is such a fun, beautiful time of year. Stay safe out there!

The weather is warmer, the trees are blooming, and my allergies are killing me. Spring has officially sprung! That being said, there are still a wide variety of fire hazards that you should watch out for, even during the warm months.

1. Grills: Whether you’re cooking burgers for the family event or grilling up kabobs for dinner, you will inherently deal with fire. Most are gas grills, which presents an even greater risk. In fact, the NFPA (https://www.nfpa.org/News-and-Research/Data-research-and-tools/US-Fire-Problem/Home-Grill-Fires) reports that an average of 9,600 home fires are caused by grilling each year. Here are some fire safety tips for the grill:

  • Always check for any potential fire hazards before firing up the grill.
  • If the grill does not light the first time, let the gas dissipate for at least 5 minutes before attempting to light the grill again.
  • Be sure the grill is clean before using to get rid of oil and gas residue.
  • Make sure the grill is set up in an open, outdoor area and keep it a good distance from the house and railings.

2. Dryers: This is a fire hazard year round. In fact, the leading cause of clothes-dryer related fires is a failure to keep the lint baskets clean. Lint is combustible. Lint causes fires. It takes seconds to clean out the lint basket, so just make a habit of it when you get your clothes out of the dryer. If you have space for a clothesline in the spring and summer months- use it! There’s nothing better than fresh, air dried clothes. The NFPA also recommends cleaning out the vent pipe at least once a year so lint or other flammable particles do not get stuck in the vent pipe. 

3. Outdoor Fire Pits and Bonfires

The necessary safety precautions for an outdoor fire pit are pretty obvious, but keep these in mind when you’re having a party on a cool spring night.

  • Always have an adult present around a fire- never leave children unattended! 
  • Always have a bucket of water or a water hose available nearby if things get out of hand. 
  • Build the fire away from homes, porches, low-hanging trees, or any other fire hazards. 
  • Monitor how much leaves, pine needles, pine needs, paper, and other contents into the fire since these itms catch fire quickly and result in high flames and floating embers. 
  • Always put the fire out completely before leaving the fire unattended. Don't expect it to die down on its own!

We are always Here to Help when you need us. Call us any time at 423-326-1406! Happy Spring!

Why Did I Get Mold Damage in My Home?

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In Your Property, SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage

Homes of all shapes, sizes, and locations share some common enemies, one of the chief ones being mold infestation. Mold spores are naturally occurring almost everywhere on Earth, but given the right conditions for growth, can multiply exponentially and cause major problems for your home. Some types of mold may even cause health effects. Here are some of the conditions and causes for a mold infestation in your home.
Damp or Wet Fabric and Wood
Mold damage in Harrison typically needs two things to get pressing: wet conditions and an organic food source. Both of these are often found in homes, where outside water can seep in, or a leak can cause wooden floors, walls, and structural elements to soak up water. Additionally, fabrics such as carpets, drapes, and shower curtains are also commonly affected. An important step we take in halting any mold colony's growth and preventing future ones from forming is dehumidification, whereby we take almost all the moisture out of a room and its air. We reduce the RH, relative humidity.
Dark, Warm Areas
Some types of mold can only grow in dark areas, and preferably in warm places. Unfortunately, residences also commonly provide this environment, and many mold colonies end up growing behind walls or in attics and basements. These are some of the first places we check for moisture and mold when responding to any call to a home, via moisture sensors, hygrometers, and infrared devices.
Spoiled and Forgotten Food
Spoiled food almost always grows mold at some point; most people know that. However, if not disposed of, this food can be a catalyst for future growth elsewhere in the home. Once matured, mold colonies release large amounts of spores which travel across a home through the air, and these may take up residence in another room or the ducts. This is one reason why we offer mold remediation rather than removal: it is impossible to rid a home of mold spores entirely, due to there being so many and their tiny size. Once again, they are naturally occurring, and so will be found in your home regardless.
Expert in mold remediation and cleanup, SERVPRO of Chattanooga is a tried and true solution to any mold problem, large or small. With proper accreditation, certification, and training for all of our crew members, we feel confident we can tackle your residential mold problem. Call us today at (423) 326-1406 for 24/7 emergency service.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga Helps a Local Chattanooga School After Water Damage Strikes

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Air pushers and dehumidifiers on site of the flooded school.

In 2018, we received a call from a local roofing company who was in the middle of re-roofing a school. They had tarped the roof after a days work and planned to come back to finish the job two days later. That night, we had a storm come in with heavy rains and strong wind. The wind had pulled the tarp up and water leaked through the holes in the roof, ultimately flooding the top floor of the school. The roofing company immediately called SERVPRO of Chattanooga when they were aware of the situation. We were able to get to the school that day and begin restoration services. We had all hands on deck to ensure that this school would be able to stay open for their students and we were able to clean up/dry out all the water damage within a week.

The roofing company commented on our response time and efficiency, saying “They were very good at sorting everything- drying what they could dry. It helped save costs as well. The maps that you provide are very well written to where anyone that doesn’t understand what’s going on can see where the problem areas are. You always have someone on site to answer questions.” He goes on to say, “After seeing the response time with you all, we know that when we run into an issue, we will call you. We looked really good because of the response time that you guys had.” We’re thankful for our loyal customers and the opportunity to help those who need us everyday!

If you run into water, fire, mold, biohazard, or any other issues at your commercial property, give SERVPRO of Chattanooga a call at (423) 326-1406. We are Here to Help 24/7!

5 Ways to Prevent Pipes From Bursting in the Winter

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Be aware of frozen pipes during freezing weather.

When water freezes, it expands, and weak metal or plastic pipes that aren't insulated are more susceptible to bursting or leaking. As the weather gets into freezing temperatures, follow these tips to keep your pipes running.

1. Allow the faucet to drip: When pipes freeze, the pressure created by the blockage and faucet causes the pipe to burst. Allowing the faucet to be open and drip will relieve pressure in the system. If the faucet has both hot and cold water pipes, turn both handles slightly so that each pipe is open. If it is a single-handle faucet, turn it to warm.

2. Keep the Heat On: Always keep the heat on in your home to keep your pipes warm and prevent the water from freezing. If you leave for a long period of time, keep your home between 50-55 degrees. 

3. Apply Heating Tape: There are two types of heating tape for water pipes. One turns on and off by itself when it senses that heat is needed. The other type requires a plug when heat is needed. Heating tape acts as an electrical blanket for pipes during cold spells. These can be very useful when you do not want to think about keeping your faucets dripping. However, much like space heaters, these products can be dangerous so you must use safety precautions.

4. Seal Up Cracks and Holes: Seal the gaps and holes that are letting cold air where pipes run through walls or floors. You can use spray foam insulation or caulk to fill the gaps. If possible, it is best to seal the holes on both the interior and exterior side of wall or floor.

5. Add Extra Insulation: Pipes that are located in attics or basements that may not be insulated will likely require extra insulation to keep them warm. Pipes can be fitted with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to help decrease the chances of freezing. 

If you are in need of water damage mitigation services, call SERVPRO of Chattanooga at (423) 326-1604. 

3 Reasons Your Basement is Leaking- Hixson, TN 37343

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Understand where the water in your basement is coming from to avoid future issues.

Every time we have a significant amount of rain, I find a puddle of water in the same space in my garage. You might have the same issue in your garage, basement, or crawlspace (that you may not be aware of). Understanding where this water comes from and knowing how to monitor it is vital in ensuring that you will not have unexpected issues.

Reason #1: Ground Water – Ground water is one of the main causes of water in your basement. The water either accumulates from excessive rainwater, or through horizontal strata in the ground. If the water in your basement get worse when it rains often, this can likely be the a cause. If the water accumulates in puddles, the best solution is to squeegee out the sitting water and find the source of entry to seal up.

Reason #2: Backed-Up Sewer Pipes – This is a bit more serious than rain water. This will likely take a professional to diagnose exactly where the sewer line is backed up, but it can have numerous causes such as clogged toilet, clogged bath tub drain, washing machine back up, or even a floor drain back up. If you have discovered sewer water drainage in your basement, you will need to call a professional to thoroughly and accurately clean the biohazard. Our SERVPRO of Chattanooga professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to clean the sewage water in your basement.

Reason #3: Leaking Pipes – Because many of the pipes in your home are concealed inside the walls, you may be unaware when they begin to leak or even burst. If you notice dampness in your walls and floors, it is best to call a professional to inspect the moisture within the walls. SERVPRO of Chattanooga has specialty equipment to assess the unseen damage.

While these are only a few reasons why you may find water in your basement, always feel free to call a SERVPRO of Chattanooga professional with your questions and concerns. We are available to serve you 24/7, 365 days a year. Give us a call at (423) 326-1406.

Fire Strikes a Commercial Building in Hixson, TN

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Earlier this week, a commercial building in Hixson, TN experienced a fire that left their building full of smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO of Chattanooga was called out immediately to assess the damage. When you experience a fire in your home or business, the smoke and water damage from the firefighters' extinguishing efforts will likely cause additional damage. If you experience a fire loss in your home or business, here are some tips to better understand the fire restoration process. 

  1. Emergency Contact 

    When you call us, you will be asked questions regarding the fire damage event that will help us respond immediately with the appropriate team, equipment, and resources.

  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment 

    SERVPRO of Chattanooga carefully inspects the entire home or business- not just the immediate area. Sometimes, soot and water affect areas that are not always seen. This step is crucial to developing a plan of action. 

  3. Immediate Board-up and Roof Tarp Service 

    Fire damage can often compromise windows, walls, and roofs, as seen in the photo of the commercial property. To maintain security and to protect against further damage, we can board up missing windows and walls and place tarps on damaged roofs.

  4. Water Removal and Drying (if water is present) 

    The water removal process begins almost immediately and removes the majority of the water. Most of the water occurs if pipes melt and leak, or from the firefighters' efforts to extinguish the fire. We use dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the water complete the drying process. 

  5. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces 

    We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

  6. Cleaning and Sanitizing 

    We clean, sanitize, and disinfect all of the restorable items and structures that were damaged by the fire.  We’re also trained to remove several types of odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

  7. Restoration

    Restoration is the final step—getting your home or business to its pre-fire condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall, painting, and installing new carpet; or it may entail major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business. SERVPRO of Chattanooga has a reconstruction division that focuses solely on getting your home or business back to normal, "Like it never even happened."

Understanding How SERVPRO of Chattanooga Cleans Up Water Damage Cleanup

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

The first thing that the water restoration company will do is start the mitigation process. This is to mitigate any future damage. For example, if there is a pipe break or a supply line break, it will need to be fixed and the flow of water will need to be stopped. It is crucial to prevent further damage by doing the mitigation process if you want to salvage as much as you can.

The next step is the water cleanup process. This involves removing the water that is already in your flooded home. The restoration company will use special tools to remove the water from your flooded home. Special pumps can be used to take out the water in your home or the water in your business. This is the first step towards the restoration of your flooded home.

The next step is the drying process. This is slightly different than the water cleanup process, because it is more thorough. The water cleanup process will have removed all the flood water in your home or the water in your business. However, there will still be plenty of moisture and wetness left. Water will have seeped into your furniture, into your couches, into your walls, and into your ceiling. In addition, there will be pockets of moisture hidden in between the walls, under the tiles, and above your ceiling. The drying process will remove all this water. Special equipment will be used, both to detect the levels of moisture and to do the drying process so that your flooded home becomes truly dry and cleaned.

The next step is the restoration process. Remember that even if your home is dry, there may be structural damage. It is imperative that you repair whatever needs to be repaired, or your home will not be safe to live in. The restoration process may involve replacing parts of your walls, floor, and ceiling. It may also involve replacing pipes if the cause of the flood was a pipe break or a supply line break. A professional restoration company has the experience to spot what needs replacement and the experience and resources to replace them.

Finally, the company will let you know when your home is safe to live in again. They will do a final inspection of your home to see if it lives up to the standards that all safe homes need to live up to. For example, they need to make sure that your appliances are safe to use and that there is no risk of being electrocuted. They also need to make sure that the ceiling is stable and will not cave in.

Visit https://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/water-damage-restoration for more information on water damage. 

Greeted with Kindness at SERVPRO of Chattanooga

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The SERVPRO of Chattanooga team takes pride in our ability to assist you when you are faced with a water or fire disaster. When you call SERVPRO of Chattanooga at 423-326-1406, you will be greeted with kindness and compassion by our receptionist and dispatcher, Tammy. She will guide you in the necessary steps you must take to get your home or business to preloss condition. Our office team, Rachelle, Whitney, Casey, Colton, and Taylor are tasked with making sure you, our customer, understand our services and schedule with you accordingly. They will make sure the entire job runs smoothly and documented correctly until it is completely finished. Whether you are calling about an initial loss, an ongoing loss, or an emergency call, our team will walk you through each step, gather important insurance information, and answer any questions you may have.

When they receive a call from you, rest assured that our team will take care of you from start to finish and communicate updates and scheduling.

How SERVPRO of Chattanooga Gets the Smoke Odor out of Your Clothes and Belongings

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Ozone Molecule

At our new facility in Ooltewah, TN, we have something called an “Ozone Room”. Sounds cool, right? It is! When you have a fire in your home or business, some of your contents may not have been directly affected by the fire. However, they still may have soot and smoke odor. Similarly, your clothes will smell heavily of smoke after sitting by a campfire for a few hours.

After you have experienced fire damage in your home, SERVPRO of Chattanooga professional technicians will bring your belongings to our ozone room at our facility and store them in vaults until they are ready to be cleaned. In the ozone room, the items are confined in a small space where they are exposed to high levels of ozone. The ozone molecules attach themselves to the smoke and soot molecules, essentially destroying the molecule.

Ozone is very effective in elimination odors, especially odors of an organic nature. When your contents leave the ozone room after 24 hours, the ozone gas dissipates in 10 to 15 minutes- leaving your clothes, furniture, and other personal items smelling fresh, “Like it never even happened.” If you are in need of fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Chattanooga at 423-326-1406. Our team will make sure that your belongings will be thoroughly cleaned and restored to you.

How To Clean A Crawlspace- Chattanooga, TN 37314

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In order to keep your crawlspace dry, you must dry it under negative pressure, meaning to dry it through suction, rather than blowing air in it. The suction drying technique is based on a dehumidifier drying the air in the room at the same time as a turbine creates a high negative pressure in the structure. In other words, in order for negative pressure to be present, more air must be removed from the crawlspace than is added to the space. If positive pressure is used to dry a crawlspace, exfiltration will occur, pushing particulate and odors into the living space of the structure.

Even the cleanest crawlspace is filled with dust, mold spores, dead insects, or worse. Our SERVPRO of Chattanooga professionals use a manometer to verify the negative pressure.

Why should you call a professional to clean out your crawlspace? For one, crawlspaces are dangerous places that must be entered with the right safety gear. If there is mold or other contaminants present, you must use the correct equipment and chemicals to clean and dry the area. If you need to inspect and clean your crawlspace, SERVPRO of Chattanooga is available 24/7.

Fire Safety During the Christmas Season in Chattanooga, TN

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Between the feasts at Thanksgiving to the celebration of the new year, the holiday months are a time to enjoy holiday traditions with friends and family. However, most household fire damage happens during these months. Why is this the case? People are doing more cooking, using the fireplace, burning more candles, using decorative lights, and buying real Christmas trees. Follow these simple fire safety tips this holiday season:

When cooking, always keep your eye on the stove. Most kitchen fires happen when food is left unattended. It’s easy to get distracted and walk away for a few minutes. Always set a timer on your phone to remind yourself of the food on the stove or bring a potholder with you as a reminder. It sounds silly, but it works! Remember to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen at all times. When using a fireplace, always put out the fire when leaving the home or going to sleep. Also, use a fire screen to keep embers and logs from escaping. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the incidence of candle fires is four times higher during December. In fact, four of the five most dangerous days of the year for residential candle fires are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. To avoid any fire damage, keep about a foot of space between the candle and anything that can burn. This goes for real Christmas trees- the needles tend to dry out which is the perfect storm when mixed with fire. It takes 30 seconds for a dry tree to engulf in flames. Set the candles on sturdy bases and always blow them out when leaving or going to sleep. To minimize the risk of your tree drying out, buy a fresh tree with intact needles, get a fresh cut on the trunk, and water it every day.

Finally, don’t plug more than 3 strings into each other on your Christmas tree. Extension cords should be in good condition and UL-rated for indoor or outdoor use. Rather, opt for a power strip instead and be sure to unplug the lights before leaving the house or going to sleep. When hanging lights outside, avoid using nails or staples, which can damage the wiring. Rather, use UL-rated clips or hangers. 

As always, SERVPRO of Chattanooga is Here to Help when you are dealing with fire damage restoration and fire damage repair. Happy Holidays!

How SERVPRO of Chattanooga Drains a Flooded Basement

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If your basement has flooded in Soddy Daisy, TN, you may be at a loss regarding what you should do. No one wants to deal with a basement flood, but facing reality and following these four steps will help you to recover your property with as little residual damage as possible.

1. Call Your Insurance Agent

You may have insurance coverage for floods in your home. Because of this, you should always check over your homeowners policy and call the agent who handles your account to ask questions and make a claim if you can do so.

2. Wait for Conditions to Settle

Before you decide how to handle water removal, you will need to make sure that the water is under control. If it seems to be limited to the basement, and any outdoor water has receded, you can safely move on to draining your basement flood.

3. Choose Your Removal Method

All water removal methods are typically handled best by water damage technicians. Two typical solutions are pumping for large floods and vacuuming with a wet/dry machine for smaller ones. It is a good idea to research all of your options so that you make the best decision possible.

4. Decide on a Drying Method

Most homeowners will find that the majority of their damaged property and valuables will need to be dried, dehumidified or otherwise salvaged, as old flood water can cause irreversible damage to your investments if left to sit. The service that you hired for water removal can likely help you with drying and restoration, as well.

A basement flood is a big deal to any concerned homeowner, but being prepared can help you be less overwhelmed if this unfortunate situation is occurring or should occur in the future. Use your newfound knowledge to help protect your [City, State], house from as much lasting damage as possible.

Does Storm-Related Damage Have a Place on Your Business Tax Return?

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Business owners must think of innovative ways to meet customer demands. There is, however, one variable that can throw a monkey wrench into the workings of any company: severe weather. As you probably know, storms and other natural disasters can bring your company to a standstill. If your business has sustained storm damage, you may be able to deduct some of it on your annual tax return.

Determine the Source of Your Business Damage

To know whether damage to your Hixson, TN business is tax deductible, you must first determine the source of the damage. Damage from the following types of natural disasters are often deductible:
• Thunderstorms
• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• Floods
• Earthquakes
• Blizzards

When determining whether damage is caused by a storm, you must look for sources of other possible damage. For example, failure to properly maintain your business before the storm hit may render your organization ineligible to list it as a deductible expense.

Consider Whether Your Insurance Policy Covered the Damage

The next part of the analysis involves your insurance. If your commercial policy covered storm damage, you likely cannot deduct it on your tax filing. If, on the other hand, your insurer did not pay for the damage, you may be able to list it as a deduction. You can also usually list the difference between actual damage and the amount your insurer paid as a deduction. If you failed to file an insurance claim that would have otherwise been covered, you are probably ineligible to claim the damage as a deduction, though.

Virtually all business eventually sustain some type of storm damage. While relying on insurance to help control costs is a good idea, you must have a full-throttled strategy to ensure business continuity. A restoration service can likely help to return your company to its pre-storm condition. Then, you may be able to deduct some storm-related expenditures on your business tax return. Call (423) 326-1406. 

Basics of the Flood Cleanup Process

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Water damage on a basement in Ooltewah, TN

When your home is flooded, you may not know where to start the flood clean process. The EPA has several cleaning requirements for ensuring that your home in Ooltewah, TN, returns to a habitable state after a flood. When flood mitigation experts have removed excess water, they start the sanitation process. Your home is not clean until all the parts of this process are complete.

Item Assessment

Technicians may need to remove items from your home that have been damaged or destroyed by the flood. Anything in your house is subject to removal:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Draperies
  • Electronics
  • Documents
  • Books

The professionals will assess the items and decide if they can be set aside for cleaning or if they just need to be thrown away. All items that can be salvaged must be clean before they are placed back in your home.

Material Removal

If the flooding was extensive, cleaning requirements may dictate that part of the structure of your home be removed. Ceilings that have flood damage may be taken out, especially if they cover damp insulation. Even part of your walls or floors may have to be replaced. Those doing the repairs are likely to remove these materials before they attempt to disinfect anything.

Home Sanitation

To combat the germs that are undoubtedly present in flood water, everything that remains has to be sanitized. Every surface that is damaged by the flood must be cleaned with flood disinfectant. The appropriate protective equipment, such as goggles, face masks, respirators and gloves, should be worn. Try to avoid mixing different cleaners, as they may contain chemicals that release toxic fumes when combined. Sanitation is not complete until every surface has been cleaned and dried.

Cleanup is not always a quick process, but you want to make sure it is a thorough one. Following these cleaning requirements ensures that your home is safe once restoration is complete.

Recover From HVAC Water Damage

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Air movers on a water damage in Collegedale, TN

Regardless of the type of business you operate in Collegedale, TN, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system helps your commercial property stay comfortable all year long. What happens if a pipe bursts unexpectedly and causes a furnace flood? How does water impact the HVAC system? What actions do you take to recover

Consequences of Water Damage

Water damage creates problems for furnaces and air ducts beyond what is visible to the untrained eye. Both immediate and long-term complications can occur, including the following:

  • Ductwork exposed to flooding may deteriorate or harbor mold. Using the heating or air conditioning does not dry the ventilation system.
  • A flooded furnace can result in a host of problems. Submersion or exposure to water may cause the furnace to stop functioning. Worse yet, a malfunctioning furnace could possibly cause an electrical fire or leak carbon monoxide.

Steps for Recovery

Problems due to ductwork water damage or a furnace flood can be prevented by taking immediate, appropriate action after a pipe bursts on your property:

  • Contact your commercial insurance agent. Oftentimes insurance policies cover water damage from a broken pipe, which likely includes the HVAC system.
  • As soon as possible, call an emergency water restoration specialist. Do not attempt to inspect or repair HVAC equipment yourself. This may pose a safety risk, cause further damage to the system or impact insurance coverage.
  • For the ventilation system, air duct cleaning or duct replacement may be recommended depending on the extent of the water damage.
  • The furnace requires a full inspection. Parts of the furnace may need to be repaired or replaced, such as ignition systems, motors or valves. In some instances the entire furnace may need replaced.

Water damage to the HVAC system at your commercial property in Collegedale, TN, can cause long-term problems if not addressed. Whether waterlogged ductwork or a furnace flood is the culprit, take immediate action to clean, repair or replace the necessary components.

How To Remove Mold Odor From Your Home

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Mold behind baseboards in a Chattanooga, TN home

Mold can be a serious problem for any Chattanooga, TN, homeowner, especially when it comes to getting rid of the odor once the mold has been removed – a side effect of the mycotoxin it contains. If you are experiencing this issue in the aftermath of a flood or other moisture damage, then you know moldy smells can be quite unpleasant. However, there are a few ways you can handle the odor until a mold cleanup and remediation company can be called in to help with the problem.

Learn About Mold

Learning about your enemy can help you destroy it. One fact that may help you is to understand that the musty smell that mold emits is due to the mycotoxin it releases as it eats and grows. The more mold that is present, the stronger the odor is likely to be. Black mold can smell particularly strong, and you may even catch the smell before you see any visual signs.

