Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Green Stacks of Air Movers

As the busy season gets underway we want to be ready. We don't want to turn any of our clients away because we have ran out of equipment or personnel.  

We are ready and Faster to Any Size Disaster

Extreme Sand Bagging During Flood

This commercial building knew what they were doing when they decided to place sandbags... barricade their building. The flood water was held at bay for a long time with their construction. It saved them a lot of money on rebuild costs.

Flood Damaged Home

We were invited to help out with the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Here is a basement area where the flood water can be clearly seen. It took us a while to get the water out but then we were able to get the place cleaned.

Plants and Debris in Chattanooga Home

Flooding can be very devastating to a home. This Chattanooga house had a lot of water enter its basement from flooding and left behind all sorts of debris and plant life.

Storm Damage – Chattanooga

Storm damage in the Chattanooga area can sometimes reach huge proportions requiring professional disaster restoration companies with equipment to deal with the damages. Pictures is a large trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier for use when it is called for.

Storm Damage – Chattanooga

Storm damage restoration in Chattanooga often involves power outages. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga can provide industrial generators to operate water extraction equipment, commercial air movers, and any other equipment necessary to remediate storm damage.

Storm Damage – Chattanooga Office Building

Storm damage at this Chattanooga office building left standing water on the carpeting of an entire floor of the building. The property manager feared that he would need to replace the carpeting. We brought in water extraction equipment and quickly removed the bulk of the water. The photo shows air movers and dehumidification equipment at work to speed the drying process. We were able to restore the carpet to original condition. Both the property owner and his insurance company were very pleased. If storm damage hits your property, call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga 24/7 at (423) 326-1406.