What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Our kitchen was in bad shape after a fire. SERVPRO was very quick to respond and did a great job restoring our kitchen!

My grandmother left a candle on when she headed out for her Bingo date. She came back to considerable damage. Luckily the neighbors noticed the smoke and called 911 quickly or it would have been worse. And they recommended SERVPRO to us. We are so glad they did. The damage was repaired and you'd never even know there was a problem. And we bought Grandma some diffusers so that she never has to use candles again! Thanks SERVPRO.

I am very pleased with the work that SERVPRO completed in my fire damaged bathroom. They were really good. Thanks SERVPRO.

Anita Basinger, Chattanooga - Rick and his crew were wonderful!

Patricia F. - Tim was great to work with-very through and professional.

High quality work with exceptional results. This company went above and beyond when repairing and restoring my home after a fire gutted almost half of it. I never dreamed it would look this good in the end.