Reduce Indoor Moisture

Moisture can be a major contributor to mold growth and high humidity can cause it to grow on a variety of surfaces, such as:

  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Drywall

Reducing indoor moisture with fans and by opening windows may help stunt mold growth and reduce the odor. It is important to remember, however, that this is probably a temporary fix and that the air might still need to be cleaned commercially.

Have an Expert Come In

Professional mold removal technicians have machines available that clean the air instead of simply masking it with air fresheners. Air filtration devices and ozone machines can destroy molecules in the air that cause the musty odor and leave any room smelling fresh. This type of mold remediation can ensure that the smell will not return once the process is complete.

Mold mycotoxin can cause strong, unpleasant odors to linger in your Chattanooga, TN, home after a flood or other problem that caused fungus growth. Knowing how to handle these smells can help expedite the cleanup process and leave your home smelling pleasant once more.

Chattanooga Mold Damage - Everything You Need to Know about Mold: 17 Tips and Facts

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  1. Mold is alive. It's a microorganism in the fungus family.
  2. Most information available about so-called "Black Mold" isn't accurate.
  3. Mold has over 100,000 different species, and you can find it in just about any size and color imaginable. Without a microscope, the naked human eye can't tell whether a mold is toxic or safe.
  4. Even though there are so many different types of mold in existence, you don't need to know what kind of mold is in your home in order for you to kill or eliminate it. All molds respond to the same methods of treatment to prevent mold damage in Chattanooga. As an organism that's alive, it needs a source of food and a source of moisture in order to live. You can eradicate mold by taking away its water or food source. For most people, taking away the food source is difficult because mold uses wood and other materials commonly found in buildings as a food source. Eliminating the water source is much easier.
  5. According to the E.P.A., we spend about 10 percent of our time outdoors breathing fresh air and the other 90 percent indoors. Eliminating indoor mold can improve overall health as well as prevent mold damage.
  6. The term "Black Mold" commonly means any type of mold that produces toxins. Certain molds, like Stachbotrys, are black and produce mycotoxins. Still, mold removal should be a priority for most individuals, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors.
  7. Although mold isn't something humans want to grow in their homes, it is natural and has other purposes that can be useful. It helps any organic matter that has died to decompose, and it is also helpful to humans in cheese-making and in the creation of antibiotics.
  8. Molds create and release microscopic spores through the air that will grow on another surface in order for the mold to reproduce.
  9. Molds have the ability to grow on just about any surface, which includes drywall, metal, plastic, wood and glass. It can grow on nonporous surfaces as long as it has something to feed on, such as water and dust.
  10. Humans can breathe in mold spores, and they can also ingest or touch foods and other items that may have mold on them. Colonies of mold have the ability to form and grow in under 48 hours.
  11. The U.S. government has no guidelines on what does or doesn't constitute excessive or unsafe mold levels. However, if you can see or smell mold in your environment, chances are it's removal is needed.
  12. Mold in your home can scare off potential buyers if you're trying to sell your home in addition to causing mold damage that can be expensive to repair.
  13. According to studies, somewhere between 50 to 65% of households have a problem with mold.
  14. With every breath, you breathe in small amounts of mold. Only sterilized rooms like those in hospitals have no mold whatsoever. Even after mold removal services, a home may still have small percentages of mold.
  15. Although some individuals may not feel affected by mold, others may have allergies.
  16. A number of insurance policies for homeowners won't cover mold damage or claims related to mold in the home.
  17. In addition to mold, other factors that can impact the quality of your air at home include asbestos, chimney and fireplace debris, radon, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke and lead.

SERVPRO of Chattanooga is locally owned and operated and serves Chattanooga and surrounding locations.

If you need a mold removal company IICRC Certified Firm give us a call at (423) 326-1406 Or visit our website at: http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/

A Quick Response to Smoke Damage Saves Money

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Kitchen fire damage in a Jasper, TN home

Responding immediately is the best way to save your Jasper, TN, building, assets, and budget when dealing with fire and smoke damage. It's important to keep in mind that there are actions you should take and actions that are better left to the professionals. After leaving the building, contacting emergency personnel, and making sure your staff are okay, it's time to make a couple of phone calls. The first should be to your insurance company and the second to professional fire and smoke cleaning and restoration professionals.

A Focus on Safety

If it is safe to enter the building after smoke damage, make sure you prepare to do so safely.

  • Obtain permission from emergency responders, such as the firefighters.
  • Wear protective clothing, including a face mask and gloves.
  • Ventilate the area by opening windows and doors. Position fans to provide airflow.

Cleaning You Can Do

Although most of the work should be carried out by restoration professionals, there is some cleanup you can tackle while waiting for the restoration company to arrive. Make sure you have permission from your insurance company before you begin cleaning. Your cleaning efforts should start at the ceiling and always move from the top down. If you are using a vacuum, be sure it has a high efficiency filter. The risk of polluted air is a real hazard after soot damage occurs.

Professional Services.

Even if you plan to do a lot of the cleanup on your own, you'll need professionals to assess and complete the task. Did you know that acid soot can lead to discoloration in wood, marble, and plastics within a few short minutes? If left for days, soot residue can lead to permanent discoloration on floors and furnishings. A quick professional response will minimize the extent of damage and could keep your recovery costs down. Fortunately, the cost of restoration following smoke damage may be covered even if the fire occurred at a Jasper, TN, building or office next to yours.

Are Storm Damage and Flooding the Same?

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Storm damage in Collegedale, TN in building

Torrential rain, golf ball sized hail and high winds invade your business in Collegedale, TN. These events cause water damage inside your property. There is flooding on the ground floor, so is this considered flood damage? Or is it storm damage because the storm caused the flooding? You are not alone if you find this confusing. Read below to understand the difference between the two.

Flood Damage

To an insurance company, there is a clear cut difference between water damage caused by a flood, and water damage caused by a storm. If you have flood insurance for your property, the following indicate that it will likely cover the damage:

  • Your business and at least one other property (or two or more acres) are normally dry, but are suddenly and temporarily flooded.
  • A natural source causes the flood waters, such as a hurricane storm surge or mudflow. Any other sudden accumulation of water rising up into your commercial property is considered a flood, including heavy rainfall that saturates and seeps up from the ground into homes or businesses.

Storm Damage

Storms cause a myriad of problems, not limited to water and wind damage. The following are common types of commercial problems caused by a storm:

  • Heavy winds, rain or hail may crack or stress the windows, foundation or roofing material, leading to water getting in. When the water damage is caused by falling rain that does not rise up from the ground into your property, it is considered caused by the storm even if the result is flood water inside your business.
  • The damage from winds, rain or other event only impact your business, not necessarily the surrounding areas.

Whether storm damage or flood damage ravages your commercial property in Collegedale, TN, storm and water restoration specialists are your first line of defense. Depending on the cause of damage and your specific policy, your commercial insurance may or may not provide coverage.

Can Water Damage Be Prevented?

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Water damaged carpet in Chattanooga, TN home

If you take pride in your Chattanooga, TN  home, you want to do what you can to keep your property looking its best. Maintaining your house can go a long way toward helping you avoid major catastrophes, including the following:

• Water in home
• Roof in disrepair
• Electrical fire in kitchen
• Mold in home

Of course, you can't always foresee into the future. This means there may be times when you have to turn to a professional remediation team to help you clean up water damages. You may be able to prevent some water dilemmas by keeping the following tips in mind.

Be Vigilant

An excess amount of moisture from a broken pipe can leave you with a lot of damage if you don't catch it early. If you're vigilant around your house, you'll notice signs of leaks before the water introduces mold into your space. Watch for water stains on your walls and ceiling. Look for other signs of moisture, such as peeling paint and bubbling flooring.

Have Inspections

Your plumbing, HVAC unit and appliances could malfunction and lead to water in home. If you have these parts of your house inspected annually, you can reduce the chances of a flood happening. A plumber can look at your pipes to ensure there are no clogs or breaks you need to know about. An HVAC repairman can assess your heating and cooling units to check for signs of wear and tear. You should make sure your dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator are inspected too because these appliances can have faulty hoses or broken water supply lines that lead to flooding.

Make a Plan

Sometimes knowing who you would call for a pipe cleanup can help you prevent major damage to your home. Figure out which water cleanup crew you want to turn to before flooding starts, so you can react as quickly as possible.

You may find water in home at any time. Doing what you can to prevent this problem can save you hassle in the future.

Get Those Nasty Smells out of Your Home After a Flood

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As if a flood’s potentially devastating effects of structural damage and loss of valuables aren’t enough to cause grief, you also have to deal with the awful smells the water leaves behind. If even you’re able to salvage your home and belongings, it’s not easy getting rid of the stench of sewage, mold growth or flood water. If you’re contending with these issues, you need the best solutions possible to ensure your home is back to normal.

What Leaves the Odors?

The musty, dingy, unbearable smells floods leave behind can come from various sources. Often, flooding occurs because of backed-up sewers or broken plumbing lines. When there is sewage loss, there will be the terrible odor of feces and other hazardous materials. Not only can this be difficult for your nose to bear, but it can also make you and family members in your Chattanooga, TN home very sick.

Prevent Backups

One of the best ways to get rid of awful sewage smells is to ensure your system doesn’t back up. There are a few measures you can take to prevent these issues:

• Install a backwater prevention valve
• Install plastic pipe in your sewer line
• Cut tree roots
• Don’t pour grease down your sinks or other drains

How to Clean Up

If flooding still brings foul smells into your home, you can take quick action or call on a professional cleanup company to assist you. A technician will use various methods to help eliminate bad odors as well as mold growth. This will include a thorough steam-cleaning of your floors, washing walls with soap, cleaning ducts, disinfecting plumbing fixtures and more.

If you want to avoid mold growth and say goodbye to the smell of sewage after a flood, use these steps. You don’t have to live with these horrible stenches or live under these conditions after you’ve suffered through flood damage. Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on storm damage. 

Understanding Mold Remediation

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Mold cleanup is referred to as remediation rather than removal for a scientific reason: you can’t get rid of mold spores. The naturally occurring, microscopic entities are present everywhere indoors and outdoors. Once black mold or any other colony has grown in your establishment, mold remediation must immediately begin in order to limit the spread of the mold. While each situation is unique, here are six general steps a professional cleanup and restoration company will take to rid your Chattanooga, TN business of its fungal presence:

1. Inspection

Mold remediation experts will assess the property for noticeable signs of mold. A variety of technology can be utilized to detect the subliminal signs of mold, often found behind interior walls or under carpeted floors.

2. Containment

The HVAC system and fans will be turned off to prevent the spread of mold spores through airways. The contaminated area will be closed with technology tactics and physical barriers to contain the mold within a restricted area.

3. Filtration

Possible irritants contained in black mold can spread to the surrounding air. Using advanced filtration technology, workers will capture the microscopic spores to filter air during the cleanup process.

4. Removal

Dependent on the amount of mold growth some building materials may have to be removed and disposed of. Porous materials such as carpet, drywall or wood can retain the moisture and spores that led to the original mold growth. For safety and prevention of returning mold, materials damaged by black mold must be removed.

5. Cleaning
In-depth cleaning of restorable items includes specialized cleaning methods, disinfection and sanitizing and thorough drying. Any lingering odors can be removed with fogging equipment.

6. Restoration

Full restoration minimizes the threat of mold returning through thoroughly cleaning and drying effected materials. However, significant mold damage could require replacement of drywall, subflooring or other porous building materials that could retain mold spores.

Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on mold. 

Avoiding Secondary Damage With Initial Prevention

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The threat of floods in Chattanooga, TN leaves many homeowners with the fear of property destruction and water damage to personal belongings. But after the water recedes, can risk remain? Unfortunately, if the home is not thoroughly treated soon after the initial flooding, high humidity may leave breeding grounds for toxic black mold.

Understanding Secondary Damage

Anything damaged by initial contact with the floodwater is considered primary damage, including wet carpet and drywall. If this is not dried thoroughly and surrounding areas dehumidified properly, the primary damage can be a platform for secondary damage to move in. Defined as the effects from remaining dampness, this can lead to multiple issues:

• Warped flooring or staircases
• Cracked plaster
• Black mold

The structural damage could lead to safety hazards within the home, and the growth of toxic mold is a serious risk that should be immediately confronted by trained professionals. Typically the best way to avert this threatening second round of damage is to prevent it with initial cleanup.

Utilizing Preventative Measures

Thriving in dark places with high humidity, floods are a great way for mold to make a place for itself in your home. Once the waters have receded, wood flooring, carpet and drywall absorb the remaining moisture, allowing the toxic spores to thrive. Often the best defense against black mold is prevention. Know the number for a professional water damage repair and restoration company in Chattanooga, TN. With the appropriate training and supplies, a professional crew may ensure your home is dry and free of threatening fungus:

• Quick service minimizes the opportunity for mold to grow.
• Powerful machinery allows for complete water extraction and removal.
• Industrial strength dehumidifiers and fans ensure moisture is removed from the air.
• Cleaning and sanitizing services allow restoration to begin quickly.

Water damage is a hassle with immediate effects that can turn long-term if left untreated. When water infiltrates your home, call a professional cleanup team to ensure no damage is left to grow.

Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on water damage. 

How SERVPRO of Chattanooga Can Restore Your Harrison Home After Fire Damage

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration of the Hot Seat

Fire Damage in Harrison? SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home

Once a fire has affected your property in Harrison, it's very important that you obtain assistance with the water removal, cleanup, repair, and restoration processes. A fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Chattanooga can help you with each of these processes, and their assistance can limit your stress and expedite the restoration procedures. Learn more about how this fire damage company can assist you with the restoration of your home by reviewing this quick reference guide:

Before You Hire A Fire Damage Company

Prior to hiring a team of fire damage specialists, you need to contact your insurance company. If the fire damage necessitates that you and your family must vacate the premises then also call and the local disaster relief service. Your insurance agent must grant you permission to begin the cleanup process, and the disaster relief service can provide you with assistance for immediate needs like temporary housing, clothing, and food.

Removing Water and Smoke Odors

Following the above contacts, it's time to call a team of fire damage specialists. These technicians from SERVPRO of Chattanooga will begin to extract standing water, as a result of the firefighting efforts, from your home in Harrison. This is always the first step to limiting the fire damage to the structure and personal belongings. Upon completing the clean up process, the second step in the restoration process, these technicians will remove smoke odors from your property. They will use several tools to accomplish this objective, including ozone machines. Smoke and soot also require highly skilled personnel and equipment for successful removal.

Mold And Mildew Prevention

In addition to removing smoke odors from your property, fire damage experts from SERVPRO assist with mold and mildew prevention. Mold and mildew are problematic for many reasons, one of which is that they can damage the structural integrity of your property. Additionally, mold and mildew pose many health risks to you and your family such as respiratory issues, and potential future lung problems. For addressing and stifling these risks, fire damage technicians will use moisture meters and hygrometers to seek out hidden pockets of moisture. Powerful air-movers and dehumidifiers will then be activated to dry out your home thoroughly.

Because of their extensive experience and education, fire damage specialists from SERVPRO are effective in expediting and optimizing the cleanup and restoration processes for your property in Harrison.
Consider this local franchise from a strong national brand for personalizing its commitment to getting you back into your home as quickly as possible.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

SERVPRO of Chattanooga is locally owned and operated. When you have a fire or water emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We’re also part of a network of over 1,650 Franchises, including special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large-scale fire, water, and storm disasters.

We know that fire damage can happen any time, so we’re ready to respond 24 hours, 7 days a week—including holidays. Call us. (423) 326-1406

Mold Remediation for a Home in Chattanooga

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Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration of the Hot Seat

For a Home in Chattanooga, Mold Remediation by SERVPRO

While residential property owners in Chattanooga should be aware of conditions that could impact their home, learning about a mold infestation is particularly important. By getting a clear understanding of what mold is and how to prevent it, you can preclude your property from being subjected to structural damage and health hazards with mold remediation from SERVPRO. Learn more about mold and how to keep  your property safe by reviewing this short outline:

Mold: A Brief Overview

Mold is a fungus. Positive factors for mold growth are moist, wet environments, a food source of cellulose or other organics, and poor ventilation. Homeowners who suffer water damage often find that mold starts to proliferate in their residential property. If mold growth is not identified and treated, it can cause a wide range of health problems. Some of these health problems include memory loss, respiratory distress, pulmonary hemorrhage, and asthma exasperation. Additionally, mold can adversely impact your indoor air quality giving off a musty odor and cause discoloration of walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Mold Remediation Specialist

Often, homeowners are interested in completing the mold removal process on their own. However, completing a do-it-yourself project in this instance is not very advisable.  A small patch or a bit of mold on tile grout can be cleaned and controlled by a homeowner. Most homeowners do not possess the specialized equipment and safety gear and clothing required to execute the mold remediation process. Additionally, hiring a team of professional remediation specialists from SERVPRO can shorten significantly the unhealthy home air quality. Finally, most homeowners do not possess the knowledge and experience necessary to complete the mold removal process safely. When done incorrectly, DIY projects can cause you to spread the mold infestation in previously uncontaminated living areas thereby increasing susceptibility to health risks, structural damage, and costs.

Benefits Of Securing a Professional Mold Remediation Service

• Assessing the dangers of the existing mold
• Locating the source of the problem
•Containing affected regions of the home to prevent mold spore proliferation, including HVAC ductwork
• Eliminating the mold colonies, reducing mold spores to normal levels
•Cleaning, drying and disinfecting all surfaces affected by mold
.Deodorizing the musty odor with ULV foggers


As an IICRC-certified company, the SERVPRO professionals are experts in Applied Microbial Remediation. Additionally, we are highly skilled in working directly with industrial hygienists, insurance adjusters, and residential property owners in Chattanooga to offer full-service mold remediation assistance.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is locally owned and operated. When you have a mold or water damage issue, we’re already nearby and ready to help. Call us. (423) 326-1406

Why You Need Flood Insurance for Your Business

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You may think your commercial property insurance covers everything you need to take care of flood, fire, storm, and any other damage. In truth, unless your business is insured by flood protection, you may find yourself high and dry the next time rough waters come to Chattanooga, TN.

Why Flood Insurance Is Necessary

Damage from flooding related to natural disasters actually isn’t covered in your standard commercial insurance package. It may seem strange, but if a storm strikes your area and causes flooding, your commercial insurance should cover everything under storm damage except the effects of the flood. This includes damage due to any of these causes:

• Wind
• Hail
• Impact from flying debris

Basically any issues caused by the storm except for a flood are generally covered by most aspects of your commercial property insurance. Flood damage, however, requires a wholly separate policy.

What Flood Insurance Covers

Flood insurance covers the damage done to your building by rising floodwaters from natural disasters. For example, if a tsunami swamps your coastal city and your building ends up in six feet of water, the damage caused by seawater permeating your building would be covered by flood insurance. However, if an earthquake strikes and your building floods because the seismic shocks broke your pipes, this would actually not be covered, because the flooding itself is a side effect of a natural disaster rather than the natural disaster in and of itself.

What Other Things Aren't Covered

Even if your insurance plan may pay for things such as flood remediation, secondary damage is often not covered, especially if it’s considered preventable. Secondary damage includes things such as mold and mildew caused by standing water left behind after flooding or infestations of insects that might be attracted to that standing water. Flood insurance only covers immediate and direct damage caused by the flood, and subsequent remediation and cleanup.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on flooding

How To Discourage Birds From Nesting on Your Building

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Birds commonly migrate as seasons change, and when they do, they need a place to rest. Many birds look for welcoming surfaces on which to build nests, but the drawback is that these nests are not always wanted by the building’s human inhabitants. A mud nest is not only an eyesore; it can actually degrade the structure of the building, initiating the need for restoration services. Bird removal is not always easy, and many methods are illegal. The best bird cleaning strategies, therefore, are preventative.

1. Mock Predators

While it may be illegal to physically remove the birds from your building in Chattanooga, TN as you can with other methods of pest control, it is perfectly okay to scare them off. Visual deterrents that resemble natural predators can be an effective way to discourage birds from taking up residence on your commercial property. The migratory birds spot the deterrent and tend to flee. For an even more effective strategy, try moving the deterrent to different locations so the birds don’t get used to it.

2. Physical Barriers

A net that covers the awnings where birds like to nest can prove to be a lot of trouble for them. If birds have to work too hard to get to their preferred spot, they are likely to give up and go find a place that’s easier to reach. Nets are typically inexpensive, easy to install and discreet. They are a useful bird cleaning tool.

3. Covered Landing Zone

If the net is not enough, you may have to make the area where the birds land and begin to assemble their homes inhospitable. A sloping apparatus can make it impossible for the birds to get sure footing. They simply slide off the landing, and your building remains nest-free.

You cannot control the migratory patterns of birds, and once they have nested on your building, you may not have a lot of choice as to whether they can stay. You can defend your property with preventative measures, though.

Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on commercial damage

When Is Water Damage Restoration Needed in Spring City?

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Flood water on a smart phone.

For Spring City Water Damage Restoration, SERVPRO Is Reliable

What is to be done with Spring City water damage? You should ask this fundamental question: when is a water damage restoration company needed for remediation? Following is some information that could help you determine when enough is enough, call in the cavalry. The focus is on helping you to understand when it is necessary to call a water damage restoration company to address the water damage issues. This will alleviate your stress as this large task is executed by SERVPRO's skilled IICRC trained technicians.

A water damage restoration company is required when the water damage repairs seem too large to handle, or when you have suffered from significant sewer damage that needs to be addressed with health and sanitation in mind. Whether a major blockage from the sewer line or rising groundwater, sewage issues must be tackled,  cleaned and sanitized by professionals wearing PPE--personal protection equipment. Expert water extractors are required when there is a need for full structural drying, usually after a tropical storm or groundwater disruption.

When you have a major flooding or a disastrous event caused by water, SERVPRO tailors options that will offer you the most efficient means of protecting your belongings while keeping expenses to the minimum. We can transport your soiled and wet items in a pack-out to our facilities for cleaning and storing until the restoration process is completed. We will "Block" furniture legs and other objects to isolate them from the effects of standing water as we dry out and clean up your living space. Our goal is to prevent secondary water damage as we preserve the undamaged condition of your other belongs.

Do I Make the Call?
If your basement has flooded, if there is water wicking into your walls and ceilings, if a wooden floor has been inundated with water, or when other types of water damage are present, then it is time to call in a company like SERVPRO to restore order to your chaos.

We work with your insurance adjuster by documenting all the Spring City water damaged belongings and building materials. We precisely photograph and generate a report called the CCIS which is the culmination of a proprietary, corporate software program to help ensure that you obtain an equitable claims resolution. From pumping out water to the final walk through with you, SERVPRO guarantees that whenever possible, we restore your home to pre-water damage condition "Like it never even happened."

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in Spring City too. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is close by and ready to respond 24/7 to your flood or water damage emergency in East Ridge, Decatur, and Spring City. Call us for help. (423) 326-1406

Fire Damage Comes in Many Forms and From Many Causes

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Windows with fire damage in a Chattanooga home.

The Many Forms and Types of Fire Damage

If your property in Ooltewah suffers from fire damage, you should talk to someone on our team. We are experts at minimizing current damage and keeping damage from increasing in severity. Even after a fire has been extinguished, its effects can continue to grow. We can stop that with state-of-the-art equipment.

