Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Damage From Kitchen Fire

Our team was brought in to clean up and repair this home after it was damaged by a kitchen fire. If your home has suffered damage due to a fire like the one pictured here, give us a call!

When You Have Fire Damage

If your home is damaged by fire, you need a quick response from a team of professionals you can trust. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your disaster.

Soot Covered Floor

When a home is damaged by fire, one of the things that will be present is soot. As you can see in this image, this floor was covered in soot after a large fire impacted this home.

Kitchen Fire Damage

Our team responded quickly when we were contacted to clean up and repair the damage done by a fire that affected this home. The kitchen pictured here was heavily damaged, but we were able to repair it.

Cleaning After A Fire

When your home has a fire loss, there will be several types of damage to deal with, including soot like you see pictured here. Our team is well equipped to handle the removal of soot and debris in your home.

Debris From Fire

One of the things you may have to deal with after a large fire is the presence of debris. As you can see in this image, there was a large amount of debris after the fire that damaged this home.

Fire Damage in Tennessee

After fire loss the team at SERVPRO responded to this fire damaged home.  The home is covered in soot and smoke.  The damage is very severe and the team has the expertise to clean the fire damage. 

Soot Webbing in Chattanooga Home

Soot webs are left behind in hot fires. As oxygen leaves the room where the fire is the soot begin to bond together. The result is the webbing seen in the top left of the picture.

Collegedale, TN Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can come in many forms. The fire that started in this kitchen had spread slightly into the next room leaving a smoke odor and soot on the ceiling. Call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga if you have smoke and soot damage.

Fire Damaged Bathroom in Chattanooga

The owners of this Fire Damaged bathroom in a Chattanooga home called SERVPRO of East Chattanooga. SERVPRO quickly arrived and removed all of the fire damage, soot damage and began repairs. In a short time the bathroom was restored. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga Professionals have specialized Chattanooga fire damage restoration training and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition. They also can remove the pervasive smoke odor and deep-clean soot from upholstery and carpet. Fire restoration, smoke damage, fire damage, soot removal, kitchen fires, clean up smoke damage, fire restoration companies, cleaning smoke damage, cleanup fire, fire extinguisher clean up, fire damage removal, fire cleanup, fire restoration services, cleanup smoke, fire clean up, cleaning after a fire, fire restorations, cooking fires, smoke damage clean up, after fire cleaning, clean after fire, deep fryer fire, fire damage clean, smoke damage removal, clean up fire damage.

Fire Damaged Chattanooga Structure

This structure sustained major structural damage as the result of the fire Damaged Chattanooga. SERVPRO of Chattanooga handled the project from start to finish - pack out, contents cleaning, reconstruction, and move back. SERVPRO of Chattanooga serves the Chattanooga, Harrison, Collegedale, East Brainerd and East Ridge markets - We are the Chattanooga Fire damage, Harrison Water Damage, Collegedale Mold, and East Brainerd Cleaning Experts. Call SERVPRO of East Chattanooga available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency at (423) 326-1406.