Damage can be found even after small fires. These can happen anywhere in the home. They remain small when someone is present and can extinguish the fire before it can spread. The kitchen and bathroom are the most common, with the laundry room and garage coming in second. Bedrooms, living and dining rooms, and hallways can also have fires take place, but these areas are the least common. Patios are also prone to having fires, especially if outdoors cooking is done, or children experiment with a range of items, from fireworks to magnifying lenses

Fire damage can range from discolored concrete and natural rock outside to charred walls and scorched carpets inside. Drywall can suffer additional damage if water is heavily applied when there is a fire, although drywall should resist small, low-temperature fires. Paneling and wallpaper will burn, however, no matter what it is applied to as a covering. Our team members are creative in matching or updating, your pre-fire décor.

Kitchens can experience scorched countertops and cabinets, which need either repairing or replacing. If the cabinet doors are warped from the heat and then the cold from putting the fireout with either water or a fire extinguisher, they are typically replaced as needed. Then the remaining ones are cleaned and re-stained if needed. If floors have been soaked with water in the effort to extinguish the fire, we at SERVPRO are equipped, and experienced, in getting it dry quickly so that underlay and any support beams are not damaged

For fires in the garage and patio areas, we can quickly clean-up scorched concrete so that residues are not tracked into your home, as these can contain harmful substances that were once inert. Vinyl siding that has been damaged can also be repaired. Scorched and burned areas of grass can also be reseeded and started back on track. We can also create and provide an inventory list of damaged items, particularly, but not exclusively, for the garage area. We can list which items are damaged beyond repair, salvageable, or undetermined for insurance purposes.

If you've had a fire in your Ooltewah home cause damage, don't try repairing the area yourself. You need to call us at SERVPRO of East Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406. We'll help you get your home's beauty back on center stage and put the fire behind you.

Water Damage Chattanooga - Precautions When Returning to Your Home

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Water flooding in a Chattanooga home.

Returning home after a disaster in Chattanooga can be mentally, emotionally and physically challenging. It's important to exercise caution at all times and never return to your residence before local officials declare it safe to do so.

On Arrival

Avoid attempting to move injured individuals unless the situation is life-threatening or they are in immediate danger of further injury. It's critical to stabilize the neck and back of an unconscious individual if it’s absolutely urgent to have them moved. Call for help immediately. Other important procedures to keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye out for both domestic and wild animals, insects and bugs, especially poisonous ones. Watch your step and if you must poke through any debris, use a stick or other object.
  • Since phone lines may be exceptionally busy, only use the telephone for extreme emergencies.
  • Have a battery-powered radio with extra fresh batteries with you at all times.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect damaged residences. Turn it on outside before entering the residence to avoid sparks in case of gas leaks.
  • Avoid the streets as much as possible. If the streets are unavoidable, watch for downed power lines, fallen objects, unstable structures, walls, sidewalks, roads and bridges.

Before Entering Your Residence

Carefully inspect the exterior of the structure. Check for structural damage, gas leaks and downed electrical lines. Do no enter your residence if:

  • There are any odd odors, especially gas leaks.
  • You are uncertain about structural integrity.
  • Flood waters have accumulated around the structure.
  • Authorities have declared it unsafe.

Interior Safety Procedures

When entering your residence, there are precautions you should take, in addition to things you should do and things you shouldn't do. The following is a checklist of safety procedures to follow:

Gas leak:

Do not smoke, use candles, torches, gas or oil lanterns inside until you're certain there is no gas leakage. If you hear a blowing or hissing sound or smell gas, it's critical you leave the residence immediately. If possible, shut off the main gas line outside or call the gas company from a different location.

Electrical system:

Be cautious of loose, frayed or broken wires. Do not approach any electrical system or appliance if you’re wet, the interior is flooded or you're just unsure if it's safe. Turn off power at the main circuit breaker or fuse box if possible. Otherwise, leave the residence if the situation is not safe and consult a professional electrician about your wiring.

Interior foundation:

Check for foundation, roof and chimney cracks or other damage. Leave immediately if the structure looks like it will collapse.

Food storage:

Avoid eating food and using supplies that are not sealed properly, have come in direct contact with flood water or that you suspect have become contaminated.

Cleaning up Homes after Flooding

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What Needs to Be Cleaned After a Flood

Sewage and water systems:

Shut off the main water valve if you notice damaged pipes. Avoid drinking from the tap if there are any uncertainties about contaminated water, even if local authorities state the water is safe to drink. Wells should be pumped and tested by professionals. Avoid flushing toilets until you can confirm sewage lines are working properly.

Chemical spills:

Disinfect salvageable items with soap, water and bleach that may have come into contact with flood water, sewage or other toxic chemicals.

Discard damaged or contaminated items that cannot be disinfected, such as:

  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Bed coverings
  • Curtains and drapes
  • Clothing
  • Drywall

Open cabinets:

Be cautious of loose and falling objects.

Basement flooding:

Pump water out of the basement gradually (just about a quarter of water per day). If water is pumped out too quickly while the ground is still excessively waterlogged, the floor may buckle and the walls collapse.

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is locally owned and operated and serves Chattanooga, Harrison, Collegedale, East Brainerd, East Ridge, and the surrounding communities.

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga’s fully certified water removal staff can perform a complete damage assessment to your home of office, and then recommend and follow the industries standards to get your water removal restoration repaired properly available 24 hours a day

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company, Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation.

Great Ideas for Getting Rid of Mold Odor

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Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold in your home.

Mold odor is one of the worst smells imaginable. It’s at once musty and wet, sour and dry, and it can prompt the urge to sneeze or be ill. The dank, terrible smell is clinging and pervasive, and once it’s soaked into something it seems impossible to get rid of. It’s even worse when that odor gets into your hair, skin, and clothing, following you everywhere. This musty odor is caused by mycotoxin, but no matter the cause it’s important to evict mold from your Chattanooga, TN home.

Just Covering the Smell Isn’t Enough

It can be tempting to try to cover the smell with air fresheners, candles, and scented cleansers. All this does is mask the smell; it doesn’t get rid of the source. As long as you still have mold, you’re just creating a worse odor when the mycotoxin stench mixes cloyingly with the scented candles and air fresheners.

Instead, to eliminate the smell, you can use these solutions:

• Baking soda, one of the best household remedies for stenches
• Vinegar, another natural home remedy that kills mold and gets rid of smells
• Borax, a chemical cleanser and antifungal that destroys mold spores
• HEPA air filters, which not only eliminate the odors but help to remove some of the mold spores from the air

Mold Elimination Is Your Best Option

Believe it or not, there are likely millions of mold spores floating around you right now. If any one of them takes root, you could have a spreading mold problem. Your best bet to get rid of the mycotoxin stench is to get rid of the source. Professional mold remediation can kill mold odors at the source and remove much of the mold saturating your home in both spore and fungal form. Otherwise, while you may eliminate the odors, you haven’t gotten rid of the source — and as soon as the mold comes back, so will the smell. Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on mold. 

What Type of Smoke Alarm Is Best for My Home?

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There are few more frightening experiences than a house fire. While this is the last event Chattanooga, TN residents likely want to think about, it is nevertheless a vital consideration. Protecting your home and the lives of everyone in the household is top priority, so look to the following different types of equipment to choose the best smoke alarm for your home.

While some fire alarms pick up heat, the effectiveness of these models can pale in comparison to a smoke detector. There are three basic types of such detectors to choose between:

1. Ionization Alarms

An ionized detector is generally cheaper than other types of alarms. These alarms use miniscule amounts of radioactive material to ionize the air in a small chamber in the device, allowing the air to carry an electric charge. When smoke passes through this chamber, it causes a disruption in this electrical current, which then sets off the alarm.

2. Photoelectric Alarms

According to most smoke alarm experts, photoelectric alarms have a smaller chance of making false alarms than their ionization counterparts. This type of fire safety device uses a light beam and a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke. While ionized alarms are usually better for spotting fast fires, photoelectric alarms typically best detect smoldering fires.

3. Smart Alarms

Most smart alarms use photoelectric sensors, and some even have a split-spectrum sensor for greater accuracy. Although identical to non-smart detectors in terms of basic function, a smart detector has more customized options and can send alerts directly to phones and tablets.

If you're like most homeowners in Chattanooga, TN you've probably wondered which device is best for your space. Whether you're well-versed in the world of smoke detectors or are just getting started, expanding your knowledge on product options is never a bad idea. Once you've chosen the proper spots in your home for a smoke alarm, you can install the right ones to protect your living space.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/ for more information on fire damage. 

4 Ways To Prevent Mold in Your Vacant Rental Property

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During summer months, mold prevention becomes more difficult because hot, humid weather creates the perfect conditions for mold.

In an ideal world, your rental property always has tenants. In the real world, however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a property will remain vacant for weeks or even months, and an empty property is at risk for developing mold growth. In general, this fungus is relatively harmless unless it grows indoors, where it creates an unpleasant environment. Follow these mold prevention tips now so that you don’t end up paying more for a mitigation specialist in Chattanooga, TN, to perform a cleanup later.

1. Turn off the water and drain the lines.

If you expect a property to be vacant for any length of time, turn off your water using the main shut-off valve and open all the taps to allow water to drain out of the plumbing lines. Especially in the winter months when pipes can freeze and burst, turning off the water eliminates the possibility of plumbing leaks that can cause water damage. Preventing moisture from collecting anywhere is the number one key to mold prevention.

2. Do repairs first.

Before you close the property, have your contractor check for roof and outer wall leaks, clean the gutters and make sure your sump pump is in good condition. Minor repairs can turn into expensive problems later if rainwater is leaking into your building, creating the moist conditions that mold loves.

3. Leave the heat on low...

You may want to save money by shutting off utilities while the building is vacant. However, the money you may save pales in comparison to the cost of paying a mold mitigation specialist in Chattanooga, TN, to restore your property. During cool weather, keeping the heat on low keeps the house from becoming too damp and encouraging mold spores to settle and grow.

4. ... or leave the A/C running.

During summer months, mold prevention becomes more difficult because hot, humid weather creates the perfect conditions for mold. However, keeping the air conditioner running pulls moisture from the air, keeping your property’s environment cool and dry. When new tenants arrive, there won’t be any musty odors or mold problems to contend with. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/

How To Care for Your Building’s Contents After a Flood

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If you’re dealing with a flooded company, the best thing you can do for you and your employees’ safety is hire a Chattanooga, TN, remediation team.

If your building was recently flooded, it is understandable that you may want to act fast to start cleaning your contents. After all, the longer you wait to clean your items, the more money you lose. However, content cleaning a flooded company should not be taken lightly. Whether you’re dealing with a flood caused by a broken pipe or one caused by sewage backup, there are certain precautions you need to take:

• Review basic hygiene procedures.
• Invest in personal protective gear.
• Train your employees on disease prevention.
• Know when to call in the professionals.

Basic Hygiene Procedures

If you and your employees attempt to clean up the mess on your own, it’s crucial that you take precautions to protect your health. Some things you can do to clean up your flooded company include the following:

• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water immediately after coming into contact with human waste or sewage.
• Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth or open sores while handling contaminated water.
• Remove soiled work clothes as soon as you’re done cleaning and before you do anything else or go anywhere else.
• Do not chew gum or smoke tobacco while handling sewage or human waste.
• Invest in dry cleaning to thoroughly clean contaminated clothes.

Protective Personal Gear You Need

Knowing how and when to clean your hands and clothing is not enough. You also need to know how to handle contaminated water or, more importantly, what gear you need to safely do so. Equipment you will need includes these items:

• Rubber boots and gloves
• Liquid repellent coveralls
• Goggles
• Protective face mask

Conduct the Proper Training

Though you should always rely on a professional Chattanooga, TN, water remediation team for content cleanup, it doesn’t hurt to train your workers in safe techniques and basic hygiene practices. A portion of training should focus heavily on when to seek medical attention and recognizing signs of waste-borne illnesses.

If you’re dealing with a flooded company, the best thing you can do for you and your employees’ safety is hire a Chattanooga, TN, remediation team. The professionals are properly trained and have adequate protection. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com/

Why Professionals Should Clean Smoke Damage From A Fire

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Find a contractor local to you who has licenses and trained in restoring fire damage. Don't hire someone who just claims that they know fire cleanup

Fires are a lot more common than you might think. Something as simple as a candle that was left burning unattended could spark a fire. Because of this, fire damage can be a daunting task to have to deal with and clean on your own. In general, trying to clean fire damage on your own without proper knowledge or experience could be quite dangerous. There are many reasons why professionals should be the ones who clean the smoke and fire damage that has been caused by the flames. 

One of the most obvious reasons for having experts clean the problem for you is because they are trained and often certified to do this. Not all fire restoration companies have certifications to do the job, so you need to diligently find a contractor local to you who has licenses and training when it comes to restoring fire damage. Hiring someone who just claims that they clean up after home disasters might not yield the results that you so desperately need to keep your home healthy, clean and safe for the rest of your loved ones. 

Another reason you're going to want to hire the experts to clean up the problem for you is because trying to do it on your own can be downright dangerous. During a fire, a lot of wood is destroyed because of the heat of the flames. This could mean that once-stable floors are now soft, and you could easily fall through a floor that has experienced fire damage. If you have a large home, trying to clean it on your own can also be downright exhausting and a task that is just too much for you to accomplish without the expertise of a professional company that has done this work before dozens of times. 

You also don't want to be working in a home and cleaning it because of the strong and pungent odors that are present. When a fire happens, soot, ash and a lot of tar is released into the air. This is what often causes walls and furniture to become almost black in color. The levels of carbon monoxide in the air might also be incredibly high, making it dangerous or even fatal to be working and cleaning in the home without the right protective equipment. While hiring a company is not something that can be done for free, the amount you spend to hire them for the project is well worth it when it comes to the problems you can avoid. 

In terms of hiring a professional damage remediation company, you need to make sure that you contact them quickly and almost as soon as the fire has been put out. The sooner that the issue can be dealt with and cleaned, the sooner you can stop further fire damage from happening inside of the house. The experts will evaluate the damage and give you a quote on how much the cleanup is going to cost if you make the decision to hire them for their services.      Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO Chattanooga Professionals have specialized Chattanooga fire damage restoration training and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition. They also can remove the pervasive smoke odor and deep-clean soot from upholstery and carpet.   SERVPRO of Chattanooga Professionals provide fire and water damage restoration services. SERVPRO of Chattanooga proudly serves Chattanooga, Harrison, Collegedale, East Brainerd, East Ridge, and surrounding areas. We are the Fire, Water, Mold, and Cleaning Experts - available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency. 

Chattanooga Storm Damage Tips

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General Tips To Prepare for Storm Damage

  • Assemble an emergency kit that consists of food, water and basic disaster supplies designed to last at least 72 hours. Put the kit together well before severe weather strikes. Keep it in an easily accessible place, so you can grab it and go if you have to evacuate.
  • Develop a family communication plan, since your family members will probably be at different places like work or school when a storm strikes. Therefore, you need to establish a way of getting in touch with each other before the storm strikes. Decide ahead of time how and where you will meet each other. Make sure everybody in the family knows everybody else's cell phone number.
  • If you live in a storm-prone area, your community may have already established evacuation routes to leave the area safely and quickly. Learn about your community's evacuation plans and routes and make sure everybody in your family knows.

Why Choose SERVPRO of East Chattanooga?

We're Faster to Any Size Disaster

A fast response is crucial to flooding and storm damage, because it reduces secondary damage and restoration costs. Storms don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Our technicians will respond immediately, day or night, to help Chattanooga business owners and residents.

Learn More

 We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists

As a leader in storm and water damage restoration, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga has the specialized training and expertise to restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. Our restoration process puts an emphasis on scientific drying techniques, progress monitoring and documentation.

•Water Damage Restoration Technician

•Applied Structural Drying Technicians

Learn More

We Have the Resources to Handle Storms and Disasters

We can access the resources and personnel of 1,650 Franchises to handle major storms and disasters. We also have access to special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to catastrophic storms and events.

The Importance of Mitigation After a Water Heater Flood

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Floods can happen in your Chattanooga, TN home for a variety of reasons, but one you might not expect is a leaking water heater. Whether this appliance develops a steady leak or bursts all at once, it can cause considerable flooding. Taking quick action afterward by calling in a professional flood cleanup service may prevent further damage to your home and the costly repair bills that can come with it.

Immediate Safety Measures Implemented

Flood techs can inspect a failed water heater safely and prevent dangers that might cause serious harm to you and your family. The hazards may include the following:

" Scalding from hot water
" Electrocution
" Fire from shorted electrical circuits

Reducing the risk of these immediate dangers can protect everyone working to stop the flooding and give you peace of mind that your family is safe, despite the mishap.

Containment of Water

If a broken water heater bursts and causes a sudden flood, containing the water can be an important step in protecting the rest of your home. Quick mitigation may prevent water from entering rooms with carpeting or reaching electrical outlets in other rooms. This action may also provide additional protection to curious young children and pets. Flood techs may work to turn off the water first before they attempt to stop the water from spreading.

Removal of Standing Water

Even a few inches of water from a leaking water heater can cause damage to a room's walls and floor. If you store your water heater in your basement, shallow water can spread and ruin nearby stored items, such as precious handmade Christmas ornaments or boxed photos. Removing standing water quickly can prevent leaking water from causing long-term damage to your home and treasured items.

A leaking water heater in your Chattanooga, TN home can happen without warning. Acting right away by calling in flood mitigation professionals might help you prevent severe water damage and reduce the risk of danger to your family. Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on water damage. 

3 Actions You Can Take To Control Mold in Your Home

3/24/2018 (Permalink)

This Chattanooga home had mold behind their baseboards thinking that their home was dry.

Flooding, leaking pipes and other water damage in your Chattanooga, TN home can cause mold to grow where you may not notice. When mold is allowed to spread, it can cause significant damage to your home's wood, insulation and other building materials as well as cause a damp, unpleasant smell that may eventually permeate every room. However, there are several actions you can take to control this unwelcome intruder.

1. Have Your Plumbing Inspected

One common thing that causes mold to grow is leaky plumbing. When pipes leak in crawl spaces, under kitchen cabinets or in your basement, this can create prime conditions for mold growth. Having your pipes inspected, repaired or replaced can prevent moisture issues that invite mold to develop. Consider replacing old toilets with failing wax seals, as those failing seals can cause constant moisture at the base of the unit and encourage mold to grow.

2. Control Drainage Around Your Home

If your home suffers from poor drainage, it may be creating ideal conditions for mold to spread. Clogged gutters, leaky downspouts and rapid soil erosion may all cause water damage, especially if your basement is prone to flooding. Upgrading your drainage system and creating an erosion barrier around the perimeter of your home can prevent water from entering and contributing to the spread of mold.

3. Call for Mold Remediation

Contacting a water cleanup and mold remediation company can help you with mold prevention by having mold experts check your home for its presence. Mold often grows where you might not see it right away, so calling in professional mold technicians can ensure that it is eradicated no matter where it hides. Mold remediation can be especially important if your home recently suffered water damage, as mold can grow in affected areas as soon as 24 hours after the incident took place.

Mold can spread quickly inside your Chattanooga, TN home, especially after flooding that causes water damage. Knowing how to keep it under control and preventing the damage it causes can help you protect your home and avoid costly repairs. Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on mold. 

Building a Defense Against Wind Damage

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Here is a basement area where the flood water can be clearly seen.

You already know to protect your place of business against lightning and rain during thunderstorms in Chattanooga, TN but like many business owners, you’ve likely overlooked the threat that wind poses during severe weather conditions. The truth is, wind can do as much damage to your commercial building as other thunderstorm threats in a shorter amount of time. It can:

• Strip away shingles to cause a substantial roof leak
• Damage your roof with branches or downed trees
• Shatter windows

Fortunately, protecting yourself from this invisible threat is simple when you know the right steps to take.

Outdoor Cleanup

Your first step toward protecting your establishment from wind damage is to clean up the outside. That means replacing gravel and rock landscaping with something softer (like mulch or straw) or unmovable (like asphalt or concrete). Keep branches on trees around your building trimmed, and consider taking down any trees that are too close to the building or which already show signs of damage. Your local utility company may help out by pruning trees near power lines if you place a few calls. Furthermore, consider removing any loose outdoor furniture from courtyards, lounge areas and patios indoors when you hear a thunderstorm being forecast for your area to prevent the creation of flying debris.

Proper Inspections

Removing trees and branches sometimes isn’t enough to completely protect a roof, especially if it’s old or already has damage like missing shingles. Ensure your business is up to the next storm by investing in annual inspections by professional roofers who can identify and properly fix damaged roofs before they become a real issue, leading to a roof leak or much worse. Perform the same courtesy for your building’s windows and doors as well to prevent shattering and blow-ins during high-wind storms.

Taking these steps may not eliminate wind damage altogether; you might encounter a roof leak here and there or a crack in your window. But the right precautions help to make your business a safer place for you and your employees when strong winds blow in. Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on commercial storm damage. 

What All Business Owners Should Know About Mold

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If you have recently had flooding in your business, you may worry about the mold growth that follows. Even after the water damage has subsided, the worry continues. With a basic understanding of mold and how it spreads through high humidity, you can feel confident in choosing a mold remediation specialist in Chattanooga, TN.

There are a few frequently asked questions about mold:

• What causes it?
• How dangerous is it?
• Can I handle it myself?
• How can I stop it?

If you, like other business owners, have these questions, you can find answers here.

What Causes Mold?

It’s a misconception to think that mold just shows up right after a flood. The truth is that mold is around us almost everywhere we go. However, these spores are usually too small to see and don’t cause trouble.

However, when the humidity level rises above 45 percent in an area, mold can grow and spread. That’s when you get the mold growth with which you may be more familiar. High humidity and water damage are two of the primary ways mold infiltrates a business.

How Dangerous Is It?

There is plenty of debate about the health effects of mold. In addition to any of those, mold can create a foul smell that drives customers away. If left alone long enough, it can even cause structural damage. That’s why it’s better to take care of the problem as soon as you detect mold.

Can You Handle It Yourself?

This problem is better left to the professionals. Much like you would not trust someone less experienced in running your business, you should trust a professional restoration crew in Chattanooga, TN to get rid of your mold problem.

How Can You Stop It?

The moment water builds up in your business, it’s time to spring into action. First, call a professional mold growth remediation specialist. Then, make sure to follow any instructions the professional gives while you wait. If the water is safe, you may start cleaning it up. However, you may need to leave black water alone.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on mold.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher in a Commercial Setting

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It is important that all members of your staff know how to properly use a fire extinguisher. A fire is the most common emergency a business must plan for according to OSHA. A small kitchen fire may be able to be contained with an extinguisher. They can also be used to help protect evacuation routes.

OSHA requires that employees be trained how to use these tools and how to determine when evacuation is the best choice by assessing the situation.


PASS is a simple training method that can help you and your employees remember the correct way to operate a fire extinguisher.

• Pull
• Aim
• Squeeze
• Sweep

You start by removing the pin. You next want to aim the spray nozzle at the base of the fire and squeeze the trigger on the handle. Use a sweeping motion while aiming the end of the nozzle at the base of the fire.


A small extinguisher is a great tool to reduce fire damage and potentially save lives by preventing fires from getting out of control, but their use is limited. Fire extinguishers are only effective on small fires. It is important for employees to know when to evacuate.

If a fire is too large, it is time to evacuate. If flammable solvents are involved, the fire can’t be reached from a standing position or is partially hidden by the ceiling or a wall, everyone should leave the building immediately, and leave the firefighting to the professionals in Chattanooga, TN.

If the room or office fills with smoke, don’t risk it. You may need some form of respiratory protection. Get out of the building. You need to be able to get within ten to fifteen feet of a fire for a fire extinguisher to be effective. If the radiated heat prevents you from getting close enough, the safest thing for you to do is follow the office evacuation plan.

Office fires may be more common than you think. It is important that you and your employees know how to safely act in various situations that involve fires.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on commercial fire damage.

What To Do If Your Commercial Water Supply Line Bursts

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The water supply line to your commercial property is vital for ensuring you have a clean business that your customers will want to visit. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. If your water supply line bursts, you could find yourself with a large mess to take care of. Use these tips to help you get through the pipe burst cleanup process.

Shut Off the Water Supply

The first thing you need to do when you notice a burst pipe is to shut off the water supply. This may be found in several areas:

• Near the sink

• Behind the toilet

• In a basement or utility space

• At the main valve near your water meter

Clamp the Pipe Shut

Next, you’ll need to close off the burst in the pipe. Do this by applying a repair clamp to the area. While each package will have its own instructions, the process typically includes adding a rubber sleeve to the leak and then bolting a clamp over the sleeve. If you do not have a repair kit, you can use rubber from an inner tube or similar item with an adjustable hose clamp. This is only a temporary fix, so be sure to call a professional plumber as soon as you clamp the pipe to stop supply line leaking.

Visit SERVPRO of East Chattanooga for more information on commercial water cleanup.

Cleanup Process for Commercial Pipe Break

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Beginning the Cleanup Process after a Pipe Break

Begin the pipe burst cleanup. If any electrical outlets or equipment were disturbed, shut off electricity to the area. Use a wet vacuum or sump pump to remove any standing water and then clean, sanitize and dry any affected areas and items.

Keep in mind that an area that doesn’t dry quickly enough can develop black mold and lead to further damages to your property. To ensure the area is properly cleaned, sanitized and dried, you should work with a water cleanup company in Chattanooga, TN, that is experienced with commercial pipe burst cleanup.

Our Technicians are certified in commercial and residential water damage cleanup. Visit SERVPRO of East Chattanooga for more information on commercial water cleanup.

Water Damage Stinks! Here’s What To Do About the Smell

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Get Rid of Mildew Smells in the Carpet

One of the biggest culprits for lingering odors post-flood is carpets. If you decided not to replace your carpets after sewage loss, it may be the cause of that bad smell and quite possibly for any adverse health symptoms you or your loved ones have experienced. Some things you can do to get rid of any residual debris and flood water include:

• Completely dry the affected areas and then leave your windows open to allow the room to air out.

• Place dehumidifiers throughout the affected area. 

• Treat your carpet with a cleaning solution designed to kill mold growth and bacteria. 

• Pour baking soda over the areas your sprayed and leave it on the treated areas for some time, preferably overnight. Vacuum it up in the morning. 

If after thoroughly cleaning your carpets your home still smells like black water, clean the air.

Cleaning the Air after a Flood

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The aftermath of a flood is no picnic, and even after all damaged materials have been removed and the ground floor has been thoroughly dried and cleaned, the smell of mold and sewage can linger for weeks or even months. If your home was recently in a flood, and you’re tired of your home reeking like mold growth and black water, your local City, State, flood restoration team has a few odor removal tips that may be of use to you. 

Steps for Cleaning the Air 

Cleaning the air is fairly simple and involves a few common household items.

• Cat Litter: Cat litter is designed to soak up odors, so place a little bit in each room. Change it out periodically to make sure that it absorbs as much of the residual odor as possible. 

• Vinegar: Place bowls of vinegar throughout your home, and in just a few days, your home will be smelling as fresh as it was pre-flood. 

• Baking Soda: In addition to using baking soda on your carpets, you can also use it to zap odors from the air. 

Mold growth can really stink up your home. To get rid of that bad smell, try utilizing the tips above from your Chattanooga, TN, water damage team.

Visit our site for more storm damage tips and information.

Three Ways to Prepare for a Storm

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Roof damaged when tree fell during a storm.

General Tips To Prepare for and Emergency

  1. Assemble an emergency kit that consists of food, water and basic disaster supplies designed to last at least 72 hours. Put the kit together well before severe weather strikes. Keep it in an easily accessible place, so you can grab it and go if you have to evacuate.
  2. Develop a family communication plan, since your family members will probably be at different places like work or school when a storm strikes. Therefore, you need to establish a way of getting in touch with each other before the storm strikes. Decide ahead of time how and where you will meet each other. Make sure everybody in the family knows everybody else's cell phone number.
  3. If you live in a storm-prone area, your community may have already established evacuation routes to leave the area safely and quickly. Learn about your community's evacuation plans and routes and make sure everybody in your family knows.

Creating and Maintaining a Safe Environment During a Fire

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Creating and Maintaining a Safe Environment During a Fire

Reducing the risk of commercial fire damage can often make more of a difference than even the most prompt and thorough fire restoration efforts. Devices that ensure faster detection of a potential fire as well as the fire suppression and fire sprinkler systems which may help to ensure that a kitchen or electrical fire is less likely to spread or grow are critical resources. Preventing fire damage from occurring can spare commercial property and business owners from having to deal with the extensive cleanup and fire restoration costs that may be needed in order to recover from an on-site blaze.

Ensuring Effective Response and Fire Suppression

While on-site extinguishers or an automated fire sprinkler system can help to minimize the risk and potential damages associated with a small kitchen, break room or utility room fire, there are times where the services of professional firefighters and first responders may be required. Ensuring that a fire truck is able to access all areas of a commercial property without issue is not a matter that should be left to chance. Obstacles which may impede the placement of a fire hose and issues which could keep firefighters from evacuating an area or reaching the site of a fire. Minimizing the extend of smoke damage, soot damage or the water damages caused by a fire hose or a fire sprinkler system may be all but impossible in situations where firefighters are unable to respond effectively.

Beginning the Cleanup Process

Business and property owners would be wise to ensure they how to go about responding to commercial fire damage. Larger fires and issues that may require an on-site fire truck in order to address may result in numerous safety issues and waiting for firefighters or a fire inspector to issue the all clear prior to beginning any fire restoration or cleanup efforts is critical. Fire damage can easily compromise load-bearing structures and entering an area that has suffered extensive soot damage or smoke damage may entail considerable risk.

Finding the Best Fire Restoration Services and Solutions

Cleaning up after an electrical fire or a utility room fire can be a far easier undertaking for those who seek help from the right professionals. Any blaze that requires a fire truck to extinguish may result in extensive commercial fire damage. While ensuring that those on-site have access to extinguishers, a fire hose and other fire suppression equipment can help minimize the risk of fire spreading to additional areas, cleanup and restoration of any affected areas may still require a wide range of resources and service options. Commercial business and property owners would do well to seek out the best selection of fire restoration and cleanup services available.

Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on fire damage. 

Why Professionals Should Take Care of Smoke Damage after a Fire

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Why Professionals Should Take Care of Smoke Damage after a Fire

Fire in home and fire in business or workplaces are equally devastating. They cause financial losses and emotional wreck. When there is a fire, the firefighters come to the rescue to try to minimize fire damage as much as they can. After they leave, it should not be assumed that danger has passed. The house or the structure is not safe yet from further destruction. This is why professionals should be contacted to help with the fire cleanup and other needs, including dealing with soot damage and smoke damage.

Without professionals who can address the aftermath of the fire damage after fire in home or fire in business, the property will not return to its normal state. These professionals are from fire damage restoration companies and they will provide services, such as board up, fire cleanup, smoke smell deodorization, and other home and commercial fire damage necessities.

Why Homeowners Should NOT Attempt Fire Damage Restoration

A restoration company exists to help homeowners and business owners get things back to normal as quickly as possible. It may be true that the principles behind residential and commercial fire damage repair are quite simple, but restoration does require some things.

These things include having the experience and the know-how in restoration after fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Manpower is also required in order to perform properly and adequately. This is why homeowners should not try to restore their property on their own.

After Fire, There is Still Danger

Fire is undeniably the immediate danger in fire in home and fire in business. However, even when it is gone, it still leaves threats behind and these threats will continue to affect the property, belongings, and the people in the house or building. Ash and smoke are left behind in home and commercial fire damage. If left untreated, they can cause widespread etching, discoloration, and corrosion. Additionally, the smoke smell can be overpowering.

With the help of professionals, fire cleanup after fire in home or fire in business becomes easy. Soot damage as well as smoke damage can easily be dealt with. They can address these common fire damage problems before they turn to something major.

Working with a Restoration Company

The most important thing when working with a team of professionals from a restoration company is that they are contacted as immediately as possible. The good news is that there are a number of companies out there that promote their fire damage restoration abilities, but it is crucial to look for the following qualities in a restoration business:

The people from the restoration company should have proper training and certification.

They have the necessary tools and equipment for a fire cleanup and other services like home board up.

They are available and can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They are trustworthy with adequate experience in restoration, emergency board up, and other services.

They can provide a detailed plan as to how the fire cleanup will take place and they are not afraid to answer questions raised by the home- or business owners.

These professionals can help eliminate dangers of smoke smell and soot damage, while restoring items that have been affected by fire. However, they must be brought to the scene of the residential or commercial fire damage as soon as possible to stop ongoing problems that ash and smoke residues may cause. This is of paramount importance since there are several things ash can do to a property:

It can discolor almost all surfaces.

Anything that was close to the fire or those made of plastic can start their discoloration process within minutes.

Continuous exposure of finishes on appliances and fiberglass to ash and smoke can lead to them turning yellow.

Walls, upholstery, and clothing may discolor permanently.

Metals may tarnish and start corroding.

Additionally, vinyl and wood may need replacement and immediate board up may be necessary. This may seem costly, but the truth is if a professional is not hired to clean fire and smoke damage right away, fire damage restoration costs will definitely skyrocket within a few weeks. Therefore, it is wise to contact them straight away, if possible before the firefighters leave.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on fire damage.

Mold Damage Shouldn't Be Long Term Problem

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Mold Damage Shouldn't Be Long Term Problem

Battling mold could take forever if the correct steps aren't utilized. Anyone who has dealt with mold removal might remember it can and will return if not addressed correctly the first time. Remediation of the mildew, fungus and black mold the first time around can save a home or business owner tons of time and money. It's nothing that should drag on forever. The solution is as simple as allowing a highly trained expert to diagnose the issue and remove the threat at the source.

Mold growth shouldn't have to be anything longer than a short term problem. In fact, mold removal in the right hands isn't a long term issue. Experts who know the gravity of the situation can carefully secure any mold damage and provide remediation for mold in home or commercial mold damage victims.

What happens when a mold damage professional looks at a dwelling? A restoration company can assess the situation. They can properly diagnose the type of mold that has surfaced.

Is it black mold? Could it possibly lead to dry rot? Does the smelly odor need deodorization or will it go away alone? These are questions the general public doesn't typically have answers to. These are questions a professional restoration company can usually answer within their first assessment of seeing the mold growth.

Sometimes mold growth isn't even visible. Mold growth behind wall is a completely different beast to tackle. It might just leave an obnoxious smelly odor for residents to deal with. A true professional needs to be consulted to find the mold growth behind wall.

Mold damage in home or commercial mold damage can be tricky if left alone and untreated. It can also be tricky if it's treated without care or knowledge. Mold growth can spread. The spores can move from one piece of wood to another. This condition could lead to dry rot. Dry rot occurs when the wood that supports the home or business starts to decay because of the extensive mold damage. This dry rot damage could lead to a potential rebuild of the dwelling in question.

A restoration company can dig to find the root of the issue. Unlike general consumers, a professional can figure out what started the problem. They can identify the type of mold so the source is contained. Was it a leaky pipe within the interior of the home? Is the air condition leaking? Is excessive humidity and moisture leading to black mold? Does the shower need to be revamped? Is there enough proper ventilation in certain areas of the home? These could all be present whether it's mold growth behind wall, visible fungus or mildew.

Mold in home or commercial mold damage may seem like a quick fix at the first sight. The fungus and mildew though should provide valuable hints to an expert on how to contain the spread of the spores and how to keep it from occurring over and over again.

The remediation provided for a specialist could be the difference between mold continuing to spread deeper into the wood structures. It could also also be the difference between eradicating the fungus, mildew and smelly odor once and for all.

Mitigation is the lessening of the damage seen with mold. That involves things like deodorization to remove the funky aroma. The smelly odor isn't something customers want to endure during a commercial mold damage scenario. It's also nothing a mold in home customer wants to take to bed with them, either. Deodorization is the icing on the cake to returning things back to normalcy. That's why mitigation by a professional is crucial in the early stages. It's not just the appearance of mold that can wreak havoc.

Why doesn't everyone utilize a restoration company for mitigation and remediation? Mold in home and commercial mold damage victims often wait or don't believe the mold damage is that bad. Mold removal might seem like an easy task or something consumers can look up with "how to" videos. Maybe mold growth behind wall isn't visible and they don't realize the mold growth even exists or is even spreading. The mitigation, when handled by a professional, can bring a building completely back to where it was before the mold occurred.

Black mold and many other types of mold can be removed at the source of the problem instead of just where it has populated. Deodorization can also help with the mold removal to alleviate the awful smell associated with the spores. A professional can at least assess the mold. This way the damage can be located and controlled. The source of the problem can be fixed. The long term spread of mold can be corralled. Ultimately, that's what most home and business owners hope to achieve.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on mold.

Entrust Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

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Entrust Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

A fire in home or fire in business leaves devastation and despair amidst the soot damage, smoke smell, board up doors and windows, and half-charred leftovers of the belongings you cherished most. After the firefighters have extinguished the flames and the whirlwind is over, it seems you're finally ready to assess the fire damage and begin fire cleanup. But, it isn't that easy. The smoke smell and smoke damage are dangerous. Smoke damage may also linger, resulting in a fire re-igniting at any time. Never return to property that has board up or until you've been given the green light to re-enter by fire personnel.

Once you've been given the okay to return to the property to assess the fire damage, do not panic. Fire damage leaves constant reminders of the devastation and loss you've incurred, but a restoration company minimizes the damage and brings a bit of hope into the situation Whether it is a fire in business or a fire in home, a professional restoration company makes the facility complete once again, removing any traces of a fire. They'll alleviate the smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and water damage, too.

Although it is tempting to begin a fire cleanup on your own, avoiding such a decision is beneficial for many reasons. A fire is dangerous, and oftentimes deadly. The fire can re-ignite at any time with something as simple as strong gust of wind causing the trouble. The smoke smell can leave you in the back of an ambulance, and the psychological turmoil may simply be too much to handle during an already difficult time in your life. The quicker you call a restoration company; the sooner fire damage restoration can begin.

A fire damage restoration company works quickly to get your unit back in working condition after a fire in business or a fire in home. The restoration company offers a plethora of services that remove all traces of a fire so you can move on the best that you can. A commercial fire damage company is available for cleanup of a business. You choose the services you want and need for commercial fire damage or residential cleanup.

Leaving the fire cleanup process to the pros offers benefits including:

- Peace of mind and confidence that all dangers of fire damage are removed

- Safety and security -Professionals are equipped with the tools and equipment needed to complete fire damage restoration safely and easily

- Save time and get your place back quicker after a fire in home or fire in business

- Prevent further damage from occurring

- Remove soot damage and smoke damage, as well as the smoke smell

- Commercial fire damage experts provide cleanup for businesses of all sizes, including warehouses and offices

- Trained and certified fire damage restoration experts

When you hire a commercial fire damage or residential fire damage company for cleanup of our property, trained professionals come to the area to evaluate the damage. Fire cleanup technicians then begin removing board up, ash residue, and soot damage. They'll also look for any items that are salvageable and toss anything that is not. The professionals will remove the smoke smell from the property and deodorize areas that need it the most. A board up may occur again after this treatment to prevent any additional contamination.

When you've experienced the devastation of a fire, do not try to handle the cleanup process alone. Trained professionals are at your service with the tools and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your facility so you can get back to the life that you love. Do not go it alone when the pros are only one call away.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on more information on fire damage.

Engage the Experts for a Professional Mold Removal Process

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Engage the Experts for a Professional Mold Removal Process

Mold is part of the natural co-existence in the environment and can thrive indoors and outdoors. In fact, it's not a problem until it starts growing indoors as that results in mold damage. Mold growth can take place on any organic substance as long as it has moisture and oxygen. As such, homeowners are likely to find mold on wood, carpets, and food. Big mold infestations occur where the sources of moisture remain undiscovered. Additionally, the mildew is evident in darkened grout lines in the shower, decks, and drywall. Dry rot and smelly odor also indicate mold growth behind wall. With the increasing awareness about the health and other effects of indoor exposure to mildew, homeowners seek various mold remediation and mitigation techniques. The next discussion highlights steps a restoration and a commercial mold damage removal company follows:

Assess the Extent of Mold Growth and its Cause

Mildew is the most visible mold species that starts off as tiny dark spots that sprout to large colonies. It is the result of mold growth behind wall or the dry rot on moist deck boards and painted siding. Most people mistake it for a dirty surface. During mold inspection, the commercial mold damage professional identifies the source of dampness that is causing mold in home. He also assesses the extent of growth, damage, manifestations of invisible mold, unusual smelly odor, and mitigation procedures to prevent reoccurrence. This way, he develops a work plan for the mold removal process.

Determine the Type of Mold Infestation

The restoration company professional then collects samples of the fungus and performs air quality tests, which he sends to an accredited laboratory to determine its species. There are different types of mold; Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and the Stachybotrysatra that is also known as the black mold (the most dangerous kind). The Aspergillus fungus is the most common mold in home as it is found in air conditioning systems and foods. Cladosporium is the mold growth behind wall, toilets and fiberglass air ducts, and the dry rot on wooden surfaces. The Stachybotrys chart arum occurs as a black slimy substance and is the most toxic kind. A report provided by the laboratory identifies the type of mold and helps the professional determine a cost-effective technique to resolve the mildew problem.

Scope of Mold Damage

The expert determines the extent of mold growth, mold damage, the sources, the appropriate remediation process, and safety protocols required for a successful mold removal.

Decontamination and Containment of Mold Damage

The restoration company professional closes off the area and monitors it regularly to avoid cross contamination of the fungus to other rooms of the home. Experts estimate a replication of the spores from 10-100 times during the remediation process.

The Mold Removal Process

Once the containment area is set up and the necessary negative pressure level achieved, the removal process begins. All damaged surfaces like the drywall, carpet, or other porous materials are removed and disposed of. Semi-porous and non-porous materials can be cleaned up and disinfected. Mold growth behind wall and surfaces that have dry rot or black mold are sealed with plastic sheathing before removal to avoid cross contamination.


Black mold contamination creates a smelly odor. Commercial mold damage removal professionals use carbon filters to assist in deodorization during the remediation process. They may also use specialized cleaning solutions and air cleaners in the deodorization procedure to ensure there is no reoccurrence of smelly odor in the future.

Cleaning and Vacuuming

Unlike DIY removal and mitigation projects that advocate for the use of bleach for black mold removal, commercial mold damage techniques involve the use of anti-microbial treatments on hard areas and HEPA vacuuming on porous materials. The restoration company experts then perform deodorization and air purification to rid of mold spores and mycotoxins, using accredited DOP tested HEPA air cleaning equipment. No traces of black mold can be found after such procedures.

Post Mold Remediation Process

A mold restoration company conducts a post remediation check to ensure there is no mold in home and recommend appropriate mold mitigation procedures. The environment has natural fungus that may invade a residential property and cause mold growth. A clearance investigation involves a visual inspection using specialized equipment, full range surface sampling, and air quality checks.
Visit http://www.SERVPROeastchattanooga.com for more information on mold.

How Does SERVPRO Handle Infectious Waste In Water After Flood Damage In Chattanooga?

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SERVPRO Saves Your Flood Damaged Chattanooga Property

Groundwater Flooding from Storms Require Safety Protocols for Safe Removal

There are many things to consider following a flood, and in situations where the flood in question has affected your home, it is only natural to feel stressed out and maybe even a little scared. Water damages all kinds of materials, and you may be facing everything from waterlogged furniture to structural damage to drywall, floors or ceilings. SERVPRO understands that a flood is very stressful and you want to get it dealt with as quickly as possible. That is why We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.
There are some situations where flood damage to your Chattanooga home carries with it a risk of infectious waste being present. Flooding that comes from outside of the home or from a sewer are examples of situations where infectious waste is a potential problem. Rising streams and chemicals from fields often contain debris and chemically hazardous elements. Flood water brings with it the risk of contamination with such diseases as cholera, typhus, tetanus, and polio. Sewage and some other water might contain waste or body fluids.
It is quite a frightening thought to realize that such water could contaminate your home. That is why SERVPRO teams work quickly and efficiently to deal with the situation as soon as possible. Our teams are fully trained to deal with potentially dangerous water. Every technician is IICRC-certified, and we always adhere to OSHA and EPA guidelines for handling any flood situation. We handle waste water per local state guidelines. 
Every member of our team who might come into contact with contaminated water is vaccinated, and we never let workers into an area if they have cuts or skin abrasions. Also, we provide each person with full personal protective equipment PPE, including a full body suit and a respirator.
We train our people to prioritize containment and sanitation. We set up containment to prevent the spread of infectious material, and we also set up clean areas that are free of contamination for the storage of uncontaminated clothes and equipment. We treat all waste material and exposed surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant. We also thoroughly sanitize all equipment after each use.
Rely on SERVPRO of East Chattanooga to handle even dangerous waste professionally and with the utmost concern for your safety. Call us at (423) 326-1406 for assistance.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services That Help Make Your Ooltewah House A Home

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Ooltewah Furnishings and SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Are a "Match"

SERVPRO Restores Furnishings and Structural Elements After a Fire

Did you know that smoke and soot causes far more damage than the actual fire? By penetrating additional rooms smoke and soot residues cause significant damage to paint, carpeting, upholstery, fabrics, clothing, and many other contents found in your home.
It takes a professional touch to get fire damage under control in your Ooltewah home. Putting out the flames is only the beginning, a thorough cleaning, deodorization, and redecoration can turn your house back into a home. However, there are more than a few simple steps before this goal becomes attainable.
A team of qualified fire damage restoration technicians from SERVPRO can help protect you and your family from general hazards that exist after a blaze occurs on your property. Using different types of advanced cleaning techniques, our technicians provide solutions to a variety of problems that happen during a fire.  
It is important to keep in mind that not all furniture restorations are possible, the extent of damage may be permanent. Furniture directly affected by flames or heat can melt and turn items into a hot mess on your floor. However, often enough, the burns are not that severe, which gives technicians a chance to sand and refinish your furniture, allowing you to keep many items you may have otherwise discarded as trash.
We start with properly ventilating the area, or moving items to a clean, safe area beyond the range of exposure. We use multiple cleaning, and deodorization techniques to stop damage causing residues in their tracks. Everything from chemical treatments, solvents, wet, and dry procedures help produce different results on a variety of items. SERVPRO technicians treat each item individually, in an attempt to produce the best results possible.  
SERVPRO uses vaporizers, foggers, humidifiers, and air moving equipment, reassessing an items condition after each phase of treatment. We slowly but surely produce quality results that often exceed any expectations you might have had.
Contact SERVPRO of East Chattanooga for access to expertly trained IICRC certified fire damage restoration technicians, today. Give us the opportunity to answer your call. (423) 326-1406

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Chattanooga Blood Cleanup Done Right

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Cleanup of Blood Stains in Chattanooga Done with Empathy and Care

SERVPRO Understands Cleaning Up Blood Carries Certain Procedures

A blood spill of any type is considered a biohazard. The personal nature of such a spill makes it more difficult for the homeowner or renter as well as the restoration company called in to remediate it. It is not enough to just spray down the contaminated area and then wipe it up.

Blood cleanup in Chattanooga needs a full-service agency. The company you choose must be trained in not just EPA and state cleaning procedures but recognizes the personal component as well. SERVPRO technicians understand that there was a situation which led to this and they must respect not only the residents but the person or persons who are no longer present.

Removing blood stains and congealed, pooled blood requires special cleaning agents designed to neutralize pathogens. Examples include HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C along with other infectious diseases not found in other biohazards. To accomplish this, we use one or more of the anti-bacterial agents in our chemical inventory.

In addition to the pathogen threat, conventional cleaning agents do not always react well with blood or other bodily fluids. Even if they do successfully clean the surface of floors or walls, there is usually a stain or ring left to indicate where the spill occurred. A remainder like these does not meet our standard of cleaning, and if there is a stain after we finish cleaning, we often recommend repainting if possible or removing and replacing the affected section of drywall, floor or ceiling.

No matter the cause of the spill, we understand that it is a personal matter. None of our technicians ask for details past what we need to clean and restore your home to its original state. We want to make certain that no one on our team accidentally says something to the press or your neighbors.

Clean up after any biohazard is hard. When it involves a personal issue, the requirement for discretion is almost as important as cleaning up the affected area itself. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga wants to help in any way we can as we return your home to its normal condition. If you need us, call today at (423) 326-1406.

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Water Removal in Chattanooga

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Our SERVPRO techs also keep an eye on the drying process each day, moving drying equipment around if we need to do so for optimal drying.

Chattanooga Water Removal Services 

Water damage can be sudden and devastating, whether it is a burst pipe or a storm. When it does happen, you need the water removed from your home as fast as possible before mold can begin to grow, leading to more problems for you. Water damage restoration and cleaning is not something you want to try doing yourself. A wet vacuum does not get the job done right.

Water removal from your Chattanooga home involves getting rid of most of the water. When you hire our professionals at SERVPRO, we perform a thorough water extraction, reducing the drying time to prevent secondary water damage and mold. We use powerful truck-mounted vacuums and pumps to take out thousands of gallons of water quickly.

If it is needed, carpeting and padding can be removed from your home so it can be properly dried. Drying and dehumidifying equipment are used to dry the areas affected and get the humidity levels in your home back to normal. Special instruments are used to find any hidden pockets of water as well.

Our SERVPRO techs also keep an eye on the drying process each day, moving drying equipment around if we need to do so for optimal drying. Once everything is dry again, we place everything back where it belongs. We also work directly with your insurance company to help process the insurance claim, so you have less to worry about.

Before we get to your home, you can do some things to help stop further damage. If possible, you should first stop the water at its source. Turn off the electricity to the area if you can safely do so and remove small electrical appliances where there is excess water. Try not to walk on any wet carpeting, and take out small furnishings or put aluminum foil under the legs to prevent permanent stains such as rust.

Hanging curtains and draperies is also a good idea to avoid them touching wet flooring. Also, remove any breakables and moisture-sensitive items if possible. Avoid turning on any heating, air conditioning, or fans since they can spread contaminants around if they are present.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga works fast to restore your home back to normal. They are only a phone call away at (423) 326-1406, so act quickly after any water damage loss.

For more information regarding the city of Chattanooga, click here: http://www.chattanooga.gov

Cleaning And Sanitizing Furniture After Fire Damage In Your Chattanooga Home

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No matter the size or severity of a fire, it is important to get repairs started quickly.

Cleaning And Sanitizing Furniture After Fire Damage

No matter the size or severity of a fire, it is important to get repairs started quickly. Soot is very acidic and, if left long enough, it starts to eat away at different materials in the home. Fabrics are particularly vulnerable, and furniture requires cleaning as soon as possible.

At SERVPRO, we use the finest tools and techniques to repair fire damage inside Chattanooga properties. We are very cautious when handling furniture because movement can cause soot residues to penetrate deeper into porous fabrics.

Why Is Smoke A Big Problem?
Smoke poses a challenge for fire damage restorers because it is a very resilient substance. It is made up of tiny particles of less than ten microns in diameter. It means that the only way to completely remove it from fabrics is to formulate smoke neutralizing chemicals with these same dimensions and consistency. Contact with human skin intensifies the acidic film it deposits on surfaces. For this reason, the SERVPRO technicians use nitrile gloves to prevent further damage.

Is It Possible To Clean Furniture?
The primary challenge, when it comes to cleaning smoke damaged furniture, is the presence of soot. This substance can be extremely stubborn and causes stains if the right cleaning chemicals do not get applied. Dry cleaning sponges are suitable for clearing loose residues and any powdery films on surfaces.

Once the dry soot is gone, the furniture gets sanitized with powerful cleaning agents. They help to prevent further discoloration and deterioration. The final stage is to apply a HEPA vacuum for collecting leftover soft particles. It is likely that the chair pads and any removable pieces of fabric require separate cleaning.

Does This Fix The Smoky Odors Too?
SERVPRO uses a potent oxidizing chemical (like ozone) to get rid of the smoky odors which develop after a fire. If we do not perform a deodorization procedure, the smells can become permanently trapped in the fabric. Ozone is a gas which hooks itself to the odor emitting particles and actively transforms them into particles which are incapable of producing odor.

If you work with SERVPRO of East Chattanooga, you get to benefit from our links to a wide variety of furniture restorers and upholsterers. Together, we can make sure that your home bounces back from fire damage. Call us 24/7 at (423) 326-1406.

For more information regarding Chattanooga, visit: http://www.chattanooga.gov/

Home And Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Chattanooga Should Be Left To Professionals

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Chattanooga Commercial Fire Damage Relies on SERVPRO for Restoration and Cleanup

SERVPRO Provides Remediation and Repair for Damaging Fire Events

Dealing with fire damage can be stressful. What can be even more distasteful is when the fire damage was caused by someone who lives next door.

Duplex, Townhouses, Villas and Fire Damage in Chattanooga
Taking all the precautionary steps possible to protect a home from catching fire displays extreme care on the part of the owner. Unfortunately, the homeowner cannot be responsible for how his or her neighbor behaves. Common walled structures can lead to a migration of the inferno from one home to the other.

If the next door home's fire is extinguished in time, then the fire and smoke damage to the adjoining house may be minimal. Fast results do not mean fire damage restoration work is not required. Even a mild amount of fire, smoke, and soot damage must be addressed through immediate fire cleanup work.

The Unsafe Situation
Upon waking up in the middle of the night to a smell of smoke, panic sinks in. When a resident discovers the odor is emanating from the adjoining home, he may experience a brief moment of relief. The trouble is that the smoke odor is going to remain in the home until smoke removal is done by a professional team like that from SERVPRO.

Smoke damage not only affects furniture and walls creating aesthetic issues, but health hazard can result from the circulating particulates.

Moreover, there may be concerns related to the roof of the property. Even though the fire department may have cut through the neighbor's roof to flood water into the inflamed interior, the water may have impacted the adjoining wood between the two homes. Water damage in the walls is possible as well.

The Business Connection
Fire in home properties is not exclusive to this type of damage. Fire in business locations could occur as well. Businesses may be next door to one another in a series of adjoining properties on a block or a shopping strip center. Fire in business scenarios might be more likely than what would be the case in a home. An old building with faulty wiring or one that works with hazardous materials could create commercial fire damage. Fire damage could disrupt business activity, ruining the proprietor's ability to generate a cash flow. If the commercial fire damage is not too severe, fire cleanup by SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians can be done to reduce downtime for the enterprise. Similarly, fire in home problems should be fixed quickly to make a property livable.

No Time for Amateurs
Those who think they can perform fire cleanup work on their own are typically mistaken. Fire damaged homes, and business structures require a thorough inspection by a professional who can assess the damage and then perform an appropriate fix. Fire damage could be more extensive than realized. The fire cleanup work may be far more involved than thought. It generally is.

Smoke damage and soot damage are not exactly easy to address without the right equipment. With an action plan in place, IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians can discard non-salvageable burnt elements, set up ozone machines and hydroxyl generators to help purify the noxious air thereby restoring a semblance of acceptable indoor air quality. This is needed for the safety of the workers, and the residents if they remain in the fire-damaged structure.

Insurance and Fire Damage Restoration Work
A homeowner's insurance policy could cover losses related to fire damage restoration. A business general insurance policy may have provisions to cover commercial fire damage. When an insurance company is covering the costs, there is no reason not to bring in a professional crew to handle the vital task of restoring a property back to its original and safe condition.

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga can deal directly with your insurance carrier to lessen your burden even as we restore your fire damaged property. Pick up the phone and call (423) 326-1406.

Mold Remediation for Your Ooltewah Property

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Mold Remediation and Cleanup in Ooltewah Gets Done by SERVPRO

Rely on SERVPRO to Secure Mold Infested Homes and Businesses

Many American citizens encounter mold on a daily basis. Have you ever noticed several black spots on a window sill? What about green spots on a piece of bread? You probably have, but these are only innocuous instances of the growth of mold. However, what happens when the growth of mold invades your house and the resulting mold damage threatens the safety of the structure? A house infested by mold growth may become uninhabitable.

Mold damage in Ooltewah, even when it does not lead to health effects, can bring heavy losses in property damage. The proliferation of mold in a structure should be remediated at all costs. This mold process starts with the physical removal of visible patches.

Removing Mold in Your House
Mold and mildew are forms of fungi that occur naturally in the environment growing from tiny particles called spores. These spores can get into our houses in the air, and once inside, all that is needed is a little moisture to trigger growth. Mold removal and remediation can be an intricate process, depending on where on your house the fungus has grown. From identifying the mold growth to deodorization to remove the musty odor, the entire process can be complicated. The general mold removal process involves the following:

Locating the mold/mildew. Before you start the mold removal process — commercial or residential — the first step is to locate other growth of fungi to make sure that the remediation is done once and MOST of the molds are vanquished. Total elimination of mold and spores from a structure is not possible. Mold can grow on various surfaces including carpet, drywall backing, insulation, cellulose building elements like studs and rafters.

Assemble necessary supplies for mitigation and prepare the work area. Some people use bleach for mold remediation but typically fail since this is not a wise application of this disinfectant. Hire a professionally competent company like SERVPRO that has specially trained applied microbial remediation technicians.
Commercial mold damage in some porous material is impossible to remove; the option to non-salvageable building elements is to discard them. Protocols using plastic garbage bags to prevent the spreading of fungi particles and spores is the preferred method of disposal.

Mold remediation is not a task to be undertaken by the non-professional as suggested by the EPA for affected areas approaching ten square feet. That is a three by three-foot area, pretty small.

Mold growth in residential and commercial settings is very common. For application of antimicrobial and antifungal agents, call in the experts, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406.

The Effects Of Biohazards On Your Chattanooga Area Home

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Biohazard Cleanup in Chattanooga Relies on SERVPRO

Chattanooga Area Properties Receive Empathetic Clean Up from SERVPRO After Biohazardous Incidents

Untreated biohazards and residues found on your property put your family in danger, while also posing serious threats to the structure of your home. Human waste, bodily fluids, animals, insects, and hoarding can all result in costly repairs.

The results of biohazards on your Chattanooga property make biohazard cleanup services vital to your homes recovery. It may be hard to imagine, or something you want to avoid altogether. However, when decomposition begins, whether it is from an accidental refrigerator mishap, or a case involving unattended death, nature takes over.
Corrosion leads to damages; damages lead to rot; rot leads to corrosion, and the circle continues. Animal droppings often contain various types of acid, including human feces, while animal and human urine contain varying amounts of ammonia. These chemicals often lead to additional damages, especially when left unattended for too long.
Simply having a pet or accidental deposits on your property does not pose much of a problem, they are something you can clean up yourselves. However, when you consider situations concerning the unattended death of a pet hoarder, sewer backups, or instances of massive animal infestations, the effects become more of a concern.
Out of every incident, SERVPRO responds to; hoarding can be the most damaging to the structure of your home. Hoarding gives way to circumstances involving neglect and decay, exposing your home to rodent infestation, rotten food sources, sanitation issues, and critical fire hazards.  
Virtually everything handled by SERVPRO’s biohazard cleanup teams consists of odor or stain causing residues. Everything from a crime scene to sewage overflow, cause odors and stains to become a huge problem. Getting rid of these odors often involves removing the source, leading to reconstruction, cleaning, and deodorization services to get the job done right.  
Expertly trained technicians at SERVPRO deal with many cases involving biohazard cleanup. Our technicians train hard and receive quality IICRC and corporate certifications to ensure you get the help necessary to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition. As part of our community, we strive to relieve the trauma and emotional stress of our neighbors, as we restore the property.
Get the help you need today, call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga for assistance with biohazards on your property, we are here to help. (423) 326-1406

Get Mold Damage in Your Chattanooga Area Home Under Control Today

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Our technicians use equipment that quickly gives them an accurate picture of the extent of the mold infestation so they can rapidly remediate.

SERVPRO's Quick Response can Immediately Contain a Mold Infestation

There is an extreme overabundance of information concerning mold available online these days. You may notice terms such as Mold Removal, Mold Testing or Analysis, while others attempt to scare you with terms like Black Mold. A lot of this information leads you in the wrong direction.
If you experience mold damage in your Chattanooga area home, you should seek professional assistance. A quality mold remediation company provides you with the services you need to help get things under control quickly and efficiently, without offering services you simply do not need.
Avoid getting caught up with a company that makes you wait for 24 to 72-hours for test results from a lab before proceeding with their services. Waiting gives mold a chance to spread even further, causing more damage, and leads to additional costs.
Purchasing a home test kit, waiting for results, or going with a company that tries to tell you that they can totally eliminate or remove the problem from your home can lead to even more problems than what you have now. Any company that claims their services can totally eliminate mold issues in your home is simply lying to you.
Mold is a natural part of our ecosystem, consisting of microbes that play a major role in recycling decaying organic materials within our environment. These fungi exist everywhere, within the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the water that we drink.  
There is no way for us to eliminate them from our environment, although it is possible for us to control the amount of exposure we experience within our indoor living environments. SERVPRO’s mold remediation services help us accomplish this goal.
Regardless of how much mold or the type of mold present in your home, professional remediation services, like those offered by SERVPRO are your best bet for getting the help you need. We provide you with technicians that have several years experience and help get things under control fast, while also helping you prevent future contamination.  
SERVPRO technicians use physical removal methods to mitigate mold damage found on your property, locating the water source causing the issue and removing excessive moisture quickly. Our technicians are available 24-7 through our emergency response system, giving you the help you need immediately.
Call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga today to obtain the services you need to get mold damage in your home under control quickly and efficiently, with limited interruptions to your normal routine. (423) 326-1406

Water Removal From Your Den In Ooltewah

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When water damages your carpet call SERVPRO

How to get water removed from your home

Many houses have a den. It is a cozy and relaxing space for many activities. Sometimes it is used as a home office or library, and other times it is a convenient place for the family to get together for TV or video games. Unfortunately, any room can suffer from water damage and the den is no exception. Some common causes of water entering the room include severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, local flooding, seepage from outside, or a household problem such as a burst pipe or a broken appliance.

When water removal from your Ooltewah home is necessary, it is time to put in a call to SERVPRO. Our teams come equipped to handle any water emergency quickly and restore your home - “Like it never even happened.”

The first step to remove water from your den is thorough extraction. Our technicians have access to both truck-mounted and free standing submersible pumps. The truck mounted pumps have storage tanks that can hold as much as 100 gallons or more, so no matter the amount of water that has infiltrated your den, we can handle it.

Our IICRC-certified experts understand the importance of protecting your carpet or rug during the extraction process. Did you know that carpet is 50% weaker when wet? That is why we choose our tools carefully and start each water removal project using an extraction wand. The wand allows us to remove water while minimizing further damage to carpets. This part of the process takes time to do properly, and our team makes as many passes as necessary to extract water from every corner of the room.

The den is often home to electronics such as the TV or games console or books and office supplies. Our technicians do all they can to preserve your belongings and minimize the amount you have to replace. As well as water extraction and careful wiping of excess water from your equipment, we do all we can to create optimum conditions for rescue and restoration of electronics and books.

SERVPRO uses dehumidifiers to bring the humidity down, and we monitor the temperature to ensure it stays above the dew point. Keeping the heat in the room at the right level helps prevent corrosion of electronic equipment.

If you need water extraction at your home, do not delay. Call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406 today.

Using Odor Counteractants to Eliminate Smoke and Fire Damage in Collegedale Homes

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When devastation strikes, our SERVPRO team will be there with a lending hand.

How SERVPRO Uses Products to Get Rid of Smoke and Fire Damage Odor in Homes

The smoke removal process is something which most people associate with the end of fire damage restoration. However, companies like SERVPRO implement odor control techniques throughout the entire clean up. The reason for this is that each deodorization method has a slightly different purpose and objective.

For instance, preliminary sprays are used to ensure the environment is safe for the team to start repairing fire damage in Collegedale homes. These deodorizing chemicals are not powerful enough on their own, however, so SERVPRO may also use granular counteractants. Where sprays only prevent more odors from developing, odor counteractants control those that are airborne.

How We Apply Odor Counteractants

Granular deodorants come in a solid form, rather than a spray. This medium means that they are perfect for prolonged use. They can be applied liberally to crawlspaces, attics, cupboards, alcoves, voids above suspended ceilings, and in the plenum of furnace heaters.

Like spray deodorizers, they do release a vapor, but it happens at a slower, more controlled rate. For this reason, they are particularly valuable for households which are vulnerable or sensitive to ‘can to air’ spray applications.

The granular counteractants in the formula are designed to eliminate any odor particles which entered the air before preliminary steps occurred or which the preliminary deodorizers did not manage to trap.

How to Use Granular Counteractants Safely

At SERVPRO, we try to avoid treating plastic, painted, and varnished materials with granular counteractants. In some cases, the chemical formulation causes thinning to surface finishes. If there is no suitable alternative, it may be possible to protect the material with a rudimentary buffer of sorts (aluminum foil or paper plates).

Normally, the application of granular counteractants has to be followed up by a period of thermal fogging. It is especially important for larger homes because the range of crystallized deodorizers is limited. Nevertheless, they are extremely handy when it comes to consistent, controlled odor removal, particularly in small areas (cupboards, behind walls, in attics, etc.)

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga provides local fire damage repairs and restoration. We are ideally placed to assist homeowners in the Collegedale area. Our state of the art deodorization equipment makes short work of lingering smoke odors. Call us 24/7 on (423) 326-1406.

Help! There's Mold in My Home

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Help! There's Mold in My Home

Someone living in Bradley County, TN may find it quite difficult to avoid mold or mildew because the weather in the area is so unpredictable. There is no way for the family to anticipate when a fungus or other microbial growth will form in the home, and they need remediation services as soon as possible. This article explains how someone may have a mold cleanup crew come to their home at any time, and they may address problems in their Cleveland, Tennessee home.

#1: How Does It Grow?

Mildew, fungus and microbial growths will build in the home because of the weather and factors inside the house. Standing water is very good at creating a new growth, and the growth will continue to build until it has taken over the house. The water must be cleaned up, and the homeowner must ensure they have the environmental hygienist tell them what the status of their house is. An inspection will lead to a free estimate, and the estimate will help the homeowner understand what must be repaired.

#2: How Does Remediation Work?

The mold cleanup service moves quickly once the company starts, and they will work on multiple parts of the house until they believe it has been cleaned properly. The process will scrub every wall, check under every floorboard and ensure that every part of the house has been inspected. They will make note of all the problems they have found in the house, and they will show the results to their client before any work is approved.

#3: How Does The Environmental Hygienist Respond To Emergencies?

There are quite a few emergencies that may occur when a growth is found in the home that may seem menacing. The mold will grow until it has been remedied, and it may be toxic to the family. The hygienist will use specialty hazmat suits to check the house, and they will have an assessment of the situation completed for their client. The emergency care may be done right away, and the crew will move much faster than normal to ensure the client is given the best care possible.

#4: How Long Do Standard Services Last?

Standard services from the company in Bradley County TN or Cleveland, Tennessee will last for several hours while the work is completed and checked by a foreman. The person on the site who ensures all the work has been done properly. The work in the house has been checked numerous times before the company leaves, and they will offer certification the work has been completed.

#5: The Company Offers Fair Prices

Anyone who does work on the home must do so at a fair price, and they will find it quite simple to offer a free estimate that shows how much it will cost to do everything that must be done. The work that is done on the home must be managed in a way that is easy for the homeowner to understand, and they must feel as though they have been given a way to ensure their safety in the future.

#6: Tips For The Future

There are many small things the homeowner may do when they are trying to keep their home clean. The house will be much cleaner when the homeowners knows how to check for mold, and they may take steps to help the house stay dry. They wish to install a dehumidifier that will help suck moisture out of the house, and they will find it simple to close in the house to keep more moisture out. Moisture that sits in the house or seeps in will cause many problems for the family, and the family will find it difficult to clean the growths alone. Everyone who sees something untoward in their house must have it removed before it becomes a much larger problem.

The house is quite difficult to keep clean when it has not been visited by a professional who works in mitigation. They will bring all the equipment that is needed to clean everything, and they will show their customers a number of ways that they may care for their home. The house will remain clean and dry because of work that was done by the mitigation company, and they will come out to the house with a fair pricing plan for each customer. Everyone who has been hit by this problem will smell it in the air, and they need to know that they have chosen wisely once the crew arrives. Visit http://www.SERVPRObradleycounty.com/ for more information on mold removal and remediation.

A Company You Can Trust for Help with Fire Damage Restoration in Your Chattanooga Business

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Our technicians have the experience and staffing to handle any scale disaster. Call our personnel to discuss how we can help.

Certified Commercial Restoration Technicians with Effective Tools Can Quickly Restore Your Damaged Property

When dealing with fire damage that affects your hotel, you want access to a restoration company that makes restoring your property a priority. Someone who can provide you with fast, efficient services and get your doors open again as soon as possible.
The company you hire needs to be someone you can trust, a company on your side that understands how important it is to deal with the aftermath of commercial fire damage on your Chattanooga property with a little finesse. While also giving you access to technicians who are not only IICRC certified, but also take great pride in using their experience to combat each situation that they face. We truly enjoy producing quality results for you, the customer.
SERVPRO has had the pleasure of helping many, property and business owners overcome adversity regarding restorations after disaster strikes. Our technicians put their skills to work saving time and reducing costs while limiting any disruptions to the services you provide. Often allowing us to help you keep your doors open, while repairs are underway. We work on a schedule that produces the best results for you, day or night; we are there for you.
SERVPRO technicians use their extensive training to take control of your complete restoration, making us a one-stop solution for all of your fire damage restoration needs. We respond quickly and use cutting-edge techniques, to deal with any fire, smoke, or water damage issues found during our initial inspection and even put cleaning and odor control methods into motion to ensure that we meet or often exceed any expectations you might have.
SERVPRO would like to be a partner that helps get you back on your feet. We can assist with restoring any service areas caught up in the fire including kitchens, bathrooms, guest rooms and staff areas. While using special cleaning methods on woodwork, walls, ceilings, carpeting, and furniture caught within the affected area to remove acidic smoke residues that develop during a fire. Paying particular attention to each surface material to produce the best results.
Utilizing the expertise and resources available today, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga specializes in responding to your calls for assistance. Contact a company that cares. (423) 326-1406

Bonuses that Can Come With a Water Restoration in Chattanooga

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Water Removal Protects and Freshens Your Home in Chattanooga

SERVPRO's Full-Service Remedies Water Damage and Enhances Your Home

Although water damage restorations can be a hassle, there are also benefits that can come of it. When SERVPRO goes through and restores damage in a home, other gains invariably crop up as a result of our thorough treatments and services. If your home has taken water damage, especially in a pervasive incident such as a flood, you may find a silver lining in the form of these extra bonuses incurred from a restoration project.

Removal of Odors
Many homes are afflicted by foul odors, with many caused by factors entirely unrelated to any Chattanooga water damage they may have. Pet stains, mold growth, decaying plants, old building materials, and many more factors may cause strong foul odors. During our water restoration process, we implement a thorough and generalized set of deodorization measures designed to weed out even the heaviest and most unusual odors in a home. Consequently, any that may have been present before the disaster can also be cleaned up, leaving your home smelling fresher and cleaner than perhaps ever before.
General Repairs and Touch-Ups
Many homes, especially older buildings, are afflicted by small or irrelevant damages such as foundational cracks, built-up grime, failing supports, and other factors. These can be aggravated by water damage, forcing us to repair or replace many troublesome damage centers. As a result, your home ends up being safer and stronger once SERVPRO has had a chance to correct structural anomalies in it.
Detection of Long-Term Problems
It is not uncommon for us to find additional issues in a home while we are restoring recent damage done to it. We may find signs of moisture within walls or under floors, or perhaps a massive mold infestation in an out-of-sight area. During our thorough inspection, these problems can be picked up with our advanced detection equipment, potentially saving you another expensive restoration job down the road.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is a local resource for information and restoration services related to fire, water, and mold damage. If your home has been caught in a disaster, call us right away at (423) 326-1406.

Mold Damage can Affect Your Chattanooga Home in Hidden Areas

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Remediation is an excellent way to protect your home from increased mold damage.

Mold May be Hiding in Your Chattanooga House 

There are several different areas in your home that are inaccessible to you and others without dismantling part of your home's structure. Being inaccessible to you, strong air currents, and sunlight work together to make these great places for mold to grow in. Incredibly tiny, mold spores can still enter these enclosed areas by being carried around on air currents in your home. These concealed places can become infested very quickly once mold has started to grow within them.

When your home in Chattanooga has mold damage in one of these hidden places, you might still get a whiff of mold's distinctive smell occasionally. Some molds never produce a scent at all, so a lack of one does not necessarily mean your home does not have a mold problem. As much as you search your home for signs of mold, if it has grown inside one of these areas, you may never find it.

SERVPRO technicians can help locate mold in hidden and inaccessible areas in your home. Trained according to IICRC standards, we are also experienced with the equipment needed to track down higher-than-normal levels of moisture in your home. Common areas where mold can hide are under vanities, toilets, tubs, and shower stalls, inside walls behind or below plumbing lines, and in the floor near exterior doors and windows.

Using hygrometers to detect increased levels of moisture and humidity in the air, we can locate areas that are more prone to allow mold to grow. Moisture meters can show us exactly which hard surfaces in those areas contain elevated amounts of moisture. Borescopes are used to view the interiors of spaces which could not be seen otherwise.

While mold in these hidden locations may seem out of the way and only a nuisance, mold can travel to other sites in your home on those same air currents when new mold spores are released into the air. Remediation is an excellent way to protect your home from increased mold damage. Having excess mold removed from hidden locations can also protect your family from the many possible health effects mold might cause.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

To find hidden mold and protect your family and home, call us, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga. We are always ready to take your call at (423) 326-1406. 

Learn More About Cleaning Challenges Presented By Fire Damage Found In Collegedale Restaurants

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The removal of smoke residues alone is often a difficult challenge.

Challenges That Come Up When Dealing with Collegedale Restaurant Fire Damage

You have worked for years building a successful local restaurant. The menu is finally perfect, and customers begin visiting regularly. Unfortunately, a fire breaks out in your kitchen, causing damages that are beyond your capabilities to restore.

Every building is susceptible to fire damage, even your restaurant in Collegedale. When this type of event happens to you, access to a professional restoration company becomes crucial. You want someone available that knows how to handle the kind of damage done by smoke and fire, or any other damage you may face getting your business back to normal quickly.

SERVPRO responds immediately to your request for help, providing you with the expertly trained technicians, equipment, and expertise necessary to perform your restoration utilizing specialized cleaning techniques to save as much of your property as possible. While each situation is different, we work diligently to restore your items rather than simply suggesting a replacement.

SERVPRO's full fire damage restoration process involves tackling many different kinds of damages including, fire, smoke, and water exposure from fire suppression systems or firefighting efforts. While we use specific water extraction equipment such as hand-held extractors with five to twelve-gallon solution and waste tanks for smaller jobs, truck mounted extractors with sixty to one hundred-gallon storage containers may be necessary for larger jobs.

SERVPRO technicians face many cleaning challenges and a variety of factors that affects the cleanability of different materials. The type of material burned, the amount of heat, oxygen, and moisture present, air flow patterns in your particular building, type of smoke residues produced by the fire, and the different kinds of surfaces impacted by smoke and heat all play a role.

The removal of smoke residues alone is often a difficult challenge. Porous surfaces allow smoke particles and odors to penetrate further into the material than nonporous surfaces. Wall coverings or glossy, enamel painted surfaces are easier to clean than flat latex paint or wallpaper coverings.

Challenges also include determining the amount of heat involved and the age of the surface that is exposed, while the amount of moisture that exists helps set residues and makes material stains more likely to occur, which is why a quick response to your situation becomes such a concern.


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Contact SERVPRO of East Chattanooga to obtain the services you need to quickly and efficiently restore your business today. (423) 326-1406

Water Damage Dangers from a Leaky Roof in Chattanooga

2/10/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Tip for Chattanooga Homes: Prevent Leaks, Repair Your Damaged Roof

Call SERVPRO When a Chattanooga Roof Leaks Water Causing Damage

Many household problems are put off; however, repairing a roof leak needs to be on highest priority of your honey do list. There are a variety of reasons why roof leaks develop including wind or storm damage, improper roof installation and lack of maintenance. Alternatively, you may simply need to replace your roof.

Whatever the cause, even a small roof leak can cause several problems throughout your Chattanooga home, causing you to need a water damage restoration company like SERVPRO. Constant water intrusion eventually comes down from the attic to the foundation, creating plenty of costly damage on its way. Below, find some ways a roof leak can damage your home.
Ceiling and Attic Damage
Initially, a roof leak can damage the attic area and items stored there. If your home has no attic or the seepage is large, the water can damage the ceiling inside your home. Ceiling paint which is affected acquires dark spots, and ceiling plaster can expand and bubble. The water leaking also damages plaster or drywall and paint on walls nearby. It also affects any ceiling-mounted fans and lights.
Issues with Interior Mildew and Mold
One of the most serious problems with a leaking roof is mildew and mold growth. Mold can spread within the structure of your home, to the HVAC system and then through the whole house in the vents, invading furniture, carpets, and clothing.
Black mold is a common mold species that forms from a constant water intrusion. It can attack ceiling tiles, wood framing, and floor and wall coverings. It can pose health effects for you and your family, so you need the technicians from SERVPRO to come in right away and clean it up.
Fire Hazard
If you have electrical wiring in a ceiling or attic, a leaky roof could post a fire risk from shorted wires. You should turn off your electricity to the area affected and have an electrician check it out.
Slip and Fall Hazard
A badly leaking roof can cause a puddle to form on the floor. Although not seemingly a big risk, but with an active family, especially one with children who like to run around, the water needs to be mopped up to prevent any accidents.
Wasted Energy and Higher Utility Bills
Another side effect of a faulty roof is higher utility bills. Water intrusion greatly affects the insulation in your attic. The fiberglass or cellulose insulation gets saturated and takes a long time to dry out. If a repair is delayed,  consistent water intrusion weakens the insulation fibers, and the matting can degrade the effectvess of air entrapment. This result illustrates how you can lose cool or hot air from your home, depending on the season, creating larger utility bills.
Compromised Structural Integrity
The most apparent danger of a leaking roof is the rafters, wall framing, ceiling joists, plus fascia boards and exterior trim being damaged. Wood deterioration and weakened, rotted framing creates serious problems that need the assistance of an experienced contractor.
As you can see, there are many challenges a roof leak can cause, including plenty of water damage throughout your home. If you have had a roof leak and subsequent damages, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga needs to be notified right away to help. It is easy to reach us at any time by dialing (423) 326-1406.

Water Removal When Your Chattanooga Self Service Storage Business Floods

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Make sure that your customers' possessions are dry by calling SERVPRO immediately after water damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Generate an Effective Plan Quickly for Water Removal at Your Commercial Property

A self-service storage business struggles if customers’ units experience even occasional flooding. Heavy rains and runoff from surrounding parking can send water flowing through the units, damaging possessions and eroding trust. Call SERVPRO immediately to remove the standing water, and start the restoration process for your renters.
Commercial water removal must proceed quickly in your Chattanooga self-storage facility. The longer water stands, soaking the contents of your customers’ units, the more likely contamination becomes. We send crews of trained technicians with powerful water extractors after your call, removing the obvious moisture swiftly. If necessary we use submersible pumps, getting the water out without waiting for the level to recede. Water that pools or hides in corners of various areas is wet vacuumed up.
Once the pumps and extractors do their jobs, SERVPRO project managers implement phase two of the water removal plan. Air movers positioned at strategic angles accelerate the drying within the units. We measure ambient humidity to get an idea of how much more moisture should be removed from the structure. If areas of the storage facility are unaffected by the flood, we try to approximate their humidity levels.
If some of your renters gather as we continue to work on water removal, we may begin moving belongings out of some units, improving the odds of drying the contents of each. Depending upon the provisions of the contract your renters sign, all units may be emptied of their contents for better water removal results. The possessions stored dry out much more efficiently if air can move easily around them. Your renters may want to move the items stored to other safe areas to sort through their possessions. Informing the people who use your storage facility about the water damage is a wise move. Each renter has different priorities and expects to make his or her decisions about their wet items. We have the experience and skills to help dry out a variety of stored possessions, including documents and electronics. These skills may be a good fit for your customers.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga has the expertise and equipment to remove water from your storage facility. As soon as you discover the flooding, call (423) 326-1406 to schedule an inspection of the areas.

When Storm Damage Destroys A Roof, Collegedale Residents Must Repair Quickly To Protect Their Home

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The roof may have design elements that seem to be only for looks, but the majority of every roof is for protection from all types of weather.

Repairing A Roof After Storm Damage

Only a few aspects of a house are designed to be only decorative. The roof may have design elements that seem to be only for looks, but the majority of every roof is for protection from all types of weather. Heat from the sun, cold from winter weather, snow, rain, and even insects, birds, and wild animals are kept out by your roof. When the roof is damaged, anything can get into your attic, and this can affect the rest of your home.

Collegedale receives its fair share of all types of weather, including the occasional storm which can be powerful enough to damage even the best-constructed roof around. When the roof is damaged, it will not take long for things to become increasingly worse as time passes. SERVPRO knows that there is more than just the initial damage to the roof after a storm causes damage to it that matters. Water can enter the attic and end up as far down as the basement, damaging every area of your home in a very short period.

Rainwater and snow that soon melts, wetting down your stored belongings, isn't the only problem. That same water can render your attic's insulation worthless. Many times, insulation can be re-used when you have repair work done, but this is not true if the insulation has been compressed or otherwise damaged. When water infiltrates insulation, it weighs it down and compression results. Other problems include rust developing on metal ducts, warping of the floor boards in the attic, and peeling wallpaper and disintegrating plaster, especially on exterior walls.

SERVPRO professionals will make sure that all possible efforts are made to prevent additional damage like that from happening. After making an assessment of the damage, we will cover your roof with an adequately sized tarp. After roofing repairs are finished, we can begin working on restoring the damaged areas and restoring your home. There is a multitude of issues that can arise when you have a damaged roof. We use different types of equipment to not only dry and clean the interior of your home, but to also measure our progress as we work. When we finish, you will be surprised to find that it is “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is dedicated to making your house into a home again after storm damage has made it unlivable. Call us at (423) 326-1406, 24 hours a day, any day of the year, and we will begin working within the hour.

Mold Damage in Ooltewah Develops from Three Factors

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Mold in Ooltewah from Moisture Ruining Wallpaper

Understanding How Mold Grows Helps Grapple with these Fungi

Many homeowners and renters are embarrassed to ask for help when it comes to a mold problem. They mistakenly believe that mold happens because they have kept a dirty house. This is completely untrue. Mold is present in every structure, and most cases are inert and harmless.

SERVPRO knows that mold damage has nothing to do with ground-in-dirt or a sink full of dishes that sits for a day or two. It happens in an Ooltewah home (or anywhere else for that matter) when three factors match up: Moisture, temperature, and food source.
Excess moisture can be a leak from a kitchen sink that pools in the back of a cabinet or it can be high humidity after several days of rain in a room that was closed off from the rest of the house. In both cases, the additional moisture allows dormant mold spores to expand. These expansion structures, called hyphae, grow across surfaces and even grow into material that could serve as a food source. An example is the hyphae growing on the cardboard backing of a sheet of drywall. It can penetrate the gypsum center and continue to grow on the opposite surface.

The temperature range where most molds grow is between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Although some species can grow at freezing point or as high as 122 degrees, they are not common in the United States.

Mold feeds on organic materials and homes are rich in them. The paper in drywall is exceptionally vulnerable to mold, but the wood in framing, walls, and floors is also at risk. The wool, cotton, and rayon in carpets, curtains, and drapes are also a buffet if wet spores settle on their surfaces. In some of the previous cases, the spores will feed up debris (yes, dirt) on a surface like rayon that is essentially non-organic.

The quickest way to break up mold growth is to reduce the moisture levels. If there are pools of water, our technicians remove them using a series of pumps and vacuums out of our equipment inventory. Water that is trapped in carpets and floors is removed using extraction tools that draw it out but do not damage the fibers and backing. In areas where the humidity level is too high (over 12 percent), technicians deploy dehumidifiers and exhaust fans to draw it back down to a normal level. Air scrubbers are set, and containment areas established, when the danger of mold spore circulation is a possibility.

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is ready to use this equipment and more to stop mold growth and then remove it from your home. Since every franchise is locally owned, this is not just another task to accomplish; it is helping our neighbors return to a normal life "Like it never even happened."  Call us at (423) 326-1406 today if you need our assistance.

Chattanooga Residents Experience Flood Damage

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Every home regardless of size or cost is susceptible to accidental flood damage.

Flood Damage

You just moved into your ideal home, years of long hours and saving has paid off. Admittedly splurging on a few items and outfitting your new home with all of the latest technology, luxury and convenience items you could find. You are looking forward to having the family over for a visit, to show off a bit. Unfortunately, sometimes life has a different plan; one of the new products you purchased didn't quite work as intended and without warning, you find yourself knee-deep in water in your new home. Whether your new, state of the art suppression system malfunctioned or the brand new spa sprang a leak, at this moment, it does not matter, you need help, who are you going to call?

Every home regardless of size or cost is susceptible to accidental flood damage in Chattanooga. Things like this happen quite often, and each time we address these issues our primary goal remains the same. We concentrate on mitigating as much damage to your home as possible while performing our services as quickly and efficiently as possible. We assist you with choosing the services necessary to address your current situation and even help with any paperwork required for your claim.

SERVPRO technicians are expertly trained to provide you with quality services that help with restoring custom flooring, imported tapestries, or other expensive additions to your home. With specific methods to save the wall to wall carpeting, you installed upstairs. We begin by thoroughly inspecting the affected area and answer any questions you may have about the services we would like to perform. After using high-end water extractors to remove any excess water that exists, we deploy air movers and dehumidifiers, to eliminate additional moisture in the air and surrounding structure.

SERVPRO technicians also use specific methods to recover your belongings, by reducing the moisture and humidity levels in affected materials. Our staff is trained and experienced in deploying methods used to save custom wall coverings, household fixtures, and personal items. We work hard to eliminate the possibility of the articles experiencing secondary damage due to exposure. We like to leave your home, “Like it never even happened."

It will not be necessary for you to contact anyone else; SERVPRO technicians perform all of the necessary services and repairs to your satisfaction before we consider a job complete. If a water damage situation occurs on your property, make the call to our offices to receive the services you need. Contact SERVPRO of East Chattanooga today (423) 326-1406.

An Overview on Flood Water Classifications

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The most dangerous and damaging type of water that SERVPRO deals with is black water.

Flood Water Classification Overview

There are three main classifications of floodwaters: clear water, gray water, and black water. Although their names imply it, these aren't wholly determined by the color of the water, but instead by a few factors related to how many contaminants are in the water. Clear water is somewhat rare, as most of the time it picks up enough contaminants to become at least gray, but black water is by far the most hazardous and damaging of the three. Never try to deal with black water yourself, as its interaction necessitates the kind of heavy gear and training that SERVPRO equips its technicians with. Here are a few key facts about each type of water.
Clean Water
Clean water originates from water mains, pipes, and other sources of relatively untampered water in your home. Collegedale flood damage with clear water is lighter and easier to restore than other types of damage, due to both reduced volumes of water and lighter safety procedures during the task. This water is usually identifiable as being clear and unclouded. However, time is important, as without quick removal clean waters can progress and become gray.
Gray Water
The awkward middle child of flood damage, gray water concerns water that may or may not have significant contaminants in it, and thus pose a potential health risk. More care is required in these waters, and they can be deceiving, as they too may sometimes be clear in appearance.
Black Water
The most dangerous and damaging type of water that SERVPRO deals with is black water, which can originate from a storm flood, a major health hazard such as a septic tank overflow, or when gray water is left untreated. This water contains dangerous contaminants, including fungi and microbes that may cause health effects. Black waters stain surfaces easily and are often more violent in their damage, so in addition to having the most restrictive safety precautions, this type of water also often causes the most damage.


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The technicians of SERVPRO of East Chattanooga are all licensed, trained, and certified to interact with all three types of floodwater so that you don't have to. Call us at the first sign of damage at (423) 326-1406.

Landlords' Water Damage Woes in Chattanooga

12/24/2016 (Permalink)

Toilets can quickly overflow causing flooding and subsquent water damage. Call SERVPRO to quickly assess and remediate the damage!

Count on SERVPRO's Certified Technicians to Expertly Deal With Your Water Damage Problems

If you count college students from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga or Chattanooga State Community College as some of your tenants, their youth and inexperience with household maintenance can spell water damage disaster for you as a landlord. Even well-meaning student tenants are poor observers of potential water damage issues for their landlords. They ignore constantly running toilets, leave the freezer door ajar leading to melting frost, and fail to notice a leaky front loading washer door until some serious problems present. A landlord’s best friend when water damage in rental buildings comes calling is your local SERVPRO, able to find, repair, and restore any moisture issues your student tenants offer you.

Today’s student apartments often come with in-unit laundry facilities and full sized kitchen appliances. Because they are busy with studies, socializing, and internships, your student tenants frequently focus little attention on the commercial water damage that occurs when a Chattanooga undergrad adds too much detergent to a high-efficiency washer or a hard working ice maker bursts a water line under the kitchen cabinets between the fridge and the sink after a partying weekend. When the suds pour out the back of the washer or a steady drip, drip, drip causes ceiling damage under the bathroom; contaminated water has a chance to invade your rental unit. Bulging drywall, mold growth, and rotting floorboards under the laundry closet tiles are some of the challenges you might face when the students move out at the end of the term.

As groups of student, tenants come and go SERVPRO teams up with landlords to restore rental units back to their pre-water damage condition for the start of a new school year. Our technicians are great water detectives, able to follow the flow from a neglected washing machine or hushed-up shower curtain fail to make certain that all areas of water damage are remediated. Hidden moisture can seriously harm your investment in student rental apartment buildings or other rental units. Work with us to find the damage your tenants caused, documenting issues as the problems in the rental units are solved. Our records help you if you feel you must retain damage deposits and when the building inspector arrives to make sure all problems have been repaired among your rentals. Our experience and training ensure the water damage is fixed according to local codes.

When looking for a solid and steady partner in the student housing business SERVPRO of East Chattanooga comes to the rescue by restoring all manner of water damage. Call us anytime at (423) 326-1406 for fast, professional results.

Mold Damage Occurs in Collegedale

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SERPRO Safely Remediates Mold Problems in Your Collegedale Home

Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation for Your Home

One of the hidden results of flooding in a home is mold. Although the floors and carpets may be dry or even replaced, there is still the possibility that mold may have found an area where a few spores were able to expand and grow.

Your home here in Collegedale may have developed mold damage in these hidden or out of the way areas such as basements, laundry rooms and behind walls. These areas may not have been dried out properly after a flood, or the mold could have developed when a leak from the roof or is simply not caught due to it being in an attic or a leaky pipe has created the perfect environment behind a laundry room wall. SERVPRO has the experience, training, and equipment to handle all of these possibilities.

If you have no obvious problem now but are still worried about a previous incident (especially if you detect a musty odor), call us to perform an inspection. Our SERVPRO inspectors will use state of the industry testing equipment to determine if you have a growing mold colony or if there is an area that might just need to be properly dried.

When it is only drying that is required, our restoration team will place fans and dehumidifiers in the affected areas to return the moisture content of the surrounding air to standard. If needed, technicians will drill holes through trim or drywall to help air flow and speed up the process. Lowering the moisture content will prevent mold from growing and also stop mold growth that is already present.

If mold growth is discovered, technicians will determine how far it has developed and then isolate the affected area. They will then use the anti-fungal cleaners in our chemical inventory to destroy the spores. The next step they'll take is to use anti-microbial disinfectants to remove pathogens that may be present. If the mold is behind a wall, the restoration team will use the same techniques for drying to deploy anti-fungal foggers to destroy the spores.

In case the growth is discovered in your home's HVAC system, the team will seal it off and then scrub the ductwork using anti-fungal foggers to destroy every possible spore that we can. Specialized fans will be placed at the vents to remove all loose spores and dispose of it outside.  Air scrubbers and HEPA filtered vacuums are part of our arsenal to combat mold proliferation. The team will also replace all air filters and clean every vent cover thoroughly.

If you believe that you may have a mold problem, call us today at (423) 326-1406. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is here to help get you back into your home.

Recover Fast From Flood Damage To Your Ooltewah Home

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Should any flooding disaster occur in your home, SERVPRO will be there to help.

Recover Your Home in Ooltewah from Flood Damage

You have invested wisely in your dream home, outfitting every square foot to bring comfort and pleasure to your family and friends. Unfortunately, sometimes all that convenience and luxury comes with an unexpected price if an appliance or feature malfunctions. When your top rated sprinkler system does not live up to its reviews and showers your home without provocation or your sumptuous spa’s hot tub springs a leak your gorgeous home can be knee deep in water in a matter of minutes. Should any flooding disaster occur in your home, SERVPRO will be on site swiftly after your call to evaluate the damage and devise a plan to remove the water and restore all areas affected by the pre-flooding condition.

No homeowner expects floods to damage the interior of his or her dwelling yet our modern expectations as to comfort place every home in harms way from accidental water disasters in Ooltewah. It matters not at all where or how water enters into your dwelling, once it's there, it is critical that proper protocols be followed to make sure the initial crisis is mitigated and that collateral damage resulting from the flooding is limited or avoided altogether. The positive part of flooding from an overeager sprinkler configuration or an overflowing tub is that the water is clean as it saturates your flooring. It is important to understand that there is only a short window of opportunity to remove the clean water via pumping and extraction before microbial growth begins. Mold spores can begin to colonize within 48 hours, but if we respond within hours of your first call, we have the best chance of preventing that from happening.

Your precious hardwood flooring and imported rugs or wall to wall carpeting can be restored by our SERVPRO flooding and water remediation specialists. Once the water has been mostly removed, our technicians know what methods to use to dry even expensive exotic wood flooring with little if any warping or buckling. We pride ourselves on our ability to dry one of a kind floor covering and even premium grade padding in place, reducing the moisture levels in the materials and the ambient humidity to levels advised by national water damage restoration certification experts. Our staff is also trained and experienced in saving custom wall coverings and fixtures from the ravages of water damage, leaving your home just “Like it never even happened” after we put the last touches to our restoration plan.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If a water disaster mars your custom built home, your quickest and most effective solution is to contact the experts at SERVPRO of East Chattanooga. Ring us at (423) 326-1406 confident we will restore your high-end abode and its contents from accidental flood damage.



SERVPRO Commercial Water Removal Chattanooga

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To ensure rapid action, SERVPRO maintains 24-hour response and restoration teams.

Chattanooga Commercial Water Removal - SERVPRO

Standing water can shut down a business in just a few hours. Regardless if it's the result of a storm or damaged plumbing, it has to be removed quickly in order to prevent damage, get the doors opened, and start serving customers again.

SERVPRO knows how important commercial water removal is for Chattanooga businesses. This can be a difficult process, but our people will explain every step and to work as rapidly as possible.

To ensure rapid action, SERVPRO maintains 24-hour response and restoration teams. Once a team arrives, the inspector will determine the extent of the flooding, its source and then put their equipment and personnel to work. We maintain an extensive inventory of commercial pumps to remove water. If the power is out or if the building's electrical system is compromised, we also maintain generators and generator trucks to ensure uninterrupted service.
Once we have the water pumped out, our technicians employ air movers and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture.

While the paper is quickly damaged and cloth (furniture, curtains, etc.) can be compromised in a matter of hours, floors, and carpeting can still be recovered. Specially designed heaters and water extractors can prevent wooden floors from warping and concrete slabs from forming cracks.

If done quickly enough, they can also prevent water from leaching floor varnish and carpet color.
Moisture also has to be removed in order to prevent mold growth. Drywall is an exceptionally vulnerable building material; it disintegrates quickly and becomes a food source for a growing mold colony. When moisture is brought down to normal levels, growth quickly stops and affected panels can be safely removed.



Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you have standing water, puddles on floors or soggy carpets, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is here to help get you back in business. To schedule an inspection or have one of our restoration teams begin work, call us today at (423) 326-1406 to get started.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Crestview

11/20/2016 (Permalink)

Let the experts at SERVPRO help you get your house or business back to normal after fire damage.

When a fire happens, the first thing homeowners want to do is return their home to normal. The last thing they want to do is deal with the paperwork. That's understandable when one of the worst things that can happen to your home actually does, it's a nightmare came true.
As a Crestview homeowner, fire damage isn't just a job to you and we at SERVPRO feel the same way. This is perhaps the most stressful thing to happen to you as a homeowner and we will be with you from the first examination to when we put the keys back in your hand. We have six key steps to make sure it happens.
1) We make sure YOU are satisfied - Our inspectors and technicians will explain the restoration process to you and answer every question.
2) Minimize and further loss - Our teams are highly skilled and trained to prevent secondary property loss from smoke or soot damage and as we move your property out of the damaged areas and then back in once the work is completed.
3) Identify what can be restored - We will test every item that may have been exposed to determine if it can be cleaned, does not require cleaning or could be questionable and depends on your decision. We will also be honest with you about what is no longer useful and needs to be replaced.
4) Save you and your insurance adjuster time - We will help you work with your adjuster to process everything as quickly as possible. Our initial testing and inspections provide the adjuster with the information they need to get your fire insurance case started.
5) Report the scope of loss - Our work reports to the both of you keep the paperwork moving as we restore your home and property. They also help the adjuster review our services and prioritize the work schedule to reduce costs. Once we're done, we will provide a final report that will help the adjuster process all final paperwork.
6) Produce quality restoration - In the end, even if the insurance adjuster is happy with our work, we've failed if you aren't happy. This last step is what customer service is all about for us.
We don't just come in, drag out your possessions, throw on a coat of paint and then hand you a bill. As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington is here to help our neighbors through every step of the fire restoration process. If you need us, call us today at (850) 267-0746 to get started.

Mold Damage Prevention In Ooltewah

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Preventative Measures Mitigate Mold Growth in Ooltewah

SERVPRO Suggests Preventions Keep Mold Damage in Check

Mold exists naturally, in our air, the surrounding atmosphere and practically anywhere else that you can imagine. The problem isn't that mold spores exist; it's that if left unmitigated, allergenic molds develop that may cause health effects that strike our young and elderly family members the most.
There are professionals at your disposal in Ooltewah who specialize in mold damage remediation and restoration to your property. We want to assist you with the issues that are plaguing your home, call our professionally trained staff today.
SERVPRO staff can answer your questions regarding suspicious black spots, stains, rotted wood or drywall and even have the answers to assist with water leaks or subsequent damage caused by a flood. We want to educate you about the actual effects of the existence of mold in your home.
Technicians at SERVPRO highly recommend maintaining low humidity levels in every area of your home. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers offer assistance in achieving a consistent healthy 30% to 50% humidity. You would also benefit from improving the ventilation of your crawl spaces and storage areas. Reduce the risks of accumulating condensation on windows, pipes, and exterior walls by installing the proper insulation.
SERVPRO staff also suggest doing regular visual checks throughout your home where you may find leaky pipes and other areas that may be prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements. You can prevent moisture and excess water from entering your basement and crawl spaces by performing low-cost maintenance tasks to repair holes and cracks in your walls or foundation while using exterior landscaping techniques to direct water away from your home.
Keep your gutters and drain pipes free of clutter so that they don't get clogged causing water to overflow into areas that are unprotected. You would also benefit from replacing old worn out plastic hoses with higher-quality steel hose options that will last longer and perform better.
When the first signs of mold issues present themselves, make a call to expertly trained professionals that can assist you. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is ready to provide you with the assistance that you need, call now. (423) 326-1406

Understanding Water Nature and How it Relates to Damage on Your Property

10/27/2016 (Permalink)

Pipes can burst in the summer or winter. Call SERVPRO quickly to remediate and prevent further damage!

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Dry Out Your Chattanooga Home

The nature of water is such, that it moves in, against and through buildings along four pathways. One pathway method is through “bulk water” which is driven by gravity, wind, and pressure. Outdoor bulk water stems from fast-moving floodwaters. Indoor bulk water comes from a pipe burst or a washing machine spewing water. There is “capillary water” that moves under tension through porous building material like sheet metal.
When there is a deluge of water against a building, water removal in Chattanooga is an immediate process. Water is a constant; it can move against the force of gravity very easily. An additional conduit for water to come into and against a building is through “capillary” means. Capillary water can be siphoned upward into brick, stucco, wood, siding, and other types of composite materials. This action is defined as the movement of water within the spaces of porous material, as a result of adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension.
“Air-transported” moisture is the vapor molecules of air that has leaked out of or into a structure. This air leakage is driven through and into the building envelope via the wind, condensation, and humidity. The fourth pathway for moving water is through “vapor diffusion.” Water vapor diffusion is the movement of water vapor through vapor-permeable materials. Vapor diffusion happens through a solid material even when the material has no holes. Water vapor is driven inside a building through HVAC systems via humidity and temperature.
Our professional technicians at SERVPRO of East Chattanooga are trained in the use of advanced water removal and drying equipment. We use scientific drying principles to get your property dried quickly. When you need help in water damage events, contact us.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are locally owned and operated, which means we are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call us at (423) 326-1406 and let us restore you to a pre-water condition.

How Commercial Storm Damage in Collegedale Directly Costs Businesses Money

10/22/2016 (Permalink)

Collegedale Storm Damage Gets Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Helps Reopen Your Doors in Flood Damaged Collegedale

Storm damage can vary widely in its intensity and symptoms, but it's never going to be a good thing for business (at least until after restorations are complete). Some types of damage may destroy or render useless merchandise and equipment in your business, or others could drive away customers by making the place unsafe or unclean. We employ a thorough restoration process when dealing with any sizable storm damage, ensuring that your business saves not only its equipment but also its customers.

Messes that Can Drive Away Customers
Whether you're in the service industry, a corporate setting, an industrial district, or something else entirely, commercial storm damage in Collegedale is more likely than not to lose you, customers, if it is not properly cleaned up. Flooding can be the most thorough and expensive visual damage, staining floors, displays, walls, and anything in its path. However, many storms cause significant aesthetic damage aside from flooding as well, blowing in mud, dirt, debris, and rainwater and perhaps breaking windows or other fragile objects in the path.
Damages that Directly Cost You in Goods and Equipment
Some types of damage can also directly destroy or devalue merchandise or equipment, creating an immediate financial loss for your business. SERVPRO employs a strategy of mitigation and restoration over replacement, meaning that we attempt to save as many objects and fixtures as possible without having to buy new ones. The heaviest form of storm damage to equipment is again flooding, but other types and events can also lead to the destruction of your merchandise. Offices are often at the most risk after a flood, as they typically contain valuable electronics and data which can easily be lost as water hits and destroys fragile equipment.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga has the equipment and experience to tackle commercial storm damage whenever and wherever it strikes in the local area. Call us at the first sign of trouble at (423) 326-1406 for our fast response times and mitigation services.

Securing Your Property After a Fire

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Fire damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to remediate!

There are Many Reasons to Call a Professional Company After Suffering Fire Damage to your Home

When you experience a fire on your property, you may have to leave quickly, leaving your property open and vulnerable. It is important to make sure that your home or business is secured because it protects you, your neighbors and aids in your insurance claims. When you call SERVPRO, they inspect your property and when needed, make it secure.
There are several key areas that must be secured from a fire damage event in Chattanooga. These include the perimeter, doors, windows and other damaged areas, like the roof. Doors and windows should be boarded up; roofs may need to be covered with a tarp to keep out inclement weather, insects, and animals.
Walls and floors are inspected for their stability. They too may need to be covered with a temporary shoring. The perimeter requires temporary fencing around your property. There are a couple of reasons why securing your property after a fire is necessary. One reason is to keep others protected. Children and pets become curious and wander onto the unsecured property and become injured.
If your property is left unsecured and someone gets hurt, you are held financially liable. The second reason to protect your property after a disaster is to keep thieves from stealing what remaining valuables you have and possibly causing additional damage. Also, securing your property helps to prevent inclement weather from causing more damage and to keep animals or insects from chewing on electrical wires and other belongings.
SERVPRO uses a variety of materials and methods to prop up weakened walls and floors. This allows their professional technicians to work safely on damaged areas. In some cases, family members and employees can continue to live or work in the property during their restoration process. As a leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO offers a broad range of services, including fire damage restoration, temporary fencing, board-up services, and more.
As experts in disaster remediation, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is armed with the training and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs. We are locally owned and operated, plus we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions about a board-up and/or insurance claims, call us today at (423) 326-1406.

Contact A Professional Restoration Company About Mold Damage

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Although steps can be taken to prevent mold in the first place, sometimes mold still grows.

Mold Damage And Remediation

Talk about mold has risen over the last few years, with many homeowners being fearful of this sometimes toxic problem. Although steps can be taken to prevent mold in the first place, sometimes mold still grows. Many times it is due to a catastrophic event like outside flooding coming into your home or an appliance malfunctioning.

Assessing mold damage in Ooltewah involves more work than just finding what is visibly growing on your walls or in a corner. Mold can be invisible as well, growing behind walls or around what you can’t see. That is why you need professionals such as SERVPRO who have the equipment and experience to find this hidden mold. You also need to realize first that mold is a moisture or water problem.

Before remediation begins, you should take pictures and document all of the damage for insurance purposes. If you call us at SERVPRO, we will come over to your home and assess the damage first and then go over a plan of remediation with you, and make sure that you understand everything before we begin any work. The amount of contamination will be calculated as well so that the approach to removal can be determined. There are guidelines for cleaning up mold contamination safety and thoroughly that our trained technicians will follow. Cleaning the contamination will always include cleaning up any existing mold while avoiding exposure to the homeowners and the professionals doing the job. It will also include preventing any new growth by addressing the original source of the moisture.

Once the mold has been removed, it will then be time to determine whether the cleanup efforts were successful. Some guidelines that can be followed will include making sure the moisture problem is fixed. This will include checking the home shortly after remediation to make sure there are no more signs of recurring water damage. Your home should also be checked for no signs of visible mold or mold damaged materials, or even moldy odors.

An immediate remediation plan is essential when you have mold, as it can spread and grow quickly, and could cause adverse health effects to you and your family. If you see any mold or suspect you have a mold problem in your home, contact us right away at SERVPRO of East Chattanooga. We will quickly work with you to come up with a plan of remediation when you contact us at (423) 326-1406.

Water Removal Experts Protect Homes and People's Health

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Flooding Restoration Requires SERVPRO Help

SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage with Fast Water Extraction

One of the worst natural disasters known to exist is the flood. Sometimes homes are flooded by a leak inside the home. Other times the water comes from external sources, making the damage to a home even worse than if it had been only clean water flooding a small area.

When it comes to water removal services in Chattanooga, homeowners should understand that getting the best results come from their quick reaction to the emergency. This fast initial move is vital because external water sources are typically highly contaminated with pollutants, such as sewage, chemicals from runoff, and other solids, and will often contain biohazards capable of causing illness or even death. These pollutants and contaminants must be removed completely before your belongings can be safely handled and used again.

We can handle all of the water in your home, starting with the removal of standing water with our pump trucks, and then followed by our specialized equipment. Some equipment is designed to raise the temperature of your home's structure, while at the same time creating a high air flow that will whisk the humidity created to the outside. With the water disposed of after removal by the pump truck, our team will begin restoring your home's interior.
In addition to drying and restoring your home, we will also clean and sanitize everything. Risks from floods are all too real, and can pose threats to safety for months after a flood has receded. Other equipment is used to extract water and moisture from upholstered furniture, wooden structures, and walls. We will use dehumidifiers to increase the speed of the drying process, and as we do this, we will monitor the moisture levels in various areas of your home. This monitoring can be used as documentation to show insurance companies the work done, and also to future prospective home buyers who are interested in purchasing your home.
These risks are not only from waste and sewage, but also solid and liquid contaminants that were brought in with the floodwaters. Silt from riverbeds is very fine and will remain suspended in flood water as long as there is turbulence, even from weak ebbs and flows. Silt may be very fine but can harbor pollutants and even carcinogens from local businesses. 'Water removal,' when done correctly, is much more than just removing the standing water. It's removing any risks present, and getting your home restored, so it's "Like it never even happened."

Whenever you're in need of water removal, large or small, call us! SERVPRO of East Chattanooga can be reached at (423) 326-1406, 24/7, and we will respond as soon as possible to begin working on getting your home returned to its intended state.

Comprehensive Commercial Water Damage Restoration, from Where?

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SERVPRO Reopens Your Collegedale Water Damaged Business Fast

Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration to Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties can be damaged by rain, floods, internal plumbing and appliance mishaps, or experience secondary water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO offers property owners a speedy response when water damage compromises the use of business property, offering a full range of restoration services that mitigate even the worst damage water can do. Our technicians are highly trained to industry standards by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring your commercial property’s water damage repair is in the hands of experts in the field. No business property is too large or too small to benefit from the proven skills and experience of our trained water damage control and restoration professionals.

When Collegedale commercial water damage occurs because of severe weather, plumbing malfunctions, floods or other natural or man-made disasters the economic toll to the industries affected can be high. Whether it involves only your own business or also prevents any tenants or other business partners from the quiet enjoyment of their homes or robust commerce in the shop or storage area they rent from you commercial water damage must be restored quickly and thoroughly. Because we are a local company we can respond immediately to your commercial water damage needs with trained technicians and specialized equipment that can handle most commercial water disasters. We have experience with almost any type of water based damage and will have your business back on track fast no matter the cause.

If the extent of your commercial water damage is greater than one restoration company can efficiently manage alone, we can tap into a network of over 1700 franchises to increase the scope of our repair capabilities vastly. When you contract with our company to deal with water damage that is catastrophic and extensive, we will utilize our relationship with the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Teams nationwide to respond on the scale your situation requires. The resources at our command will rise to the challenge, turning the tide on the most complex and momentous water damage scenarios.

If water damage of any nature threatens your business, rely on the professionals at SERVPRO of East Chattanooga to restore your properties to pre-disaster condition. Commercial water damage can be reversed and your money making assets placed back online quickly when you dial (423) 326-1496 any time of the day or night and engage our services. We are proudly ranked as of one of the leading commercial restoration companies in the nation.

How to Avoid Stove Top Fire Damage

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Food on a stove top should always be attended. Prevention is key. But if you have fire damage, call SERVPRO to remediate!

Attended Cooking and Keeping Safety Materials Nearby Can Help Prevent Fires From Originating in a Kitchen

Cooking tops and stoves have been used by civilizations with advanced metal or stone work for thousands of years, as it is a simple enough concept: a plate or surface is heated by open flame sufficient to cook and burn any food placed upon it. However, these essential appliances also carry a fair bit of risk and are one of the most common causes of fire damage in homes worldwide. Smoke alarms in kitchens are regularly placed directly above the stove so as to react quickly to any fires that start on it. Stoves can cause fire damage large and small, sometimes leading to total loss of the home, so avoiding dangerous practices around them is essential for your home's safety.
Always Mind Food
A common source of fire damage in Chattanooga is food left cooking unattended on stoves. Even if you are minding time and have a timer set up for its cooking, being out of the room while something is cooking is never a good idea and can lead to fires. Especially with oily or dry foods, food items left on stovetops can burst into flame very quickly, spreading to nearby wooden cabinets and walls. Safe cooking involves regular monitoring of food on the stove, and this is essential in kitchen fire prevention.
Watch Where You Put Things
Another common cause of fires is when a resident leaves a fabric cooking item, such as a potholder, laying on a hot stove. Any object left on a stove has a risk of starting a fire, and a hot stove top should never be used as a resting place for anything. Simply use the counter that is likely only a few feet away.
Keep Safety Materials Nearby
If worst comes to worst and a fire starts on a stove, make sure you have a smoke detector nearby and a fire extinguisher in the room. Damaging the stove with extinguisher materials should be the least of your concerns, so don't hold back. Above all, mitigating further damage from the fire is essential, and crucial to this is stopping any small fires in their tracks.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is equipped to respond to and deal with any house fire quickly so as to mitigate restoration costs for you. The moment the fire has died and your home is secure, call us at (423) 326-1406 24/7 for emergency mitigation and restoration services.

How Storm Damage is Common Thanks to the Climate

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Stay Safe During a Tornado and Call SERVPRO to Remediate the Damage

SERVPRO Technicians Are Ready to Remediate Your Property After Tornadoes, Hurricanes or Rain Storms

Across the United States, different SERVPRO franchises see very different patterns in calls and jobs that they receive. This is particularly true of storm damage, which largely depends on the geographic position and local climate factors. Some locations experience almost no storm damage, while others may have so much of it that it takes up the majority of calls. Our local region is one of the most commonly hit for storm damage across the country, for a number of reasons, and can experience a variety of dangerous storm types and weather damages.
In close proximity to the Georgia border, Ooltewah storm damage commonly manifests in the form of tornadoes. Although the Midwest is often romanticized as the tornado capital of the world, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee also encounter very large and common tornadoes on a regular basis. Category F4 and even F5 tornadoes, the most dangerous types, can form here, a very rare site anywhere outside of the United States. We get many calls after tornadoes, and our technicians are very experienced in dealing with them.
As with most of the Southeast, we commonly have to deal with the threat of hurricanes. Hurricanes happen multiple times annually in and around the United States, although one carrying significant damage and an intense wind is fairly uncommon. Common sources of damage during hurricanes include flooding, peeled-off roof tiles, fallen trees and telephone poles, and mold in the aftermath.
Common Rain Storms
With relatively high annual rainfall, the Southeast commonly has to deal with the damage from ordinary rain and thunderstorms. These can happen year-round, and commonly cause light water damage, fire damage from lightning strikes, and perhaps flooding in particularly heavy rains. If your home floods during any storm, exercise extreme caution around any waters, as flowing water may cause harm to you or your vehicle and still water may contain dangerous microbes and hazardous materials.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is trained and equipped to deal with the fallout of storms large and small. If a disaster has struck your home following a storm, call our local franchise at (423) 326-1406 for 24/7 help.

What Appliances in My Kitchen Can Cause Water Damage?

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Appliance Water Damage in Chattanooga Gets Fixed by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Answers the Call For Water Damage from Appliances and Leaks

Kitchens are home to many of the most costly and damaging disasters in a home. Many kitchen appliances use more heat, water, coolant, and other elements than anywhere else in the home, and a malfunction in any of these could spell disaster. When we respond to water damage calls, a great many of them pertain to damages in kitchens. Here are some fairly common appliances found in many American homes that may be susceptible to causing or taking on water damage.
Dishwashers, while used less often than some of the other listed appliances, nevertheless are not an uncommon source of water damage in Chattanooga homes. Dishwashers use hot, high-volume, and high-pressure water valves and pipes to clean dishes quickly, and a slight leak or malfunction in any of these may cause scalding water to blast across your kitchen. Dishwashers can even cause flooding if the leak is bad enough and the water is not stopped quickly.
Sinks and Pipes
Kitchen sinks and the pipes leading to them are a common cause for concern among homeowners. Although these are often easy enough to repair alone or don't cause too much damage even waiting for a plumber to arrive, these leaks occur often enough that we receive a decent number of calls resulting from their malfunction. Be sure to evaluate the water damage yourself, to see the extent and cost of damage. Remember the shut-off valve under the sink base cabinet.
Refrigerators typically have a water line, for ice making and coolant purposes. These lines and systems can rupture, potentially ruining not only your food but also nearby surfaces. Coolant may also stain floors and walls, depending on its composition.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is well-prepared to handle any kitchen-based water damage. Our technicians are experienced with most every appliance water damaging event commonly found in homes, and you'll surely be satisfied with our restoration jobs. "Like it never even happened." Call us 24/7 at (423) 326-1406.

In Need of a Fire Damage Restoration Company?

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SERVPRO Says: Smoke Detectors Save Lives and Mitigate Fire Damage in Collegedale.

SERVPRO Restores and Repairs Many Fire & Smoke Damaged Properties

The National Fire Protection Association reports that residential households can expect a fire every 15 years or five fires during a lifetime. Most will be small fires with little or no damage. During a lifetime, residential households have a one in four chance of having a fire that is large enough to call the local fire department. Tennessee has seen its fair share of fires. It was once reported that Tennessee had one of the highest fire mortality death rates in the United States. Local fire departments and various community agencies came together to put a program together to prevent fires. Free fire alarms were handed out, as well as free classes held on fire prevention tips for residential and commercial structures.
Knowledge is the key to prevention. When fire damage in Collegedale occurs, knowing that you can count on SERVPRO, will save you time, stress and money. We are a trusted leader in the industry of restoration and repairs. We are locally owned and operated. We are proud to be a helping member of the community. We are dedicated, and we are faster to any size disaster. As your one-stop contractor, no matter the extent of your fire damage, we will work with you to return your property to a pre-loss condition. We believe in giving back to the Hamilton County community. Therefore, when the fire alarm goes off, and the fire department responds, we would like to be there by your side as well. Remember, when the fire is out, and its damaging results of smoke, soot, water and mold are left behind, we stand ready to help with restoration and repair processes.
SERVPRO of East Chattanooga stands ready to help with all types of fire emergencies and other forms of disasters. Our motto is to “restore first.” This focus to get you back into your home or business quickly is based on our specialized training and advanced equipment to help restore your property. Call us today at (423) 326-1406 so that we can answer any questions you may have about our fire damage restoration services.

Why Did I Get Mold Damage In my Home?

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Mold Remediation in Harrison Gets Professional Help from SERVPRO

In Your Property, SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage

Homes of all shapes, sizes, and locations share some common enemies, one of the chief ones being mold infestation. Mold spores are naturally occurring almost everywhere on Earth, but given the right conditions for growth, can multiply exponentially and cause major problems for your home. Some types of mold may even cause health effects. Here are some of the conditions and causes for a mold infestation in your home.
Damp or Wet Fabric and Wood
Mold damage in Harrison typically needs two things to get pressing: wet conditions and an organic food source. Both of these are often found in homes, where outside water can seep in, or a leak can cause wooden floors, walls, and structural elements to soak up water. Additionally, fabrics such as carpets, drapes, and shower curtains are also commonly affected. An important step we take in halting any mold colony's growth and preventing future ones from forming is dehumidification, whereby we take almost all the moisture out of a room and its air. We reduce the RH, relative humidity.
Dark, Warm Areas
Some types of mold can only grow in dark areas, and preferably in warm places. Unfortunately, residences also commonly provide this environment, and many mold colonies end up growing behind walls or in attics and basements. These are some of the first places we check for moisture and mold when responding to any call to a home, via moisture sensors, hygrometers, and infrared devices.
Spoiled and Forgotten Food
Spoiled food almost always grows mold at some point; most people know that. However, if not disposed of, this food can be a catalyst for future growth elsewhere in the home. Once matured, mold colonies release large amounts of spores which travel across a home through the air, and these may take up residence in another room or the ducts. This is one reason why we offer mold remediation rather than removal: it is impossible to rid a home of mold spores entirely, due to there being so many and their tiny size. Once again, they are naturally occurring, and so will be found in your home regardless.
Expert in mold remediation and cleanup, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is a tried and true solution to any mold problem, large or small. With proper accreditation, certification, and training for all of our crew members, we feel confident we can tackle your residential mold problem. Call us today at (423) 326-1406 for 24/7 emergency service.

Mold Damage and Why

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SERVPRO Says Excess Moisture Can Cause Mold Damage in Your Decatur Bathroom.

SERVPRO Can Remediate Your Mold Infestation

Mold damage is something that many business and homeowners fear, but don’t necessarily know a lot about. There are some things about mold that you should learn when you own property so that you can try and prevent it, or know how to deal with it if it does occur. 

Mold can cause adverse health effects.
The best way to control mold inside your Decatur structure is to control the moisture level, as there is no practical way to eliminate all mold totally.
If mold is a problem in your school or home, it needs to be cleaned up quickly, and the moisture source has to be eliminated.
If you have a leak or a water problem, this needs to be fixed to stop mold growth.
Lower the indoor humidity to around thirty to sixty percent to lessen the chance of mold growth by venting dryers, bathrooms and other sources that generate moisture to the outside; use dehumidifiers and air conditioners, increase ventilation and use exhaust fans whenever you cook, clean or wash dishes.
Add insulation to prevent condensation on cold surfaces such as piping, windows, the roof, exterior walls, and floors.
Wherever there is persistent moisture, do not install carpeting, such as by classroom sinks, drinking fountains or concrete floors with frequent condensation or leaks.
Allow professionals such as our team at SERVPRO to clean and remediate any mold when you do have a problem, as we will have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE), cleaners and machines to find the fungi and get rid of it for you.

How Does Mold Grow?
Mold needs specific elements to grow, develop and thrive like any other living organism. The components include of course moisture, mold spores and the right temperatures and carbon atoms (organic food supply) that are used by these fungi to feed on. When everything is plentiful in a certain location, it makes just the right environment for the growth of mold.

To further avoid the proliferation of mold in your structure, consider these elements:
Mold Spores
These are invisible to the naked eye. They have the ability to attach themselves to just about any solid object and are carried through the air. They especially thrive on damp surfaces or porous items.
Mold doesn’t like one particular climate. Instead, it prefers temperatures that are similar to the human body, and can grow in both cold and hot areas. Moist and humid areas, however, are the most prone to the growth of mold.
Mold will seek moisture out of any kind whether it is from leaky pipes or climate conditions. Also, areas which trap condensation or water vapor are ideal for mold growth.
Feeding Agent
Most living things release carbon atoms. If the first three requirements are met, then mold will use just about any organism that contains carbon as a source of food.

If you suspect that you have mold growth, contact us right away at SERVPRO of East Chattanooga by calling (423) 326-1406 any time of day or night, any day of the year. We will come and inspect your property so that we can work out a plan of mold remediation for you.

What It Takes to Improve Your Home After Fire Damage

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Don't let fire damage your Collegedale home! SERVPRO of East Chattanooga can restore it quickly and efficiently!

Improving Your Fire Damaged Home - What Does It Take?

Fire can be one of the most destructive forces that can impact a home, causing significant damage in a matter of minutes. Some fires will burn for much longer periods of time, resulting in catastrophic damage to the property. Regardless of how long your fire raged through the home, you need to overcome fire damage so that life can resume as soon as possible. While the damage to your home may have been significant, you may be able to improve the area easily and repair the damage if you follow a few steps. 

Determine the Scope of the Project

As a first step in the Collegedale fire damage repair process, you will need to determine how significant the damage is. Initially, you can review the area that was impacted by the fire directly but bears in mind that this is not the only area where damage has occurred. The area may also be damaged by smoke and water, which could be in the space because of the firefighters who put out the blaze. Remember that smoke can spread throughout the property even if the fire was localized to one or two rooms, and water may spread beyond the burned area as well. 

Begin the Remediation Process

There are different steps that you can take to repair fire damage on a property, and the first step is to remove the water that was left behind by the firefighters. The best way to accomplish this goal is through the use of professional extraction equipment utilized by expert repair technicians. This is the fastest and most efficient method available. Remember that water damage can lead to mold growth if the water remains in the building for a longer period, so time is of the essence. Smoke damage may also need to be addressed at this time. Surfaces such as tile and carpeting that were not impacted by the fire but were damaged by smoke can be professionally cleaned for the best results. 

Repair the Fire Damage

Next, you can begin the difficult process of repairing the fire damage. You may need to remove the materials that have been damaged by the fire, and this may include everything from drywall to support and structural beams. The fire damage may require construction efforts to be completed, but you can easily improve your property when you use the services of a professional fire damage repair team. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When your property is impacted by fire damage, you may feel stressed and anxious about how you will repair it. However, you can move beyond the damage and restore your property with minimal time and effort required when you call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga. Reach our locally owned office for assistance by calling us at (423) 326-1406.

The Benefits of Chattanooga Water Damage Service

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Chattanooga River Water Is Okay, But Not Flowing in Your Home

Call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga for Water Damage Repair in Chattanooga

The discovery of standing water in your home can strike you with dread, and you may wonder what it will take to get your home restored to normal condition. Chattanooga residential water damage can be seemingly minor or significant, but you should use professional water remediation services from SERVPRO to help you overcome the challenges you are facing rather than attempt to do the work on your own.

What Are Professional Remediation Services?
If you have Chattanooga water damage in your home, you may think that you can restore the damage just as well as us professional can. The reality, however, is that professional services are needed to remove the standing water as quickly as possible.  Our professionals will use powerful extraction machines that will suction the water out of the home in the fastest time possible. There is a possibility of mold growth in the home when the water remains for longer periods of time, so you need to find the fastest way to deal with the problem. Our technicians also take the additional step of drying out the air and features in the home by using large fans, air movers, to circulate the water-logged areas. We also make sure that the air and hard and soft surfaces are dry, by using dehumidifiers, before attempting to restore the property.

Why Are Professional Services Needed?
A great deal of emphasis is placed on drying out the home when you use professional residential water damage services, and this is because of the possibility for damaging mold growth. You could attempt to restore the condition of your home on your own, but you do not have the powerful equipment or the humidity testing equipment that is used by professionals. These machines and devices help you address the current damage and prevent future hazards.

When you are dealing with an unexpected disaster in your home, such as a flood, you may want to cut cut corners to save money as much as possible. However, you run the risk of developing mold growth or other problems. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga is ready to respond to requests for service today. Call us at (423) 326-1406 for assistance with your Chattanooga water damage issue.

Chattanooga Fire Damage--Quick Repair to Getting Life Back to Normal

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SERVPRO Says a Smoke Detector Can Prevent Loss of Life and Property

Call SERVPRO to Stop Chattanooga Fire Damage from Displacing You

 A house fire is a tremendously upsetting event, and the need to stay with friends or relatives while the property is in disrepair can extend the trauma. If you're dealing with fire damage in Chattanooga, TN, we are available to repair your home so that you can move back into it quickly and get your life back to normal. We specialize in reversing Chattanooga residential fire damage to help displaced families stop worrying and get back to living.

Our cleanup professionals undergo extensive fire restoration training that meets or exceeds industry standards for all aspects of fire restoration. We make sure that your repaired space looks not only as good as it did before the fire, but also smells smoke-free and is completely free of moisture or water damage. Whenever possible, our Chattanooga residential fire damage professionals will restore not only the structure of your home, but also any contents or family treasures that are salvageable. We understand that your cherished mementos are part of what made your house a home, and we'll save them whenever we can.

A fire can leave you feeling overwhelmed and displaced, but we're here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact us anytime you need us, day or night. Expect to hear from us within the hour and have a Chattanooga residential fire damage cleanup professional on site within four hours. We will immediately examine your space and begin testing restoration treatments to give you a complete assessment of the scope of the job and the expected restorability of specific items. We may even generate a proprietary software program called the CCIS, the Contents Claim Inventory Service. This will itemize damaged articles and materials thereby helping you with the claims process.

Don't let Chattanooga fire damage keep you out of your home any longer than absolutely necessary. Instead, let our cleaning and restoration service help you get life back to normal for you and your family as quickly as possible. If you've experienced a fire, call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga at (423) 326-1406 to get the help you need.

Chattanooga Mold Remediation and Restoration Terms

3/12/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation By SERVPRO Mitigates Damage and Boosts Safety

SERVPRO Explains Terms of Mold, Fire, and Water Damage to a Chattanooga Property

When it comes to Chattanooga mold remediation, you are likely to hear many terms that you find unfamiliar. To make a stressful experience much easier to handle here is a look at the most common restoration terms you need to know. Directly below, you’ll find terms related to the insurance process in general, and mold remediation provided by SERVPRO.

Air mover: Used to combat water damage, this is an industrial strength fan that dries out wet items that can be salvaged (saved).

Antimicrobial agents: Cleaning products that are applied to items to remove any microorganisms and keep them from coming back.

Containment area: A term used during mold removal projects to identify a spot that contains mold spores and mold colonies. It is often blocked off by a plastic, poly barrier.

Dehumidifier: A machine that pulls water vapor from the air to return moisture levels inside the home to acceptable conditions,

Demolition: Process that involves removing and safely discarding all wet carpet, drywall, building materials, and installations.

Drying: Refers to a period (usually 48-72 hours) during when air movers and humidifiers are placed within the structure to remove any moisture from structural materials and the air after actual water removal.

Extraction: Refers to the first step of water damage restoration during which excess water is removed using pumping equipment.

Hygroscopic: A material that can absorb and retain air vapor or moisture from the air.

Moisture Meter: A tool that detects moisture trapped in materials or walls and helps identify the water intrusion source.

Mold testing: A process that uses air and surface samples to determine the amount and species of mold found in structures. This is not necessary when an apparent mold damage site is visible.

Mycotoxin: Most often referred to as mold, this is a toxic secondary metabolite that is produced by organisms in the fungi kingdom.

Psychrometry: A term used to denote the measure of relative humidity (RH) content in the air; evaluated using a psychrometer.

Thermal imaging camera: A tool used to identify points of water by detecting changes in temperature.
Common Insurance Terms Used During the Restoration Process 
Agent: The insurance company representative who clarifies the policy and works with contractors throughout the restoration process.
Adjuster: The person who advocates for the policyholder (most likely, you) while appraising and negotiating an insurance claim.
Claim: What is filed when the policyholder is attempting to recoup money from the insurance company for damages and repairs.
Inspector: Individual responsible for determining how severe the situation is and offering suggestions regarding what should and should not be done; this person does not work for the individuals making the repairs.

SERVPRO can assist with the claim as we are ranked at the top of the water, fire, and mold remediation services by most insurance companies. If your Chattanooga property sustains mold damage, call us for quick remediation. Our IICRC trained technicians can restore your home to a safe environment for you and your family to enjoy. "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Mold Remediation Specialists

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga has a team of trained mold damage specialists who get started quickly to get your home or business back to normal, with specific training and certifications to handle your restoration needs. Whether in Chattanooga, Ooltewah, or Collegedale, we respond 24/7 to your needs. (423) 326-1406

Preventing Water Damage Before Pipes Freeze in Altamont

2/24/2016 (Permalink)

Don't Allow This Burst Pipe to Flood Your Home with 250 Gallons of Water Per Day

SERVPRO Can Restore Altamont Water Damage If the Pipes Do Freeze

Water damage in Altamont can occur in many ways. A quarter of a million families have homes ruined from water damage due to frozen pipes. Recovering from this water disaster is not an easy fix. A 1/8 inch crack in a pipe can flood your home with up to 250 gallons of water per day. All pipes can freeze and burst under conducive conditions. Take a few simple measures, and save yourself lots of money and aggravation.

What to Do Before the Pipes Freeze
If you insulate the pipes in your home’s crawl space and attic, you are better protecting the plumbing system from freezing. Further, these pipes are the most susceptible to breaking. The more insulation that you use, the more protection you will have to prevent your pipes from freezing that will lead to water damage.

Use heat tape or thermo-controlled heat cables to wrap your pipes. Use only approved products. Follow all installation and operating instructions. Utilize these products where water lines are exposed to the elements or not within range of home heating.

Leaks that would allow cold air inside will need to be sealed. Look for leaks in pipe penetrations and vent openings. Simple caulk or insulation can be used to keep the cold out. When the temperature drops severely, a tiny air opening can freeze a pipe.

Always disconnect garden hoses and cover your outside faucets with foam covers. Covering these exterior faucets reduce the chances of pipes freezing in that span of pipe just inside the house.

Don’t forget to drip warm and cold water from your pipes during the night if the ambient room temperature is close to the freezing point. Dripping your faucets help keep water flowing through the pipes and prevent freezing. Additionally, open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to pipes under sinks and near outside walls. If you are going on vacation, have a friend or neighbor check on your house daily and be sure it’s warm enough to prevent freezing. Shut off your water system and drain it. Call SERVPRO to mitigate any water damage when spotted.

When the Pipes Freeze
Don’t risk it! If you turn on your faucets and no water comes out, leave the faucets turned on and call a plumber right away. If you discover that your water pipes are frozen, turn off the main water valve but leave the taps on. Try to thaw a frozen line with a hair dryer. Warm the pipe from the faucet downward toward the coldest section of pipe. Remember, do not use electrical appliances in water for your safety.

In the event, a pipe does burst, or ice damming has resulted in water intrusion, call SERVPRO to remedy your Altamont water damage. We will guarantee our work to your complete satisfaction and restore your property "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga specializes in water damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We have extensive fire and water damage restoration training, and our process emphasizes regular monitoring and documentation of the drying process from beginning to end. We cheerfully serve our local communities of Altamont, Chattanooga, and Ten Mile. Call us 24/7 for emergency assistance. (423) 326-1406

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Fire Damage Recovery Process in Decatur

2/19/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO If You Suffer Decatur Smoke and Fire Damage

Learn About the Decatur Fire Damage Remediation Process

When you experience Decatur fire damage, you may not know how to start the recovery process. Even if the superficial signs of fire damage are cleared away, lingering problems like smoke damage can continue to mar your home over the long term. All fire damage manifests itself differently, but skilled professionals can help homeowners get to the bottom of their issue through a standard fire damage searching procedure.

The cleaning begins after the worst of the fire damage has been taken care of by firefighters and other emergency personnel. Once the smoke clears,
the Decatur fire damage remediation specialists can begin cleaning up the
area. The procedure usually depends on the type of damage present in the
area, and every remediation process is different for every client.

When our specialists arrive at your door, they'll proceed carefully by inspecting the surrounding area and testing the damaged sections to determine the extent of the damage. The experts always make sure to avoid doing anything that might exacerbate the damage, and they'll run you through the inspection process to develop a plan of action.

If the fire damage was particularly extensive and did damage to your roof or windows, they'll make sure that the security of your home is not compromised by boarding up missing walls and windows and setting tarps around the damaged sections of the roof to maintain your privacy. In addition to making sure that the open areas are covered, experts usually begin the water removal process immediately after. What many
homeowners don't realize is that water damage appears almost at the same
time as smoke damage does. In order to combat such effects, the experts set up dehumidifiers to dry out the remaining water.

When the water has been cleared, the specialists move on to the brunt of the fire damage. They begin by looking into the smoke and soot damage around your home's surfaces, and they then remove it carefully to avoid agitating troublesome particles. Once the surface has been taken care of, the professionals proceed to clean all other areas that may have been
damaged by the fire. A standard Decatur fire damage cleaning also takes restorable items into account, and all noticeable odors are removed with fogging equipment and air scrubbers.

The final step in the restoration process involves handling all the remaining minor repairs around the property, such as replacing the drywall and painting over a freshly cleaned surface. This may also involve installing new carpeting and taking care of major repairs to your home.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated, and all our employees are highly skilled and trained through IICRC guidelines to provide customers with the most thorough cleanup available. Whether you need smoke damage remediated or entire sections of the home repaired after extensive fire
damage, we're ready to help. "Like it never even happened." When you experience Decatur fire damage, call us as soon as possible at (423) 326-1406

Hamilton County Storm Damage Testimonial

12/28/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO to the Rescue When a Storm Strikes

SERVPRO Is Proud of Hamilton County Storm Damage Testimonial

Five stars to Craig and SERVPRO of East Chattanooga.

On Christmas Day 2015, severe storms rolled into the Hamilton County, TN area. Unfortunately, we were out of town at the time. Our home received storm damage that caused various interior leaks in two rooms. Craig and his team of SERVPRO experts are the best! Our emails, voice messages, texts, and phone calls on Christmas Day and the day after were all answered in a super timely manner. Many people in Hamilton County also had Christmas Day storm damages to their property, businesses and homes.

SERVPRO discovered the source of our leaks was the chimney damaged during the high winds. The only "damp" carpet after the water leaks, was a very small corner area in our home office. Yesterday a SERVPRO team pulled the office carpet and padding back then started fans to expedite carpet drying. This morning the same team came back to our home, completed all chimney repairs, and inspected our entire large roof area. Upon roof inspection, they found only one shingle that needed their attention. The same SERVPRO team checked the carpets and sheetrock in our home office. Those were noted to be completely dry. This morning, SERVPRO stretched carpets securely back in place. My husband and I could not be more pleased with their work.

Our thanks to SERVPRO for a job well done at our home and in our great time of need. We will never hesitate to recommend Craig and his fine group of responsible people whenever we get the opportunity to do so. Our storm damage was greatly minimized. Also, we learned that SERVPRO is on Allstate’s list of reputable companies to contact should homeowners or business owners need help. Hearing that from our local Allstate Agent just confirmed, even more, our decision to contact SERVPRO.

Thanks again Craig and your wonderful team of experts! Susan and Ken M.

We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists

As water and storm damage specialists, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga has the experience and advanced training that enables us to restore your property quickly. We use scientific drying principles and provide validation and documentation that your property is dry and the job is complete. We are proud to serve Hamilton County. Call us 24/7 for emergency help. (423) 326-1406

Tips on Preventing Water Damage to Your Home in Collegedale

11/20/2015 (Permalink)

Don't Let Your House Get Iced

Prevent Water Damage in Collegedale by Following These Tips by SERVPRO

According to research studies, most homes will experience water damage once every eleven years. Since this is the case, homeowners need to know what strategies they can implement to prevent this water damage from occurring on their property. To get the information and advice you need regarding how to prevent and effectively handle water damage in Collegedale, SERVPRO presents the following advice.

Consider Your Plumbing System that can be a primary source of water damage potential. One aspect of the system that you should consider is the water supply line for the refrigerator's ice maker. This small feed line is a prime culprit for slow drips that can develop into water streams, usually when no one is home. When this supply line is installed incorrectly or becomes pinched, your home can be subjected to unwanted flooding. To prevent this from happening with a new appliance, have the delivery person install the water line. This line should be visually inspected for leaks at the wall and also at the source under the kitchen sink. The shut-off valve is conveniently located at this plumb point.

Take Care Of Your Gutters & Downspouts. In many cases, homeowners experience a flooded basement because their gutters aren't draining properly. To ensure that your gutters work efficiently, inspect them during a heavy rain. Make sure to remove debris of fallen leaves from your gutters, utilizing leaf blockers if necessary. Clearing the downspouts of blockage or obstructions ensures that water can drain the gutter system properly. Though not common, be aware of ice dams forming in the gutters. Upon initial thawing, water can accumulate and lead to water damaged roofs, soffits, and fascias.

Repair Your Roof. If your roof is old or has been possibly compromised by strong winds or hail storms, it may be time to have it inspected. Hire a professional roofer to complete this inspection and consider following his advice. Water intrusion by way of the roof usually results in expansive water damage as the water can travel vertically and wick horizontally. Structural drenching may need more than water removal and restoration services that SERVPRO can provide. Prevention saves time, stress, property, and money.

Don't Delay-Call SERVPRO Today! Although learning about a few tips to prevent water damage is important, you should know that excessive water can still surface on your residential property in Collegedale causing minimal or extensive water damage. Immediate removal of pooling or leaking water will mitigate water damage effects, thereby lessening repairs and costs. SERVPRO, with our crews of  IICRC-certified technicians, responds ASAP to your call.  We have extensive industry experience, equipment, and products plus over 1,650 franchises, several local. 

Highly-Trained Water Restoration Specialists

As water damage specialists, we have the expertise, experience and the advanced training that enables us to get your Collegedale home dried quickly and thoroughly. We use scientific drying principles and provide validation and documentation that your property is dry and the job is complete. Learn about our water damage training and certificates. Call us for 24/7 assistance. (423) 326-1406


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